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“Only when doctors are directly and personally sued will they start to think twice about being so laisse faire with poisoning kids.”

That and prison with an accompanying neck stretch..

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BY AGE 2, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ETrbdHdXsAEDEi3?format=jpg&name=small

Why does a newborn need a Hep B shot? Shouldn't you have tested the parents first for sexual diseases or drug use? Then healthy babies would not need it. You just are greedy, not smart or caring you are using poison.

The worst vaccine is Gates' Gardasil. Besides the Covid jabs.

Toxic Chemicals Used to Make Plastics Found in Many OTC Medications

It is in about all modern meds. And I have to take it daily. Every commercial for drugs mentions cancers. Phthalates are frequently used to enhance the durability of plastics and are commonly present in various household and personal care products such as shampoo, hair sprays, and laundry detergent. While phthalates can be found in both prescription and nonprescription drugs, they are very commonly used in medications designed to treat GI symptoms associated with conditions like acid reflux. Over 20 million Americans take these drugs, known as proton pump inhibitors.

Ozempic thyroid cancer, I looked this up since it is new and highly touted, my eldest was put on it and the side effects were bad. To top off once you stop using it you REGAIN THE WEIGHT.


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Our finding of a robust signal of anemia deserves follow up: aluminum is known to bind to transferrin and, in so doing, may interfere with the proper deposition of iron in the bones of children. Iron deficiency can also contribute to febrile seizures, a known side effect of some vaccines. Our society should work to identify safer vaccine schedules and safer adjuvants and to reduce autoimmunity risk by removing unsafe epitopes—peptide sequences from pathogens or human cell line remnants in vaccines that match human proteins in sequence or structure from any tissue - would seem expeditious, kind, and wise.

Then why is Aluminum and other Heavy Metals in Baby Food? WHERE IS OUR BABY FORMULA, WHY DOES BABY FOOD HAVE HEAVY METALS, LIKE LEAD IN THEM, STILL ON THE STORE SHELVES. Worst Economy since Reagan inherited Carter's https://gailhonadle.substack.com/p/where-is-our-baby-formula-why-does

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Care should be taken with this statement: “not a single childhood vaccine has been tested against a saline placebo.”

It’s actually not true. While it is true that the studies referenced on nearly all the package inserts and FDA documentation provided for nearly all of the shots on the pediatric schedule use either other products or previous versions, and adjuvant-containing carrier solutions, instead of true inert placebos, there are a few outliers.

This doesn’t change the essence of the argument, but it’s a good idea to bend toward accuracy rather than complete blanket statements in this space. Otherwise, we propagate things that get repeated and are easy to poke holes in, despite the very serious issues and concerns being raised.

Just my 2 cents.

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I'm glad Steve Kirsch has moved on to the childhood schedule. Didn't like how he was giving so much air time to the evil virologists creating lethal pandemics mythology. But even with his voice and audience what is it going to take to bring the Vaccine Deception down? I work with really beautiful people in crisis services and I know they have hearts of gold. I also know that it is quite likely that most if not all have fully vaccinated their kids and most have had covid shots too. Some coerced and some willing. What will it take for ordinary good folk to realise that they have been conned into poisoning their children and themselves with something they never needed in the first place???

Peak of frustrated energy followed by rueful understanding that all I can do is keep informed and share what I can. And wait for the Awakening. (-:

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👏👏👏👏👏 I am so glad that you have continued on this path. I have often wondered about the aluminum/iron deficiency connection as it's a prominent issue traditionally in the elderly in alternative medicine (now, like almost all "chronic" disease of the elders, is appearing younger and younger). If the current trajectory remains then the average person will be lucky to live beyond 35-40 by 2050.🤔😐🤨

We also have demonized the one thing that helps from multiple angles to stop iron anemia, iron deficiency, iron sequestration and the inflammation of iron deficiency- the sun.

Vitami D3 effects (not supplementation unless extreme) combined with blood melatonin, impacts iron levels.

So add toxicity from environmental pollutants (water, air, soil &food, EMFs) +multiple vaccines + sunscreens =non exposure to sun (losing blood melatonin) & other healthy Vit d sources.......= the sickest population known to history.

Back to the trajectory- possibly why "plasma" has boomed in the last few years particularly🤔🤔🤨

Finally, I do agree Doctors/medical staff are culpable and should be made aware. My concern is that fast forward to the logical future end result- the death/demonisation of the profession= no more Drs=hospital's become only for the rich (or government santioned)=one world medical system.

We need to not fall into this trap of "newly awake" righteous indignation, and destroy (sueing the $#!@ out of the medical profession, will destroy it!). Even if every person on the planet, learnt how t o take care of them selves and others, we still need Drs and hospitals, unless we are prepared to let more people die that the usual per annum. Which given how fearful as a society we are of death (particularly in the last 4 years!) I don't see that happening.🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

We need to make it less fearful, and support Drs etc who have changed their perspective. Not vilify or lambast. Then the rest will follow suit (whether honestly or not). The powers that be- WANT the medical profession to be destroyed. It is in their best Interests.😉

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Liar. And Paul Thomas is even worse for promoting his retracted paper. Unethically. Every single one of you jerks is going to hurt and kill children.

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