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The very first injection - Vitamin K: "It’s just a vitamin"

Monkeys and bananas


I remember the midwife asking me if it was OK to give our first child Vit K. I didn’t really know what to do with the question and was surprised I was being asked. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I don’t know how to answer that question, I have no idea what the pros and cons are.

Her: All parents do it, it’s good for the babies.

Me: So, are you advising us to do it?

Her: No, it’s your choice, you need to tell us to do it. But everybody does it.

Anyway, something like that, and I was entirely ill equipped to think my way through it, so I gave the go ahead. Why wouldn’t I…everybody did it after all.

There was no mention of it being a clotting agent, of bleeding nor of circumcision (but more on that later).

When I reflect on that discussion, I am confident SHE didn’t even know why she was pushing it. She was simply a monkey in the cage, beating up the new monkey (me) so that I wouldn’t climb the ladder (not inject). But none of us knew why we shouldn’t climb the ladder, all we knew is that “everybody” stays away from the ladder (watch the video above).

What I especially like about his Vit K injection is that it’s NOT on the vaccine schedule, yet you are still coerced into getting it, so it might as well be. This time the “vaccine” halo isn’t relied upon, instead the “vitamin” halo is used. I truly admire their genius at language use and linguistic engineering.

Here is the first of two episodes (Episodes 2 + 3) that Candace Owens does on the subject (although the beginning of Episode 4 also addresses it) that forms the backbone of this article.

Episode 2: “Just A Vitamin” K Shot

She starts the episode following on from Episode 1 (HPV vaccine) and makes the point that all Vaccine Pharma needs to do to shut everybody up is fund a study to track vaccinated vs unvaccinated kids to see what the different health outcomes are. This is a point that I’ve heard Kennedy Jr. make several times. But according to Candace the reason they won’t do it is because it’s “too unethical” to deprive the unvaccinated kids of the wonders of vaccination. I would have found that hard to believe in the past, but not today as I’ve seen them use the “ethics” argument to destroy the Covid jab control groups.

None of these products (including Vit K) have been tested for their impact on cancer. It says so in the product inserts. You could make the case that Pharma is most honest in the fine print (for obvious legal reasons) but nobody reads the fine print, as we don’t read the Terms & Conditions of our iPhone software update, but at least with the software updates we know that we are agreeing to allow the companies to basically spy on us, but with vaccines nobody has an intuition about the horrors found inside.

So, if you ask a doctor whether any of these injections cause cancer, there are only two possible answers. An honest doctor will say “I don’t know” in which case I’m not sure how that doctor can tell you to inject the potion into your kid, or she will say “No” in which case, as Candace says you have a liar with a degree on your hands.

This point about NOT KNOWING is an important one for me and one I thought about with the Covid jabs back in June last year.

Lies are Unbekoming
A letter to my two adult kids: Vaccines and the free Spike Protein
20 June 2021 To family and friends I wrote this to our 23 year old daughter and 22 year old son. I apologise for the length of this, it started out as an email, and then I just kept going and here we are. As many of you know, our son studied para-medicine and is in the early days of his career, so I expect the question of vaccination will be put to him soon…
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These “vaccines” have not been studied over enough TIME…they have been rushed to market…their primary defect is the spike protein that is now running riot inside the body.

Pricing the UNKOWN is impossible (you can price Probability, but not the Unknown), that’s why the Unknown is so risky. Think of Russian Roulette and imagine a gun with a 20 bullet capacity. If you know there was one bullet in the barrel, well you have a 1 in 20 risk (5% probability) of blowing your brains out…the risk has been quantified and you can decide whether to play from there…. obviously if you knew there were 20 bullets in the barrel, you wouldn’t pick up the gun.

But what if you DIDN’T KNOW how many bullets there were…could be 20 and could be Zero…would you pick up the gun…I wouldn’t, and I don’t think anybody else would? Not knowing how many bullets are in the barrel is the same as knowing there are 20.

Without TIME, you don’t know how many bullets are in the vaccine barrel…it is that simple.

So, knowing that it will cause cancer is the same as not knowing whether it will cause cancer!

We need a long terms study that says IT DIDN”T CAUSE CANCER and that study doesn’t exist because they don’t do them.

But we can come at the question sideways by looking at data straight from the NIH.

There has been a 37% increase in childhood cancer from the early 80s to the early 90s (obviously 1986 they received immunity from being sued and the childhood vaccine schedule increased dramatically), with that rise most pronounced in the first 12 months of life being a 54% rise.

