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FREE eBook: What is a woman? - “We don’t know yet.”

An American export: Trans-ideology and the manufacturing of Gender Dysphoria.


Ok, I’ve finally put together my first eBook. I suspect I will create more in the future. Truthfully, I quite enjoy it.

Here it is, and it’s free!

What Is A Woman We Don't Know Yet Trans Ideology And The Manufacturing Of Gender Dysphoria By Unbekoming
1.36MB ∙ PDF file

Here is the opening page of the eBook to give you some context for how it came about:

To the Reader

This was meant to be a Substack piece.

By the time I had finished writing it and putting it together within Substack with all the embedded links and videos it came in at almost 14,000 words…I was fine with that…I clicked SEND and it turns out Substack was not fine with it. I hadn’t had an article blocked because of its length before.

So, I decided to split it into a Part 1 & 2 and “rebuild” the two articles, but in doing so I decided to remove some sections including the one on Intuition. I wasn’t sure whether it really belonged in the piece. Anyway, a couple of days passed, and I regretted taking them out, so I’ve come back but this time put both articles together into this eBook, added the parts I had removed plus some other thoughts not found in the articles.

The Trans subject is not one I plan on spending much time on, I wanted to write something that supported the wonderful Matt Walsh documentary titled What is a Woman? and in doing so, a stream of thought threads poured out that I wove into this. I have put a version number on it because I might come back and add bits to it once or twice a year and this eBook might “snowball” over time.

The purpose of this eBook is to support the documentary, if you have already watched it, to encourage you to watch it if you haven’t and regardless of the documentary if you know nothing about the subject, or think that you know a little, this can be a gateway into this most complex of subjects. I have relied on and referenced many books, if you were to read any of them you will know more about the matter than 99% of other people and certainly know more about it than what the medical, government and media establishment want you to know (there’s that MGM Triad again).

Hope you enjoy the eBook. I suspect I’ll create more in the future.



(related to Ken Mubongi)

Here is the Table of Contents.

You will notice 24 sections versus the 20 sections covered by the Part 1 & 2 stacks…so there’s MORE!

  1. Introduction: “We don’t know yet.”

  2. Pregnant men and The Parasitic Mind.

  3. Post-Modernism in action (out of the University and on the streets).

  4. On Relativism.

  5. On Safetyism.

  6. The American University Madrassa System.

  7. Psychosis.

  8. Woke Religion: A taxonomy.

  9. What is a Woman?.

  10. Abigail Shirer.

  11. What is Gender Dysphoria?

  12. Dr. Littman: Adolescent girls and peer contagion.

  13. Lupron: Pharma and the business of Gender Dysphoria.

  14. Lupron: On Infertility.

  15. Lupron: Chemical Castration turned pubertal “pause button”.

  16. Hansel and Gretel.

  17. “St George in retirement” syndrome.

  18. Victoria (Australia).

  19. Mark Latham in NSW (Australia).

  20. Dr. Toby Rogers and my thoughts on mass vaccination.

  21. Detransitioning.

  22. The story of Nathan Verhelst.

  23. On Intuition.

  24. Turn Off the News.

Enjoy, well as much as this horrific subject can be enjoyed. Which is not at all.

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