Was there a pandemic?

On masterpieces.

Only the professional class did better, comfortably working from home, close to family, while being catered to by an army of specialised home-delivery services. – Denis Rancourt

As I have been an unashamed Toby Rogers groupie and booster for the last two years, I will be that also for Denis Rancourt. He is truly one of the best good guys we have.


As you probably know by now, I am allergic to the word “pandemic”, I prefer Global Medical Crisis (GMC). But seeing that Denis Rancourt used the word in a recent essay, I’m going with it…just for this article.

I think that Rancourt, on 22 June 2022, and in an attempt to make his work and thesis more accessible, wrote what is arguably the most important essay of the last three years.

As the amazing masthead video shows, if you move enough of just the right pebbles, into just the right place, you have a masterpiece. It certainly looks like a cat, but it’s not a cat.

Rancourt’s essay is about many of the pebbles they used, and he proves that what we had over the last 3 years was the image of a cat, but not the real thing.

It was truly a masterpiece.

Here is the essay.

There Was No Pandemic Denis Rancourt
172KB ∙ PDF file

Rancourt has also just joined Substack, and I heartily recommend subscribing to his work. I really hope he publishes regularly here.

Denis’s Substack
There Was No Pandemic
This is radical. The essay is based on my May 17, 2023 testimony for the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Ottawa, Canada, my 894-page book of exhibits in support of that testimony, and our continued research.Thanks for reading Denis’s Substack! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work…
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The essay is only 8-pages long and should be read slowly to fully taste and appreciate the depth and magnitude of each paragraph.

Something that is only 8-pages long doesn’t need summarizing, but I will do it anyway as it’s that important:

Executive Summary:

In the essay "There Was No Pandemic" by Denis G. Rancourt, the author presents his conclusions based on extensive research analyzing all-cause mortality during the COVID-19 period.

Rancourt argues that there was no pandemic causing excess mortality and attributes the increase in deaths to measures imposed by governments and the adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination. He suggests that the notion of a spreading viral respiratory disease is disproven by the lack of synchronization in mortality across different locations.

Rancourt emphasizes the importance of all-cause mortality data in understanding and characterizing events causing death and population-level impacts. He questions the effectiveness and scientific validity of coercive measures implemented to reduce transmission and challenges the prevailing belief in the virulence of new pathogens.

The essay explores the geopolitical and social-class transformation contexts that may have influenced the COVID-19 response.

Bullet points:

1.    There is no evidence of a pandemic causing excess mortality; measures imposed by governments and COVID-19 vaccination are attributed to the increase in deaths.

2.    All-cause mortality data is crucial for understanding events causing death and assessing the population-level impact.

3.    The lack of synchronization in mortality across different locations challenges the notion of a spreading viral respiratory disease.

4.    Coercive measures implemented to reduce transmission, such as distancing and lockdowns, are deemed unscientific and not supported by empirical evidence.

5.    Psychological stress and social isolation have a significant impact on infection rates and the severity of respiratory illness.

6.    The debate about gain-of-function research and bioweapons is irrelevant to the excess mortality observed during the COVID-19 period.

7.    No special treatment protocols were necessary beyond usual diagnostics and the clinician's best approach, while aggressive new protocols contributed to patient deaths.

8.    Excess mortality was caused by a multi-pronged state and iatrogenic attack on populations and societal support structures, driven by geopolitics and social-class transformations.


1.    "If there had been no pandemic propaganda or coercion, and governments and the medical establishment had simply gone on with business as usual, then there would not have been any excess mortality."

2.    "The COVID assault can only be understood in the symbiotic contexts of geopolitics and large-scale social-class transformations. Dominance and exploitation are the drivers."

3 Crumbs

Rancourt sprinkles crumbs throughout the essay for the curious to follow.

Spanish Flu

The large 1918 mortality event, which was recruited to be a textbook viral respiratory disease pandemic (“H1N1”), occurred prior to the inventions of antibiotics and the electron microscope, under horrific post-war public-sanitation and economic-stress conditions. The 1918 deaths have been proven by histopathology of preserved lung tissue to have been caused by bacterial pneumonia. This is shown in several independent and non-contested published studies.

The story we have been told about the Spanish Flu is one of the foundational untruths that underpins virology and vaccination. I will have to address this in future work.

Lyme Disease

For example, the Lyme disease controversy in the USA may be an example of a bioweapon leak (see Kris Newby’s 2019 book “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons”).

I’ve read this book and will write about Lyme disease soon.


In my view, the COVID assault can only be understood in the symbiotic contexts of geopolitics and large-scale social-class transformations. Dominance and exploitation are the drivers. The failing USA-centered global hegemony and its machinations create dangerous conditions for virtually everyone.

This is a too subtle a hint to his 2019 geopolitical study.

Geo Economics And Geo Politics Drive Successive Eras Of Predatory Globalization And Social Engineering
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Also outlined here.

Now I want to take a short detour for a moment.

Rancourt’s essay mentioned “pneumonia” 5 times.