But “there is no apparent explanation” according to The Science.

The Merck Vit K insert that Candace reads from says: Studies of carcinogenicity (its potential to cause cancer), mutagenesis (the production of genetic mutations) or impairment of fertility have not been conducted.

“We don’t know if this will make your beautiful baby girl infertile, or develop cancer for that matter, but we strongly recommend you take it…because Monkeys and Bananas.”

I am no cancer expert and it’s something I have realised I don’t properly understand, but one thing I have come to learn during the last two years and specifically from reading Duesberg is that when you mess with the immune system, cancers pop up. It seems that one of the functions of the immune system is to keep a harmony and balance in the system, when that balance is lost, cells can start to split in ways they shouldn’t, and cancers emerge. It makes absolute sense that flooding a child’s body with agents that mess around with their immune systems would lead to a rise in cancers.

Candace tells the story of an Illinois couple who had the police turn up at their door because they chose to not stab their kid with Vit K (it’s hard to believe but there you have it). The State being co-opted as a willing participant into the coercion of citizens to get a chemical intervention seems to be very much an American innovation and an American export. The police knocked on this couple’s door in Illinois and those same police have knocked on doors all over the world during Covid. Industry and government joining forces against the gradually less and less sovereign citizen.

So, what is Vitamin K and why do they want you to take it?

Well, it’s a coagulant to prevent you baby from bleeding as they don’t have much natural Vitamin K when they are born.

Ok, let’s stop here for a moment and think this through; Why would my baby be bleeding after birth?

Bleeding isn’t some mystery condition, they are either bleeding or they are not, you can SEE it, there is no guess work…so why not just give it to the baby IF it’s bleeding instead of to all of them. That would make too much sense. Monkeys and bananas.

You can retort with “well you cannot see internal bleeding”, and I would say, why would a baby be bleeding internally and how often does that happen anyway and why would you inject all babies on the off chance they MIGHT have internal bleeding. That sounds stupid to me. Monkeys and bananas.

Then there’s the point about having naturally low Vitamin K. Are we saying that mother nature got this one wrong all these years, that somehow evolution messed up on this point and industry has thankfully jumped in to save us and correct this oversight?

If you have “low” (there is another great use of language) levels of something at birth, that means IT IS MEANT TO BE THAT WAY! There is nothing “low” about it.

Vit K “deficiency”, there’s another great word!

VKDB: Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding. What a great acronym full of great words.

So, Pharma has managed to turn something natural into a deficiency problem that now requires their solution.

The Vit K Candace is looking at is made by Hospira (there are others) that is owned by Pfizer. The trusted tentacles of Pfizer and very long.

She makes an interesting point about the severity of the warnings in the insert. They are even more extreme than usual.

Phytonadione is synthetic Vit K.

The product insert says that Vit K has been seen to cause jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia (severe jaundice), if that isn’t bad enough, it turns out that 60% of babies have jaundice. I had to listen to her say this multiple times because I thought Candace made a mistake, surely 60% of babies don’t have the same problem, do they? So, I did a couple of searches and found this:

Hyperbilirubinemia in Neonates: Types, Causes, Clinical Examinations, Preventive Measures and Treatments: A Narrative Review Article - PMC (

Between 60%–80% of healthy infants are expected to present with idiopathic neonatal jaundice.

Idiopathic is the key word:

Relating to or denoting any disease or condition which arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.

So, in summary, most babies are injected with Vit K, that is known to cause jaundice, most babies have jaundice, yet apparently it is a total mystery to the medical establishment…the cause is unknown.

What a shameless racket.

“There is no evidence that…”

Candance makes this point well. The insert is full of references to there being “no evidence that so and so causes so and so”. For example, the insert says that in relation to benzyl alcohol as a preservative in Vit K “there is no evidence that it is associated with toxicity”.

It’s such a wonderful bit of linguistic engineering. It reads as if they have done all the studies and concluded that “they found no evidence”, but they haven’t done that, they haven’t done the studies. They don’t go looking in the first place, that’s why “there is no evidence”.

It’s a bit like the rule of court room lawyers, you don’t ask a question of a witness that you don’t already know the answer. You don’t do a study that might tell you something that you don’t want to know, a truth that is inconvenient to your narrative.

