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Aluminium “Safety”

The rats got off lightly.


Toby Rogers wrote this great piece recently, which I strongly recommend be read.

The Wealth of Nations
I. Economic growth in history Subsistence farmers, powered by nothing but their own labor, generate about $400 (in today’s dollars) of economic activity in a year. It does not matter how hard you work, if you are forced to rely exclusive on your own labor, that’s about as much product as you can produce. So farmers eventually brought in draft animals — o…
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He ends with the question: So, what is to be done?

Interestingly the 2nd point of a 15-point list is: Give to ICAN.

The truth is, that hardly anyone knows who ICAN is, I didn’t until recently. It took a GMC grade awakening event to find them.

Next, I came across the video above on Twitter recently. Again, most people don’t know who that is railing at the lack of aluminium safety studies. That is Del Bigtree.

On his Twitter profile he describes himself as:

Host of ‘The HighWire with Del Bigtree’, Producer of Vaxxed, CEO of Informed Consent Action Network, Former Emmy winning producer of The Doctors on CBS.

I like Del, actually that’s not true, I love Del, I’ve learnt plenty already from his and ICAN’s work.

Arguably the most important thing I’ve learnt is the fakery in childhood vaccine “placebo” groups.

I wrote about it here:

Lies are Unbekoming
On Corrupting Placebos: A feature, not a bug.
Watch now (2 min) | I think back to what I thought I “knew” in early 2020. When you don’t know, you don’t know that you don’t know. Mark Twain was on the money when he said “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so…
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In December 2018 ICAN (signed by Del Bigtree as President) wrote to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, this is the 88 page letter.

As far as I am concerned, this is the single most important document I have come across to date as I have woken up to the malfeasance that is childhood vaccination. If you make the time to read it, it clearly outlines that NOT A SINGLE vaccine on the 70 odd dose US childhood schedule (40 odd in Australia) has been tested against a true, saline placebo.

So, ALL claims to safety are FALSE.

The placebo’s actually have aluminium in them!!!

In fact, the letter outlines all the vaccines and all the “placebos” and what each of these “fake placebos” have in them. The placebo groups are actually injected with other vaccines!!

I can hear you wondering, what’s the point, how does putting aluminium in a placebo help anyone?

It’s to hide the injury.

If you have two groups, and you give one the vaccine (with dead or almost dead (attenuated) virus plus aluminum etc.) and give the second group the fake placebo (just aluminium etc.) well if the aluminium etc. is the primary cause of death and disease then you will have similar levels of mortality and morbidity from each group and you can look the world straight in the eye and say that the vaccine does not cause any meaningful damage RELATIVE to the “placebo”, so it is “safe”. Both groups have the same or similar numbers of death and health destruction.

It’s a magic trick, if A is the vaccine and B is the placebo and both A and B cause the same amount of death and disability, then you can say that A is “safe” RELATIVE to B. Great trick, as long as everyone (including the hypnotised, asleep at the wheel, pharma sales-reps we call doctors) believes that B is a saline injection.

Well, now you know, it isn’t. None of them are.

But this article is really about the video above. I’m not sure what HighWire episode it’s from, but the point being made is a stunning one.

The question put to the CDC was: What is your evidence that aluminium injected into little kids is safe?

The answer: We FED rats with aluminum, and they seemed just fine thank you very much. So, we think up to 25 mcg for a baby is fine.

As Del makes the point, just one of the childhood jabs, the Hep B shot given within 24 hours to your bundle of joy has 250 mcgs of aluminium in it. TEN times what was considered safe to “feed” not inject, to the rats.

The rats got off lightly! I can just see the animal welfare observers at the rat study making sure that the rats were NOT injected, but only fed the aluminium. You know, animal cruelty and all that.

Also, what about the cumulative effect of all that aluminium? Has anyone done a study on that…nope.

This from August 2020.


The vaccines on the CDC’s childhood vaccine schedule given to babies during the first six months of life include over 3,500 mcg of aluminum adjuvant, a known neurotoxic substance which can damage nerves and kills cells.  

So, let me get this straight.

Based on a RAT study (Aluminium INGESTED) it was determined that the maximum safe dose to INJECT a baby was 25 mcg of aluminum.

In spite of that…

We are INJECTING 3,500 mcg of aluminum into babies in the first six months of life.

That is 140x MORE than the RAT “safety” study.

