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HPV “Vaccine”: Help Pay for Vioxx

The Gardasil Industrial Sham.


I recently found out that Candance Owens is making a series of videos about the risks of vaccines.

That is absolutely incredible! One of the highest profile women in the US has decided to take on the vaccine cartel head on. It looks like she has decided to help Robert Kennedy Jr. with some very public heavy lifting.

My suspicion is that Kennedy’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, pushed her over the line.

I remember reading his book and thinking that I need to write about AIDS, Gardasil, Polio, Tetanus, AZT, and a whole raft of corruptions that collectively form the grotesque and corrupt cartel that is the global medical and vaccination industrial complex. Looking at her list of episodes, I suspect she too is Kennedy inspired. The series is called A Shot in the Dark.

Episode list:

1.    My very own shot in the dark (Gardasil)

2.    The Iron lung (Polio)

3.    Problem meet solution meet problem (Vitamin K)

4.    The experts: History of the FDA, CDC

5.    Part 1: Sick is not dying (Measles Mumps and Rubella), Part 2: We are not allowed to talk about Autism

6.    The Non-experts: The mommy and #TheFutureIsFemale

7.    Tetanus vs Plumbing

8.    Sexually transmitted nonsense – Hep B HPV

9.    90s Nostalgia (Varicella)

10.  Pertussis, Pertussis

11.  Suddenly! (SIDS)

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You can find it exclusively on Parler.

I watched the first episode on Gardasil, and it’s great! Well done to her, what a brave and honorable woman she is. She will save countless lives with this work.

I suspect she has also come across the work of Forrest Maready.

She makes several excellent points in the episode that includes showing us this slide. Yes, wrap your head around this people, in the US the vaccine schedule now has 72 doses…all safe and effective I am sure…nothing to see here.

The Australian schedule is not much better:

National Immunisation Program schedule for all non-Indigenous people | Australian Government Department of Health

With 15 vaccines within 18 months that amounts to, I think, about 40 doses. Once you actually stop and properly THINK about this and take even a moment to look at the laundry list of ingredients, no sane person can say that this is without large scale, and long term, societal consequence. The only way that you can overcome the obvious conclusion is to adopt the religion of the day which is that they are ALL necessary, and ALL 100% safe and ALL absolutely effective. Once you become a card carrying member of this church (as I once was) then it all seems perfectly reasonable.

Gardasil is a Merck vaccine designed to protect women from cervical cancer based on the theory that a virus (HPV) that is sexually transmitted causes cervical cancer. The Merck ad at the top is promoting the vaccine for 11 year old girls (and boys!). Shortly, I will present the excerpt from Peter Duesberg’s Inventing the AIDS virus that explains the absolute failure of the science on this point. As many of you that have followed my writings know, Duesberg is arguably the leading virologist of his era (now cancelled) and I have found nobody better than him that explains, in terms mortals can understand, the flaws, gaps and corruptions in the core science of “virus hunting”. Everybody just assumes “the science is settled” and it is far from that. The “consensus is settled” that’s for sure and anyone that disagrees with it is hunted down and cancelled.

After reading Kennedy I asked my wife whether our daughter had gotten the HPV vaccine. To my surprise she said that at the time, almost 10 years ago, she had investigated the injection, was hesitant about it but then was tipped over the line by a doctor. To her credit, she applied critical thinking to a subject that virtually nobody does and came very close to opting out but got tripped over by a “good and well meaning doctor”. By the end of this you will better understand how I now feel about that injection in my daughter and about the doctor.

First, let’s look at some of the points made by Candace:

  • 90% of “cases” just clear up by themselves. It’s yet another example of the medical establishment whipping people into a frenzy based on asymptomatic “cases” and rolling out population wide “solutions” off the back of that frenzy. In other words commercialising and profiteering from the frenzy (market) they crated. Once you see their business model, as has been made very clear during Covid, you realise that they have used that model in so many other situations and almost every time when it comes to vaccines.