This is important. Just how important was highlighted by Jessica Rose in a great recent article.

Unacceptable Jessica
What is a COVID-19 death?
This article has morphed into something entirely different from the original idea I had yesterday when I started writing it. As it stands, it appears as though COVID-19 deaths might not be COVID-19 deaths at all. Many thanks to Clare Craig, Norman Fenton, Martin Neil, Joel Smalley, Scott McLachlan, Jonathan Engler and Ben Lewis for your helpful feedback…
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Executive Summary:

This article explores the definition of a COVID-19 death and questions the accuracy of reported COVID-19 death counts. The author discusses various definitions used, including those based on PCR testing and death certificates, and highlights the potential for misattribution of COVID-19 as a cause of death.

The article presents data showing that COVID-19 deaths closely align with pneumonia deaths, suggesting that many COVID-19 deaths are actually pneumonia deaths. The author also examines the decline and resurgence of COVID-19 deaths in relation to the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, raising questions about the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing severe illness and death.

The article concludes that COVID-19 deaths are significantly overcounted and that the injections do not prevent COVID-19 deaths, emphasizing the need for a more accurate definition of COVID-19 deaths.

Important takeaways:

1.    COVID-19 became the #1 cause of death in the United States shortly before the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations but has recently been surpassed by Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

2.    The definition of a COVID-19 death varies, with some including individuals who had a positive PCR test or COVID-19 diagnosis within a certain timeframe before death.

3.    Death certificates have been reported to misattribute causes of death to COVID-19, even when the actual cause was unrelated, leading to overcounting of COVID-19 deaths.

4.    The use of high-cycle PCR testing and broad symptom criteria for COVID-19 cases may contribute to inflated death counts.

5.    The decline in COVID-19 deaths following the vaccination rollout raises questions about the effectiveness of the vaccines in preventing severe illness and death.

6.    COVID-19 deaths closely align with pneumonia deaths, suggesting that many reported COVID-19 deaths are actually pneumonia deaths.

7.    Withholding standard treatments, such as antibiotics, may have contributed to the increase in pneumonia deaths misattributed as COVID-19 deaths.

8.    The overcounting of COVID-19 deaths and the misattribution of causes of death raise concerns about the accuracy and reliability of reported COVID-19 death counts.


1.    "A COVID-19 death is a pneumonia death."

2.    "We can say with utter confidence that the injections do nothing to prevent 'COVID-19' deaths."

They mistreated pneumonia, killed plenty of old people, and called them Covid deaths.

Now back to Rancourt.

3 Excerpts

India – 3.7 million vaccine deaths

Regarding the vaccines, we quantified many instances in which a rapid rollout of a dose in the imposed vaccine schedule was synchronous with an otherwise unexpected peak in all-cause mortality, at times in the seasonal cycle and of magnitudes that have not previously been seen in the historic record of mortality. In this way, we showed that the vaccination campaign in India caused the deaths of 3.7 million fragile residents.

Rancourt is the only one I know that has studied and written about this in depth.

2022-12-06 Probable causal association between India’s extraordinary April-July 2021 excess-mortality event and the vaccine rollout - Denis Rancourt

Vaccine dose fatality rate (vDFR)

In Western countries, we quantified the average all-ages rate of death to be 1 death for every 2000 injections, to increase exponentially with age (doubling every additional 5 years of age), and to be as large as 1 death for every 100 injections for those 80 years and older. We estimated that the vaccines had killed 13 million worldwide.

I suggest you really read this slowly and absorb what it means.

This is “per dose” NOT “per person”.

Imagine we walked into a room of 20 Australians (pick your Western country), all 80+. We might find such a room at any of the aged care facilities in the country. Now imagine that we gave each of these 20 people 5 doses. That means we would have killed one of them. That is what “1 death per 100 injections” means.

It means 1 death per 20 grandmas and grandpas. Remember them? Those people they were trying to protect and save.

A virus without a visa

In fact, the very notion of “spread” during the COVID period is rigorously disproved by the temporal and spatial variations of excess all-cause mortality, everywhere that it is sufficiently quantified, worldwide. For example, the presumed virus that killed 1.3 million poor and disabled residents of the USA did not cross the more-than-thousand-kilometer land border with Canada, despite continuous and intense economic exchanges. Likewise, the presumed virus that caused synchronous mortality hotspots in March-April-May 2020 (such as in New York, Madrid region, London, Stockholm, and northern Italy) did not spread beyond those hotspots.

This is possibly my favourite section.

The virus didn’t spread across national borders. It couldn’t get its visa stamped.

This is proven by countless studies of the “progression and spread” of the virus. Which is proof positive that it was policy and not virus that killed people.

It’s especially visible within Europe. Rancourt shows this in detail in his NCI work.

The essay is based on my May 17, 2023 testimony for the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) in Ottawa, Canada, my 894-page book of exhibits in support of that testimony, and our continued research.

I think we should try to get this 8-page essay into as many, even mildly curious, hands as possible.

If they are not interested in pandemic essays, maybe show them a cat pebble masterpiece 😊.

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