The Unbekoming Express - Edition 8 - Reading Time 16 minutes
Two Control Groups: Sweden 2020 & Leicester 1885Watch now (5 min) | Rhyming History: Covid and Smallpox
The very first injection - Vitamin K: "It’s just a vitamin"Watch now (1 min) | Monkeys and bananas
I miss my 2019 ignorant innocence. But, as I am discovering, it was a deadly innocence.
Senator Malcolm Roberts and The Three MonkeysWatch now (10 min) | “How the hell do you expect to get away with it?”
On Corrupting Placebos: A feature, not a bug.Watch now (2 min) | The US Military gift that keeps giving.
Plus, a note about Prof. Peter Doherty.
The spirit is changed.Life seems to have come back to normal in Sydney. But I know that it ain’t so. You watch people, albeit less people, going about their business …
How to protect your baby from a sexually transmitted disease.
"Safe" Biologics: 13 Australian StoriesWatch now (24 sec) | The tip, of the tip, of the iceberg.
Who would have thought we'd be here...
A Collage of Reader Comments (1)Watch now (58 sec) | With thanks.