This is arguably the primary dynamic that has led to the corruption of medicine. The directing of research. Pharma and it’s captured agencies get to decide what they study and what they don’t and in doing so have focused on what is useful and profitable to the business model and purposefully ignored what is hurtful to all the narratives. Aaron Kheriaty said it well in a recent tweet.

Remember “there is no evidence” that the Vit K shot causes cancer.

As to the ingredients, you can see the synthetic Vit K (phytonadione) is the smallest component of this injection. For example, there is 2mg of Vit K in 1 mL but there is:

  • 70 mg of polyoxyl 35 castor oil

  • 37.5 dextrose monohydrate

  • 9 mg benzyl alcohol

What I like the most is that all these sit under the heading of “inactive ingredients”, another great word play…”inactive” suggests “that it does nothing”. Well according to the NIH itself, on one of its other sites it doesn’t seems to be an entirely “idle ingredient”.

Polyoxyl 35 castor oil | C63H116O15 - PubChem (

Turns out our castor oil is an irritant:

H315 (13.97%): Causes skin irritation [Warning Skin corrosion/irritation]

H319 (99.13%): Causes serious eye irritation [Warning Serious eye damage/eye irritation]

H335 (13.54%): May cause respiratory irritation [Warning Specific target organ toxicity, single exposure; Respiratory tract irritation]

That doesn’t sound very “inactive” to me, but I’m sure that “there is no evidence” that it is a problem…please continue with injecting this into your baby.

Benzyl Alcohol | C6H5CH2OH - PubChem (

H302: Harmful if swallowed [Warning Acute toxicity, oral]

H332: Harmful if inhaled [Warning Acute toxicity, inhalation]

But I’m sure that it’s safe and “inactive” if injected rather than swallowed or inhaled.

So, just between these two “irritants” you have 79 mgs which is 39.5 times more than the 2 mgs of the “just a vitamin” Vit K.

So, let’s recap for a moment:

What is synthetic Vit K? It’s a coagulant, it helps with blood clotting.

Why does my baby need a coagulant? In case he bleeds.

Why would my baby bleed? Because we are going to cut him.

Why would you cut my baby? It’s called circumcision.

Hold on, it’s a baby girl, what are you talking about?

Just take the damn vitamin, it’s good for her.

So, it turns out that this whole Vit K charade is the by product of US Pharma circumcision mania. Outside of all the Muslim countries America has the highest circumcision rate, an astonishing 80.5%, followed by South Korea (whose medical system was built by the US after the Korean War) with 77% and then followed by Australia (America Lite) with 58%.

Circumcision by Country 2022 (

Here is a graph that shows the quick rise in natural Vit K after birth in the first 8 days as which point religious circumcision occurs. Turns out Jewish and Muslim faiths figured out that you don’t do it on day 1 but that there is less life threatening bleeding at day 8.

If you want to circumcise for “health” reasons, why not simply wait until day 8 like everybody else and then your baby doesn’t need “clotting assistance”.

A “story” has been sold that secular circumcision is a health based decision. It somehow reduces your risk of an STD, that it reduces the risk of HIV and transmitting HPV and reduces the risk of penile cancer. That is all Pharma generated BS.

As to penile cancer, if it was true that it is reduced by circumcision you simply look at countries that don’t circumcise for health reasons such as Denmark (5.3% circumcision rate) and a penile cancer rate of 0.82 per 100,000 men compared to the US (80.5% circumcision rate) and a 1 in 100,000 rate of penile cancer in men. Yes, higher in the US that in Denmark!

You might be wondering why US Pharma would concoct a “health circumcision” narrative, well it turns out at least one of the reasons is that there is a “foreskin” industry. Yes, you heard that right, hospitals sell the baby foreskin, it’s a money spinner apparently. Candace cover this is the beginning of Episode 4 in the first 8 minutes, definitely worth a listen.

Here is a link to an example of a foreskin product. It is finding its way into very expensive beauty products.

If you get pressured by the nurses and Drs to get Vit K into your babies (and you will) here is some questions from Candace that might help.

And here are some resources relating to Episode 3.

Circumcision by Country 2022

2.     Decline in male circumcision in Korea

3.     The Philippines Department of Health meanwhile sponsors an annual Operation Tuli project to circumcise boys; others assist and provide the service for free.

4.     Vitamin K deficiency is a problem for newborns due to inadequate vitamin K placental transfer.

5.     Haematological Basis of 8th Day Male Child Circumcision in The Holy Bible

6.     Can Penile Cancer Be Prevented?

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