Now, Del is definitely my cup of tea, he can communicate the complex to simple people like me, but he might not be everyone’s cup of tea. he might not come across “sciencey” enough. For you I recommend you make a cup of tea and put an hour aside and read this about Aluminium. It’s a pathway to understanding HOW it damages babies.

ICAN-Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines

This is the summary intro only:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asserts that vaccines and vaccine ingredients have been disproven as potential causes of autism. Statements by the CDC are generic and encompass all vaccines and vaccine ingredients. For example, the CDC states:

“Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism” “There is no link between vaccines and autism.” “…no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and autism spectrum disorder.” (CDC website, August 2017)

These statements are not supported by available science. The CDC’s evidence supporting these statements is limited to the MMR vaccine (Taylor 2014), thimerosal preservative (Taylor 2014) and vaccine antigen exposure (DeStefano 2013).

Dr. Frank DeStefano of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office is co-author of a paper (Glanz 2015) which states:

“To date, there have been no population-based studies specifically designed to evaluate associations between clinically meaningful outcomes and non-antigen ingredients, other than thimerosal.”

This statement applies to, among other vaccine ingredients, aluminum adjuvant. Studies of MMR vaccine cannot be used as evidence of safety for other vaccines, for example vaccines that contain aluminum adjuvant. The overly-broad, generic assertions that no vaccines and no ingredients cause autism are thus not supported by scientific evidence. In fact, the CDC statements are contradicted by a large, consistent and growing body of scientific evidence, including:

  1. studies showing neurotoxic and neuroinflammatory effects (e.g. microglial activation) from dosages of aluminum adjuvants lower than or approximately equal to dosages received by infants according to the CDC vaccine schedule (Crepeaux 2017, Petrik 2007, Shaw 2013, Shaw 2009);

  2. studies linking vaccines to immune activation brain injury (Zerbo 2016, Li 2015);

  3. studies showing that early-life immune activation is a causal factor in autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders and mental illnesses (e.g. schizophrenia) (Meyer 2009, Deverman 2009, Estes 2016, Kneusel 2014, Careaga 2017, Meyer 2014).

The accumulating evidence indicates that vaccine-induced immune activation, and aluminum adjuvants in particular, may cause mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism.

In this paper, we present scientific evidence that aluminum adjuvants can cause autism and other brain injuries. Also, we explain why the studies allegedly supporting the safety of aluminum adjuvants do not show safety for adverse neurological outcomes.

CDC Fails To Investigate Toxicity of Al Adjuvants

The CDC has conducted no epidemiological studies on long term safety (e.g. considering neurological outcomes) of Al adjuvants. There is one ecological study of country-level data, which reported an association between Al adjuvant exposure and autism (Tomljenovic 2011). However, being an ecological study, it is highly susceptible to confounding and biases.

Dr Frank DeStefano of the CDC’s Immunization Safety Office is co-author of a feasibility study (Glanz 2015) on using the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) to investigate the safety of individual vaccine ingredients. The paper focuses on Al adjuvants. It acknowledges that thimerosal is the only vaccine ingredient studied for autism or neurological safety, and that a possible association between Al adjuvants and autism has not been explored in epidemiological studies. Glanz 2015 states:

“To date, there have been no population-based studies specifically designed to evaluate associations between clinically meaningful outcomes and non-antigen ingredients, other than thimerosal.”

The CDC has not investigated Al adjuvant safety concerns, despite the accumulating scientific evidence of harm and evidence linking Al adjuvants to immune activation mechanisms of brain injury.


The science reviewed here tells a consistent and compelling story: that vaccines may cause autism by stimulating immune activation and elevated cytokines in the brain. Al adjuvants are implicated as a cause of autism because they can be transported into the brain, because they cause microglial activation at vaccine-relevant dosages, and because aluminum induces IL-6 in the brain. In statements asserting no vaccine-autism link, the CDC cites scientific evidence that is not relevant to Al adjuvant safety or is incapable of disproving an Al adjuvant-autism link (Taylor 2014, DeStefano 2013, Mitkus 2011). In support of claims for Al adjuvant safety, the CDC relies on a profoundly flawed theoretical modelling study (Mitkus 2011). There is little scientific evidence supporting the safety of Al adjuvants, especially in relation to autism and other long term neurological outcomes.

And as Toby Rogers put it:

But in order for Meds to keep generating outsized rates of return, the industry needs a growing supply of inputs — in this case, sick people. The vaccine program is perfect for generating new customers. It creates a huge pool of chronically ill patients for life.

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