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FREE eBook: The Climate™

17 thoughts on the eldest child of The Science™


I’ve been working on this one for a while. I was naïve to think I would be able to contain it to an article.

The Climate By Unbekoming V1
1.33MB ∙ PDF file

To the Reader

This eBook originated from sitting down after the Australian Federal Election of 2022 and writing about the impact of climate ideology on Australians and their voting. It wasn’t meant to be an eBook, but a Substack, but then it just got longer and longer. I stopped at one point, wondering how much was enough, and decided to publish just the sea level thread as a standalone piece.

On Sea Level: Gates vs Morner

I’ve come back to finish off the job in the form of this eBook. It includes the material from the sea level piece, but also all the other threads that I wanted to weave together.

I often ask myself “Who am I writing to” and the answer I always get is “the curious”, the ignorant but curious. If I were to be more specific, it would be the young, ignorant, and curious.

The goal of this eBook, and my Substack for that matter, is to help a curious person, who knows little to nothing about a subject, to find a pathway, a “gateway” out of their ignorance and into a new reality, a new awakening. From there they can start to read any of the books referenced and follow any of the people mentioned…and a new journey for an awakened soul begins.

When you are asleep, you don’t know that you are asleep. It’s curiosity that wakes you up, taps you on the shoulder, ever so lightly and whispers “hey, come and have a look at this…”.

As I wrote to the two young girls of a friend when we gave them our Encyclopedia Britannica.

Curiosity is a superpower.

Curiosity of self, of others and of the world.

Curiosity about what is true.

Like all powers, it is a muscle that gets stronger with use but withers otherwise.

This Britannica set was bought in Holland, in 1992 and brought to Australia in 1995 when we got married. Our two kids grew up with it and now it is in your care.

May it bring you much wonder.

May you always be curious.

Guard your curiosity, for it is a faint flame easily blown out by the raging winds of conformism.



(related to Ken Mubongi)

The 17 “thought threads” that make up this eBook are:

  1. The Australian Election and The Climate™.

  2. Bill Gates and “Weather for Dummies”.

  3. Tony Heller and his dog Toto.

  4. Nils-Axel Morner: Mr Sea Level

  5. Climate Collectivism.

  6. Milton Freidman.

  7. Igor Shafarevich (please forgive me).

  8. Woke Religion: A taxonomy.

  9. Spirits searching for new homes.

  10. Veblen on luxury beliefs.

  11. The Self-righteous Environmentalist.

  12. Modern Monetary Theory.

  13. Stephanie Kelton and her love of pepper.

  14. Cheap energy the secret to wealth and prosperity.

  15. Shellenberger, the nuclear question and Ivermectin.

  16. Planet of the Humans – Michael Moore.

  17. Child Prophets: Nongqawuse and Greta.

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