  • In 2006 the Gardasil vaccine hits the market. In 2005 there had been 3,710 deaths from cervical cancer. For a population of 149m women, that was about 1 in 40,000; this number will pop up again when you read the Duesberg excerpt from his book published in 1996.

  • As of 2021, there were 4,290 deaths from cervical cancer in the US. For a population of 169m women that is about 1 in 40,000 deaths again.

So, said another way, the rate of deaths from cervical cancer has not changed since Duesberg wrote his book, and more importantly since the widespread use of the vaccine for 15 years on a population wide basis.

I’m just going to say it. The HPV vaccine is a scam, and a very dangerous one at that.

It targets 11 year old girls (and boys) for a cancer that has an average age of deaths of 58…47 years later!

This from The Real Anthony Fauci:

Since deaths from cervical cancer occur on average at age 58 in the United States and affect only 1/40,000 women, and since virtually all these deaths are preventable with early detection by Pap smears, any vaccine given to young girls to prevent the low risk of preventable death half a century from now ought to be 100 percent safe—and this vaccine isn’t even close.

I first wrote about the “Vaccine 3-legged stool” here:

Lies are Unbekoming
Kennedy, McDonald and Exley: Three recent reads and some thoughts
Hello it’s been a while since I wrote something, but with the upcoming Christmas break, and the fact we are staying put in Sydney, I think I just might write a bit more. I’ve read 3 books recently and thought I would talk about each a little bit. The Real Anthony Fauci…
Read more

Every single vaccine needs to pass this 3 legged stool test:

Is it necessary?

a. Is it prevalent?

b. Is it deadly?

c. What is the Absolute Risk of getting it or dying from it or being damaged by it?

d. Can a healthy immune system deal with it?

Is it effective?

a. Does the product actually do what they say it will do. Show me the evidence.

b. Is there any evidence of high quality and independent research? Not pharma generated propaganda.

c. Is the efficacy temporary or long term?

Is it safe?

a. What does that actually mean?

b. Was it tested against a real saline placebo or a pseudo placebo?

c. How long was the safety testing period?

If it fails at any one of those questions, you simply don’t inject. Once you start asking those three questions about every single vaccine on the market and start looking for supportive and credible evidence to support the answers, you will realise that you cannot confidently or comfortably pass the 3 legged stool test for even a single one of the vaccines.

This is going to be a very difficult pill to swallow for many, but it is what it is. This is what happens when you wake up, it’s not pleasant.

As we can see, the HPV vaccine will comfortably fail all three legs of the stool. It does not have even a single leg to stand on.

Here is Dr. Toby Rogers on the matter:

The evidence is now overwhelming that all vaccines on the U.S. schedule cause more harms than benefits. Particular vaccines, including the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine, HPV vaccines, and coronavirus vaccines are so clearly toxic and devastating to human health that support for their use can only be called psychotic and genocidal. Yet for forty years Democrats have refused to read original source documents that show these harms even as they add ever-more vaccines to the schedule to enrich the biggest donors to the Party.

Let’s now look at what Dr. Peter Duesberg has to say on the subject of HPV and its vaccine from Inventing the AIDS virus.


During the I960s and I970S cervical cancer became possibly the single most important virus-cancer project of all time. By blaming the tumor on viruses, tumor virologists have managed to cultivate public interest through a widespread campaign of fear. Readers of the Los Angeles Times Magazine opened their 11 March 1990, issue to find disturbing news. A large color photograph of a young, frightened-looking married couple drew one's eye to the ominous title, "Dangerous Liaisons." Several paragraphs down, the story explained further:

Patty and Victor Vurpillat are infected with a strain of human papilloma virus-HPV-the virus that lurks  behind one of the country's fastest-spreading sexually transmitted diseases and is rapidly becoming a prime suspect in the search for the causes of cervical cancer.

As much as 15% of the population may already be carrying the virus, a fact that many health officials view with alarm.

