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Less is More

On the unpoisoned and suing the poisoners.

Toby Rogers first taught me about Paul Thomas, and that vaccines cause autism.

Del Bigtree first taught me about the placebo lie (not a single childhood vaccine has been tested against a saline placebo). This is the most important report that hardly anyone has read.

Ican Placebos And Vaccine Safety Testing
1.96MB ∙ PDF file

Two of my favorite people, which is why the above video caught my attention.


This is the paper that Thomas is referring to with Bigtree.

Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination (

I found this passage interesting in the Conclusion:

Our finding of a robust signal of anemia deserves follow up: aluminum is known to bind to transferrin and, in so doing, may interfere with the proper deposition of iron in the bones of children. Iron deficiency can also contribute to febrile seizures, a known side effect of some vaccines. Our society should work to identify safer vaccine schedules and safer adjuvants and to reduce autoimmunity risk by removing unsafe epitopes—peptide sequences from pathogens or human cell line remnants in vaccines that match human proteins in sequence or structure from any tissue - would seem expeditious, kind, and wise.

The point about aluminum, transferrin and iron was interesting and new to me.

Notice how Thomas, who has already proven via his many years in practice that kids without any vaccines are healthiest, HAS TO use the “safer vaccines and safer adjuvants” line to have any hope of getting it through peer review and getting published. Even with all that taking of the knee, it still got retracted under pressure.

The report says, what we know by now, that the more you inject a child, with a cocktail of known toxic chemicals, the less healthy they are. It’s pretty simple really. Poisons are not meant to be injected into your child’s bloodstream for a reason.

Less poison equals more health.

You can find all the charts that Thomas is referring to in the video above here.

Paul's Presentations and Supporting Materials - WITH THE WIND (

But seeing is believing, and there is no better “seeing” of what unvaccinated kids look like than the last 21 minutes of Vaxxed 2.

I noticed the masthead video because Steve Kirsch tweeted it. Kirsch has awakened to childhood vaccination and is doing good work in the space. It’s a big win for the anti-child-poisoning movement that someone with his audience has moved onto the next logical question, “have they lied to me about other vaccines, not just the covid vaccines?”.

Here is a great recent Kirsch PowerPoint with plenty of great material.

What The Data Says
5.93MB ∙ PDF file

Here are some really interesting slides from the PowerPoint.

There are LESS of the vaccine targeted diseases in the UNVACCINATED.

Just stop and think about that for a moment. Your child is MORE likely to catch measles if vaccinated.

No pediatrician will ever tell you that.

This is a good slide that takes into account the very first Vitamin K shot. That poison too elevates the risk of chronic disease.

This is a great slide that shows how pretty much everything is MORE likely if you are vaccinated.

So, look at row 12 for example, food allergies, with 3.4 as the number. Your child is 340% more likely to have food allergies if vaccinated vs not vaccinated.

Look at row 28, mental health and behavioral conditions, 900% higher risk!

I’m always interested in Australian data, and this is a great one showing when vaccines were introduced, LONG after the diseases had fallen away. Pharma just rewrote history and took the credit.

Amelia recently wrote to me about: Who Can Parents Trust?: Vaccines: Avoidable and Unsafe

Written by an ER doctor with 50 years’ experience, David Denton Davis published in 2018.

Here is a book summary:

Vaccines are not safe. A US Supreme Court justice has stated vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. Written by an emergency physician, Who Can Parents Trust? takes the opposite viewpoint, sharing reasons for parents to consider vaccines as both avoidable and unsafe. Doctors often fail to report serious illnesses and deaths following vaccinations. Thus, evidence for vaccine safety cannot be verified, given that it is predicated upon such a small reporting sample. With a paucity of adverse event reports, vaccine makers and physician advocates have gotten away with using coincidence rather than consequence as explanations for autism and SIDS. Over the past thirty years, in conjunction with an escalation in vaccination numbers, millions of vaccine-related injuries have gone unreported. Consequently no one has any right assuming vaccines are safe. What’s more, parents have a right to know vaccine risks and potential benefits. If a parent or caregiver perceives risks outweigh benefit, that person has a right to say no. In this treatise, a physician seeks to build an ethical and moral case favoring reasons that parents should not trust anyone but themselves in the matter of vaccines and their children.

Amelia writes:

He [Denton] explains that doctors make a lot of money from vaccinating and one way to make them think twice is to sue them.  He explains (p59) parents of injured children in America can sue doctors for malpractice when they have evidence, they reported symptoms of serious side effects after vaccination and the doctor did not investigate those symptoms and continued to vaccinate their child. In America parents can't sue their doctors for failure to obtain their informed consent if the doctor has given the parent the Vaccine Information Statements.

'Physicians must pay attention to any adverse event following a medication or vaccination. For example, failing to document a previously known penicillin allergy followed by a prescription for amoxicillin resulting in an anaphylactic reaction is considered a medical error or wrongdoing.  A severe or possibly fatal consequence following will speak for itself.  Physician liability will likely follow this adverse event.  A breach of duty becomes a proximal cause for future settlement.

Similarly, a six month old child's mother reports her son became febrile after his first round of five shots at two months of age and then slept for 18 hours after his second round of similar vaccines at four months.  This child's mother notices nothing is being documented and asks why.  She is advised these events are not considered allergic.  Without further comment a medical assistant prepares and gives five injections over an audible objection.

Case one fulfills malpractice requirements and a complaint will go to that doctor's professional liability carrier.  In case two there are likely grounds for both malpractice and assault and battery.  Doctor's indemnity protection offered by NCVIA will not prevail in court.  Ignoring any possible prior adverse event is no different than failing to ask about penicillin.  Failure to document a parent or caregiver's suspicion that there was a previous adverse event, such as a rash or fever, is a medical mistake.  Proceeding to give these same vaccines in spite of the risk makes for a much more significant problem.  Attorney focus will be on the child's previously existing and more recent entries into their medical records.  From my medical perspective both a failure to document, or documentation followed by automatic vaccine injections and a more severe reaction will speak for itself.  NCVIA's physician indemnification will not likely be applicable in this situation.  An attorney, who establishes a probable reason why this vaccine should not have been given, may be successful in prosecuting this case even if there appeared to be no immediate evidence of damage.'

He also discusses a retrospective study looking at the effects of vaccination on over 13,000 premature babies who were being closely monitored because they were in neonatal intensive care when they were vaccinated.  Despite recording signs of severe distress, life threatening deterioration in the health of many babies, the nurses and doctors obviously continued the practice of vaccinating tiny premature babies and dutifully recording the signs of their severe distress and life threatening deterioration in their health in many babies. To me that is beyond moral cowardice.  He doesn't even mention if the babies got smaller doses than full term babies.

I think this basis for suing doctors would apply in Australia and this is happening every day in GPs surgeries across Australia.

Only when doctors are directly and personally sued will they start to think twice about being so laisse faire with poisoning kids.

When their mortgages are on the line, their beliefs will quickly follow suit.

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