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2022 Thoughts & Stories

Black Operations

Missiles & Syringes



The Mandorla


Gaia Theory



Ethical is as Ethical does.

J. Jay Couey

Died Suddenly: Unbekoming Edition

Stillbirths: Res ipsa loquitor

What's in the vial?

Died Suddenly

The Embalmers

Paris Green


Child Prophets

South Park

The Autism Vaccine


Vaccination: The Hidden Truth


Junk Science

Bull Allen

Infanrix Hexa


Never would they tell a lie

Original Sin

The Political Economy of Autism

L’Alu Total

Real Autism Science

Fraud By Omission

The Unvaccinated

Jamison's Story


Planet of the Humans: A Documentary



Are the kids OK?

Sea Devil

Aluminium “Safety”

Ivermectin: The Truth

Vaccine Refusers: Tribunal and Taskforce

Uninformed Consent

Safe and Effective - A Second Opinion

Humphries: “What happened to you?”

Feminised Men

Australia First


What else have they lied to me about?

Russian Roulette


Rubber Bullets

Socrates’s Cave: A Love Story

Terrorised Women

Saving Seeds

Complete Bull


Nuclear Ivermectin

No Jab, No Pay or Play


8 Mice: $571.29 AUD

Blue-Green Breast Milk

Under 35 and Severely Injured

Bob Moran

The Faithful

Blue-green breast milk stories.

Hiding HPV Injury

A Libertarian Boomer

44 French Rats


100% Scam

Australia: The Gold Standard

Theory no.8

The Pharmacist

Jabbing GPs: An Australian mother’s story

I am, and others are, interested in your stories

Furin Fakery: On Virus Porn, Cleavage and Surgery

A GMC Story: On the waking up of an Australian family

Murphy’s stellar “Vitamin K” story

On Babies: The Unborn and Born

Immunosenescence: Old frail chefs and 5 course meals

Health + X ≠ Health

The CCP: Fosun Bear (not Fozzie)

1986 Act, Desmet, Fibreglass Logs and Mubongi

Let’s talk about Sperm. What is it good for?

Infertility, Vaccines, Teflon and Ukraine.

24 more Australian jab death and injury stories

FREE eBook: A letter to my two adult kids - Vaccines and the free spike protein

FREE eBook: The Climate™

FREE eBook: What is a woman? - “We don’t know yet.”

What is a woman? - “We don’t know yet.” Part 2

What is a woman? - “We don’t know yet.” Part 1

On Sea Levels: Gates vs Morner

Medicine’s deadly obstinance: “I’m not washing my hands!”

Dom, Jeannette, Eleanor, Roman and Others

A Qantas Mask Story

Dissolving My Vaxxed Illusions

Shams, Mafia, T-Cells and Mysophobia

Two Control Groups: Sweden 2020 & Leicester 1885

The very first injection - Vitamin K: "It’s just a vitamin"

Tetanus the “T” in DTP: Rusty Nails, Latex, Gorillas and Sterilisation

Senator Malcolm Roberts and The Three Monkeys

On Corrupting Placebos: A feature, not a bug.

Dr. Ross Walker is “doing a Kulldorff”

The spirit is changed.

Hepatitis B: The First Vaccine

"Safe" Biologics: 13 Australian Stories

Memory Lane: 2 years on

A Collage of Reader Comments (1)

HPV “Vaccine”: Help Pay for Vioxx

Of Optical Mice and Men: A Steve Kirsch Story

Myocarditis: Breaking Hearts and Reducing Mileage

Novavax as a Booster (Australia)

The assassination of Ivermectin and the death of millions

A letter of thanks to Mr. Brad Banducci

Bettelheim, Boeing, Naylor, Kisin and Sea Levels

Malone, Maajid, Mucous, Israel and so much more...

Once upon a time in Africa: An AIDS Story

8 Australian Death and Injury Stories

Novak, Thickening, Girardot and Seatbelts (again)

Cane Toads: Australia's mRNA

A historical day: Canberra 12th February 2022

The Unbekoming Express - Edition 4

Masks, Obedience and Poker Strategy

9 Stories from Australia's national "vaccine" trial

The swine that created The Swine Flu “Pandemic” of 1976

The Unbekoming Express - Edition 3

Hannah Arendt, Martial Arts, and Insurance Brokers

The crucifixion of Dr. Peter Duesberg.

The Unbekoming Express - Edition 2

"Vaccinated" children as human shields: A Saddam Hussein Story

The Unbekoming Express - Edition 1

Barefoot is better: Negative Shoe Efficacy.

Galileo, Evil, God and Huxley

Toxic By Design: “Hot Lots” and how to avoid them.

Paid Option added. What do you get for it? Nothing.

6 detailed Australian "vaccine" injuries

6 more injured Australians

Novak’s public burning and other tennis stories

5 Stories of injured Australians

Symptoms: Mother Nature's Built-In Test (BIT)

The undoing of “One and Done”

Holland: The Political disguised as The Medical

Quercetin and The War on Zinc

While in the forest I found Maready