As a result, millions of Americans find themselves condemned to a sentence of life beneath the cloud of HPV, carrying in their tissues an incurable and highly infectious virus that may eventually unleash a devastating cancer...

There are no drugs that can rid the body of the virus, just as there is no vaccine.

Making no attempt to calm public fears, the article and its medical sources instead fanned the flames:

What's more, some people are spreading the virus unknowingly: It is transmitted by contact with warts, and warts often go unnoticed. Some physicians suspect that HPV may even occasionally be spread indirectly-perhaps on a tanning bed, toilet or washcloth.

According to the Times, biomedical authorities wanted far­ reaching powers to respond to this supposed crisis:

HPV infection is rampant among her clients, says Catherine Wylie, who oversees the family-planning program at the H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Center... The spread will continue, she says, until the law requires that partners of people who have HPV be tracked down and treated.

"Our women have sex early because they marry at 16 to 18," Wylie said recently. "As long as this disease is not reportable, and there's no partner follow-up and treatment, I think we're going to have an epidemic of cervical cancer."

For the victims, the diagnosis could be as devastating as the threat of cancer itself. For Patty Vurpillat:

"It was just awful not knowing what's going on with your body and if you're going to be OK or not," she said recently. "There's a certain percent chance you're going to be all right. But then, maybe you're not."

In the case of Annie, diagnosed by Dr. Louise Connolly of the Manhattan Beach Women's Health Center:

"It was horrible, just horrible," Annie remembers, refer­ ring to her fear of what Connolly might find. "There you are, spread-eagle, for nearly half an hour. None of it really hurts... But every time she'd stop and look at something, I'd think,  'Oh God, oh God, oh God.'"

And for "Nan Singer," whose husband developed genital-type warts:

Even after she confronted him, her husband was reluctant  to see a doctor... Nan felt betrayed and disgusted; their sexual relationship deteriorated. Existing problems in their marriage grew worse...

[Nan] believes her husband's response to the disease contributed significantly to their subsequent divorce.

The disease in question-cancer of the cervix-is a relatively common tumor that develops slowly and can eventually destroy a woman's reproductive ability or even cause death. As with most  cancer, the risk of contracting it increases with age, especially after midlife.

Microbe hunters first began the study of cervical cancer with their microbiological tools in the nineteenth century, when an Italian doctor conducted surveys and found the tumor more often among married women than among nuns. To the eager bacteria hunters, this could only mean that sexual activity was the risk factor for the cancer, which was translated to mean some sort of venereal infection was at fault. A variety of microbes were indeed blamed for causing the disease, including the bacteria that cause syphilis and gonorrhea, as well as mycoplasma and chlamydia bacteria and the trichomonas protozoa.

Virologists entered the cervical cancer field in the mid-1960s, shortly after the Epstein-Barr virus had been isolated and blamed for causing Burkitt's lymphoma. Because Epstein-Barr was a strain of herpes virus, all other herpes viruses immediately became popular among tumor-virus chasers. By 1966 virologists had revived the observation that women with cervical cancer tended to have had more sexual contacts than those without. That same year one lab reported that a higher proportion of the cancer patients had previously been infected by herpes virus than had people without the tumor.

This proved too tantalizing a thread to pass up. Within two years, researchers were able to distinguish two different herpes simplex viruses: type 1 was the most common, causing  sores around the mouth, while type 2 caused its sores in the genital areas-including the cervix. The latter  became the target for the virus hunters, who proposed it to be the cause of the cancer.

Trying to explain why a tumor would appear only years after the original herpes infection, scientists were forced to construct a new hypothesis. According to this idea, the virus would first infect and kill millions of cells, occasionally making a mistake and mixing with the DNA of the cell and become impotent in the process. In other words, the virus would mutate the genetic code of a few cells, leaving only a piece of the original virus stranded therein. Such cells would survive the infection and eventually grow into a tumor, and years later this leftover piece of the virus could still be detected in the tumor cells.

But as more data accumulated, several embarrassing facts came to light. About 85 percent of all American adults have been infected by this same herpes virus (many without symptoms), including women without any hint of cervical cancer. And scientists consistently found many women with the tumor who had never been infected by the herpes virus. Even among those women with both the cancer and past herpes infection, the leftover pieces of the virus in the tumor cells were always different and inactive, meaning that no particular part of the herpes virus was needed to cause the cancer.

In 1983, desperate but not willing to abandon the herpes virus hypothesis, researchers seriously proposed in the journal Nature a "hit-and-run hypothesis--that the herpes virus briefly infects cervix cells in the unsuspecting woman and makes some mysterious, undetectable change. Then it abruptly vanishes, leaving behind no evidence of the infection, so that the tumor can somehow develop many years down the road." This idea threatened to make virus hunters a laughingstock. How could anyone perform experiments to test for a hypothetical event that left behind no evidence? The "hit-and-run" hypothesis nevertheless survived into the early 1990s, by which time scientists quietly retreated out of the herpes virus hypothesis altogether.

Meanwhile, in 1977 a former herpes virologist named Harald zur Hausen, working at the German Krebsforschungszentrum (Cancer Research Center) in Heidelberg,  proposed another virus as the agent causing cervical cancer. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), the mild virus that causes warts, seemed to him a reasonable possibility based on the observation that cervical warts could occasionally turn into full-fledged cancers.

By the early 1980s technology had become available to detect small DNA fragments of long-dead viruses. Using this technique zur Hausen found broken, leftover pieces of the papilloma virus DNA in the tumor cells of some patients. Soon everyone had joined the new parade, never hesitating to ask if they might be making the same mistake as with the herpes virus.

Indeed, the evidence for the papilloma hypothesis has since fallen apart. When zur Hausen and his colleagues discovered that at least half the American adult population and, therefore, half the adult women, had been infected by the virus, yet only 1 percent of women develop the cancer in their lifetime, they began to see a discrepancy. Koch's first postulate has also tested the credulity of the cancer virologists, since at least one-third of all women with cervical cancer have never been infected by the virus. The rest of the cervical cancer patients are not all infected with the same strain of papilloma virus; over a  dozen different varieties of the virus can be found in these women.

An incredibly long time elapses between infection by the virus (in those who do get infected) and the onset of the tumor. Papilloma virus tends to be contracted by women who are younger and more sexually active-estimated at an average twenty years of age. Cervical cancer, a disease of older age, strikes women in their forties through their seventies. By subtraction, zur Hausen calculates a whopping "latent period" ranging between twenty and fifty years! Nor does the virus reactivate when the cancer appears; in keeping with the revised Lwoff hypothesis of viral latency and cancer, scientists simply assume the virus caused some sort of necessary but not sufficient mutation twenty to fifty years earlier and can therefore remain soundly asleep in the tumor tissue. But this explanation cannot account for several key facts. For one thing, the leftover pieces of the virus cause entirely different, and therefore irrelevant, mutations in the genetic code of each tumor. Also, each cervical cancer grows from one single cell, leading to the obvious question of why all the other millions of infected cervical cells never develop into tumors.

As with virtually all cancers, the dynamics of cervical cancer development simply do not match the behavior of viruses. Papilloma virus causes papillomas, or warts, on young, sexually active adults. These small overgrowths of slightly abnormal cells can appear (or disappear) almost overnight and are not malignant. They typically disappear spontaneously as a result of antiviral immunity. The immune system recognizes the viral proteins and rejects the wart together with the wart virus.

But most cancers, including cervical cancer, are diseases of old age; they develop slowly over many years or decades. Cervical cancer develops from benign hyperplasias, meaning excessive growths of nearly normal cervical tissue. Most or all of these hyperplasias regress and disappear, while a few may instead progress further into dysplasias, meaning larger growths of abnormal cells. Even such dysplasias are potentially reversible. But the occasional dysplastic growth can give rise to neoplasia-meaning "new growth,” or cancer. And a percentage of such cancers can even become malignant, invading surrounding tissues and spreading throughout the body. The major feature of cancer progression is that it is irregular, unpredictable, and gradual, quite unlike the rapid and consistent development of warts. Above all, the cancer is never subject to rejection by antiviral immunity, because no viral proteins are ever expressed in cervical cancer. While virus hunters have speculated that wart virus might somehow further the development of cervical cells into cancer cells, the reverse may be true: The active cell growth in dysplasias may simply encourage papilloma viruses to become active. That is exactly what Peyton Rous proposed long before the wart virus was considered to cause cancer.

The final blow to this virus hypothesis lies in the fact that equal numbers of men and women have genital warts, yet rarely do men contract any penile cancers. A cancer virus that can infect both sexes should cause tumors in both sexes equally well, a conundrum that leaves viral epidemiologists perplexed. Perhaps better explanations exist in some of the other risk factors for cervical cancer: Other than aging, two of the most important factors coinciding with the tumor are long-term smoking and oral contraceptive use. Oral contraceptives contain powerful sex steroid hormones that directly regulate the function of cervical tissues and might explain the superficial correlation between cervical cancer risk and the number of sexual contacts a woman has had. In any case, cancer of the cervix is not contagious.

This seems to be a common strategy of pharma. If one of their products, in this case oral contraceptives, seems to be a likely cause of a common disease, the establishment will generally do at least two things. Not study the matter so there is never conclusive proof that oral contraceptives can cause cervical cancer, and secondly look around for a “patsy” to blame. Viruses have come in very hand in that regard. Once the narrative has been established and the “patsy” accepted as the cause, then they can sell another fake solution to a fake problem…and the scam continues.

I really used to think that the “anti-vaxxers” were crazy…shame on me.

Back to Duesberg.

Nevertheless, the virus hunters continue to push for the virus-cervical cancer hypothesis, which today remains one of the most popular and widely accepted among scientists. To help rationalize away some of the paradoxes, they have even revived herpes simplex virus-2 as a cofactor for the papilloma virus - two zeroes that hardly add up. Yet the biotechnology company Digene Diagnostics, based in Maryland, has won government endorsement for its papilloma virus test. Already widely in use, the test is now recommended by medical research authorities for some seven million American women each year, although only thirteen thousand cervical cancers appear each year in this country. The test costs $30 to $150 per person. Given that a woman who tests negative today may become infected tomorrow, there is no upper limit to testing. Many research laboratories are also kept in business with NIH grants to study endlessly every detail of the papilloma virus, and thus scientists would be the last to reevaluate this virus hypothesis. Unfortunately for tens of thousands of women each year, the ongoing media publicity and the tests can have devastating psychological consequences, not to mention the damage from preventive treatments for women who may have little more than harmless warts.

Now let’s look at what Kennedy has to say, more recently, on the subject. This from The Real Anthony Fauci.

The 2006 meeting of CDC’s ACIP provides an illustrative blueprint for how Tony Fauci and his Pharma partners use their PIs (Principal Investigators) to control the key FDA and CDC panels that license and “recommend” new vaccines for addition to the childhood schedule. That 2006 ACIP panel recommended two new blockbuster Merck shots: the Gardasil HPV vaccine for all girls ages nine through twenty-six, and three doses of a Merck rotavirus vaccine, Rotateq, for infants at ages two, four, and six months. Both Bill Gates and Tony Fauci (via NIAID) had provided seed and clinical trial funding for the development of both Gardasil and the rotavirus vaccine. Merck maintained it had not tested either vaccine against an inert placebo in pre-approval trials, so no one could scientifically predict if the vaccines would avert more injuries or cancers than they would cause. Nevertheless, the sister FDA panel, VRBPAC, approved Gardasil—to prevent cervical cancer—without requiring proof that the vaccine prevented any sort of cancer, and despite strong evidence from Merck’s clinical trial that Gardasil could dramatically raise risks of cancer and autoimmunity in some girls. ACIP, nevertheless, effectively mandated both jabs. Gardasil would be the most expensive vaccine in history, costing patients $420 for the three-jab series and generating revenues of over $1 billion annually for Merck.

That year, nine of the thirteen ACIP panel members and their institutions collectively received over $1.6 billion of grant money from NIH and NIAID.

HPV Vaccine

In 2009 and 2012, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by Gates’s partners GSK and Merck, on 23,000 girls 11–14 years old in remote provinces of India. These experiments were part of Gates’s effort to bolster those companies’ sketchy claims that HPV vaccines protect women against cervical cancer that might develop in old age. Gates and his foundation have large investments in both companies. Since deaths from cervical cancer occur on average at age 58 in the United States and affect only 1/40,000 women, and since virtually all these deaths are preventable with early detection by Pap smears, any vaccine given to young girls to prevent the low risk of preventable death half a century from now ought to be 100 percent safe—and this vaccine isn’t even close.

Both Merck and Glaxo disclosed in their Shareholders Reports that profitable performances by their flagship HPV vaccines were top indicators of shareholder value. Gardasil has been a top seller for Merck, earning total global sales of $1.2 billion in 2011, a windfall for the company floundering to recover from a $7 billion court settlement related to criminal charges that the company had knowingly killed between 100,000 and 500,000 Americans by defrauding customers about the safety of its blockbuster pain pill, Vioxx. Merck’s executives nicknamed the HPV vaccine “Help Pay for Vioxx” and fast-tracked it to market after shoddy safety tests under pressure from Wall Street analysts itching to downgrade Merck’s “buy” recommendations. At least 1,200 of the girls in Gates’s study—1 in 20—suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died—about 10x the US death rates for cervical cancer, which almost never kills the young.

Coincidentally as I was writing this piece Malone published an article with comments about Vioxx that are worth including here:

Remain Skeptical My Friend - by Robert W Malone MD, MS (

The Pharma industry has not earned our trust, having been the subject of the largest criminal fines in America.  After the FDA approved Vioxx, for example, there were many litigations (27,000 of them, but who’s counting) related to the fact that the drug doubled the risk of heart attack.  Merck withdrew the drug, and was criminally fined almost a billion dollars for overstating the safety of the drug – as in the now familiar refrain, “safe and effective.”

Like today, while adverse cardiac events are reported to the CDC (myocarditis, etc), Merck told each jury that heart attack deaths had nothing to do with their wonder-drug.  And they fought like... well, like a Pharma company fights, accusing plaintiffs of falsifying data (pot/kettle).

Soon enough though, a jury awarded a widow $253 million.  (Merck appealed, and that award was overturned.)  A bunch of individual cases followed, with Merck winning some, losing some – until an Australian class-action lawsuit against Merck ruled that Vioxx doubled the risk of heart attacks, and that Merck had violated the law by selling a drug which was unfit for sale.  And then...

Merck agreed on a mass tort settlement of $4.85 billion to settle 27,000 individual lawsuits.  And then...

Merck announced a settlement with the US Attorney's Office over the fine of $950 million.

Did that end it?  Nope, litigation with seven states remains outstanding – but the real punchline is...

Vioxx is returning to market, under some new name we can assume.  Clinical trials are pending and we can look forward to exciting news media reports soon.

If you want a more detailed understanding of the Pfizer malfeasance and lies with Vioxx and how they knew about the increased risk of heart attacks but said nothing, you can listen to this recent Rogan podcast with John Abramson. John was critical in uncovering the fraud.

Back to Kennedy:

India’s Federal Ministry of Health suspended the trials and appointed an expert parliamentary committee to investigate the scandal. Indian government investigators found that Gates funded researchers at PATH committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying illiterate parents, and forging consent forms. Gates provided health insurance for his PATH staff but not to any participants in the trials and refused medical care to the hundreds of injured girls.

The PATH researchers targeted girls at ashram paathshalas (boarding schools for tribal children), to dodge the need to seek parental consent for the shots. They gave the girls “HPV Immunization Cards” that were printed in English, which the girls couldn’t read. They did not tell the girls that they were part of a clinical trial and instead hoodwinked them with the lie that these were “wellness shots” that would guarantee “lifelong protection” against cancer. That was not true. PATH conducted the trials in impoverished rural areas that lacked mechanisms for tracking the adverse effects and had no system for recording major adverse reactions to the vaccines, something legally mandated for large-scale clinical trials.

In 2010, the Indian Council of Medical Ethics found that the Gates group had violated India’s ethical protocols. In August 2013, a special parliamentary committee excoriated PATH, stating that the NGO’s “sole aim has been to promote the commercial interests of HPV vaccine manufacturers who would have reaped windfall profits had PATH been successful in getting the HPV vaccine included in the UIP [universal immunization program] of the Country.” According to Dr. Colin Gonsalves, senior counsel of the Supreme Court of India, The Indian Parliament formed a committee, and it was to be a rather surprising move, because you generally don’t often have such a high level inquiry into matters affecting poor people. And that was such an extraordinary report. I don’t think the Indian Parliament has ever come out with such a scathing report. And the government officials came out and said, “We shouldn’t have authorized this, were sorry, and we’re not going to allow them again”—and now they are back, doing their same old tricks again.

In 2013, two separate groups of health activists and human rights advocates filed public interest litigation (PIL) petitions calling on India’s Supreme Court to investigate the HPV trials and determine whether PATH and other stakeholders responsible for the trial should be held liable for financial damages in relation to the families of the seven deceased girls.

One of the lead petitioners, Amar Jesani, a physician who directs the Centre for Studies in Ethics and Rights in Mumbai, told Professor McGoey that he regrets that he did not add the Gates Foundation as a defendant. “The ethical guidelines of the Indian Council for Medical Research talks about totality of responsibility. It defines the totality of responsibility in terms of everybody—that means sponsor … involved,” Jesani said.

“Under that principle, everyone should be held responsible. There is also no evidence at the moment that the Gates Foundation took any steps to discipline PATH for the research it carried out in India… . I think, to some extent, the Gates Foundation thinks PATH has done nothing wrong. And that is a concern. One needs to get a spotlight on the Gates Foundation.” The case is now before the country’s Supreme Court.

CDC cited Merck’s and Gates’s cheery assessments of the grotesque Indian experiments to help justify its expanded recommendation for the Gardasil vaccine. Prior to COVID-19, Gardasil was the most dangerous vaccine ever licensed, accounting for some 22 percent of cumulative injuries from all adverse events reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). During clinical trials, Merck was unable to show that Gardasil was effective against cervical cancers. Instead, the studies showed the vaccine actually increases cervical cancer by 46.3 percent in women exposed to HPV prior to vaccination—perhaps one-third of all women.

According to Merck’s clinical trial reports, the vaccine was associated with autoimmune diseases in one out of every thirty-nine women. Since introduction of that vaccine in 2006, thousands of girls have reported debilitating autoimmune diseases, and cancer rates have skyrocketed in young women.

HPV Vaccines and Fertility

Gates’s strong patronage of HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) deepened suspicions that he was weaponizing vaccination against human fertility. Merck’s clinical trials showed strong signals for reproductive harm from Gardasil. People in the study suffered reproductive problems including premature ovarian failure at ten times background rates. Female fertility has dropped precipitously beginning in 2006 in the United States, coterminous with Gardasil uptake. Historical drops in fecundity have occurred in every nation with high Gardasil uptake.

This issue of Gates, fertility, and vaccines I’ll address in another article about the Tetanus vaccine in Africa. But that depressing story is for another day.

Here is an excerpt from Gardasil: Fast-Tracked and Flawed, written by an Australian, Helen Lobato.

But clearly Merck takes a different view. In her 2015 PhD thesis, Judy Wilyman researched the HPV trials. She found that when it was revealed that women (15 to 26 years old) who were given the vaccine developed fewer precursor lesions (grade 2/3) than women who were not given the vaccine, Merck claimed that the vaccine prevented “100% of high-grade disease and ‘non-invasive’ cervical cancers associated with HPV infection” (p. 241). But in reality, Wilyman contends, this result depended on the group studied and that the significant reduction in precursor lesions was only observed in the study group that had not been infected with HPV 16/18 at baseline (FDA Merck Ltd 2006, in Wilyman 2015, p. 241). It is important to note that if CIN 3 does change into invasive cancer this progression occurs over 8.1 to 12.6 years. However, the longest follow-up study for the phase three clinical trials examining the efficacy against precursor lesions was only four years. “Therefore, the correct assumption is that precursor lesions in this age-group are not an indication that cervical cancer will develop from high-risk HPV infections” (p. 241). In other words, Wilyman contends, “there is no evidence of how much cervical cancer this vaccine may prevent” (p. 242).

Contrary to what the medical fraternity and the vaccine manufacturers would have us believe, to this day, none of the HPV vaccines have ever been proven to prevent a single case of cervical cancer. Diane Harper, one of Merck’s HPV vaccine researchers, and now a whistleblower, has admitted that vaccinating young girls will not to protect them against cervical cancer for it can take a decade or more for dysplasia to develop. As Harper put it:

It is silly to mandate vaccination of 11-to 12-year-old girls. There also is not enough evidence gathered on side effects to know that safety is not an issue. This vaccine has not been tested in little girls for efficacy. At 11, these girls don’t get cervical cancer — they won’t know for 25 years if they will get cervical cancer.

There has been an active cover up of the dangers of Gardasil.

Officials Cover Up Dangers of HPV Vaccine Declares (

Dr. Lee has submitted a lengthy letter detailing communications between health officials from the US, Canada, Japan, and the WHO, which demonstrate that these officials knew that HPV vaccines cause an inflammatory reaction greater than other vaccines, yet reassured the public in official hearings and statements that the vaccines were safe.

Specifically, certain chemicals contained in the HPV vaccines have been demonstrated to trigger the release of cytokines or proteins called tumor necrosis factors (TNF) in the body. TNF cytokines can cause cell death. The release of TNF can also result in a wide range of reactions such as tumor regression, septic shock (serious whole-body inflammatory response that can result in dangerously low blood pressure and death), and cachexia (a wasting syndrome where the body loses weight, becomes fatigued, and muscles atrophy). Administration of TNF has been proven to cause death in humans and animals.

I want to end with this quote from Malone, that now determines my default distrustful, and disdain filled posture to the medical and pharmaceutical establishment.

How does it feel to be vindicated? (

The biomedical world that I thought I was living in has been revealed to be a sham.  The legitimacy of the industry and discipline that I have committed my entire professional life to is in shambles.  I am now embarrassed to call myself a vaccines and biodefense expert, because the fundamental corruption inherent in those domains has been so clearly revealed. I cannot unsee what I have seen.

Here are some Gardasil injury sites:

R.E.G.R.E.T Support Group (

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Nine Years Later: HPV Vaccine Injury Survivor is Still Recovering

A Decade of HPV Vaccine Horror Stories from the Press

If you have read this and are thinking of injecting your young daughter with Gardasil, I now suggest that you buy a can of STOPPIT and spray yourself all over until the urge to inject goals away. If you have family and friends that are about to inject their daughters, spray them with STOPPIT also and you will see that their urge to inject will also melt away.

STOPPIT is a niche product found at a small, not widely known franchise called Chutzpah & Associates.

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Lies are Unbekoming
Lies are Unbekoming