A letter to dissidents about a failed communication strategy.

With almost 3 GMC years under our belts, I’ve written very little about depopulation. I’m now going to explain why.

I suspect a few will not agree with me. That’s OK. We are not here to agree with each other, but get closer to truth, likely truth, and useful truth.


I think we are all in agreement by now that there is a push for global, tyrannical totalitarianism.

I think that we can also agree that there is a subset of the ruling class, the coordinators, the despicable they, who genuinely believe in the overpopulation ideology.

We can also agree that they have been able to enact that ideology here and there over the years, e.g. tetanus vaccines in Africa laced with sterilizing agents.

So, what we are left with is the question of whether that ideology is driving the GMC in small or large part?

Is excess mortality and morbidity from the covid vaccines a depopulation goal or a symptom and by-product of something else?

Well, the depopulation hypothesis says it's a goal.

But on that logic, the childhood vaccine schedule and glyphosate are also depopulation agendas.

Every toxin, some 80,000, that they have pumped into the environment and our bodies, that causes death and disease, could be considered to be part of a depopulation agenda.

Here's the problem with the depopulation (as a goal; as an agenda) hypothesis. Even if you are right, who do you win over?

We have been broadly split into 3 groups.

  1. The asleep, the believers, the TV watchers, and readers of the Fact Checkers. Nothing we say to them can get through. A lost cause unfortunately.

  2. The awake, those that will not take the injections anymore, that have lost trust in government, The Science™ and authority. The dissidents. The depopulation hypothesis does nothing for this crowd besides rile them up even more. You are preaching to the choir. There is no return on investment here.

  3. So, we are left with the large valuable middle, they don't quite know what to think anymore, they sort of know they have been lied to, are not quite sure how, have had their trust in authority damaged but not destroyed, and they are curious and looking for a message and messenger they can trust and follow out of Plato's Cave. These are our target audience, and they need to be won over one by one.

The depopulation hypothesis simply does not work on this crowd. It is a bridge too far. To accept depopulation as a goal, you have to accept a whole raft of prior axioms; that there are evil people in the world, that they have captured governments and institutions, that they have an overpopulation ideology and have gained the means of enacting a depopulation agenda.

Discussing depopulation with the middle simply shuts them down, they will recoil and let go of your hand as you try to guide them (or should I say drag them) out of Plato's Cave.

Depopulation to the middle is a failed communication strategy (even if it were right). Depopulation to the middle is an unforced error, an own goal. Pick your sporting metaphor.

There are many, with the courage, knowledge, wisdom, and credibility that are needed to guide plenty of the middle out of The Cave, as they did for me. But they have successfully cut themselves off access to the middle because of their depopulation as a goal conviction and message.

Believing something to be true, and then shouting it from the roof top, especially if to the wrong audience, is not helpful. In fact, it’s damaging.

If "truth" is not useful nor helpful, what good is it?

Depopulation (as a GMC goal) is the dissidents self-destruct button. It's a crying shame and we are all worse off for it.

With that said, I want to say something about the future and our relationship with it.

If I'm optimistic or pessimistic about the future, in both cases I am right.

It's simply a premise. But regardless of how the future turns out, one of those premises will be more useful than the other as I journey there.

Which brings us to utility, and the utility of beliefs, and useful beliefs.

What's the utility of going through life with an optimistic outlook, even though you have no idea how your life will end up, or better still let's say one is terminal with 1 year to live. Is there a benefit to journey that last mile with a spring in your step and chin up. Is it helpful to others to see you that way? Does it help or hinder family and friends in their resilience? Are they more or less likely to want to spend time with you if you have a sparkle in your eye or a cloud over your head?

They have taken much from us, without our consent, we were powerless to stop it, we have lost much. I suspect many are grieving over what has been lost. We can get stuck in grieving, sometimes for a lifetime. Grieving is useful, for a while, it’s not useful for extended periods of time. A bit like cortisol, having too much of it in our system for extended periods of time is frankly terrible.

The utility of grieving is to arrive at acceptance, that’s it. Where we are no longer angry, depressed, pessimistic or basically kill joys. Where we become useful again.

The “depopulation as a goal” message is the second cousin of Lizard People.

It’s not the same thing, but from the same family. How can I take David Icke and Alex Jones seriously, when they keep banging on about lizard people. Let’s just assume for a minute that they are right about the lizards, and somewhere in the future, the ruling class take of their face masks and reveal their lizard heads and long, blue tongues. Let’s even say it’s 50/50 that that might happen. What good was talking about it, if it precluded me from listening to anything else those two men have to say, and they have a lot of worthwhile things, truthful things, to say. It’s self-sabotage, pandering to a niche riled up base, describe it as you will. But it’s terrible communication strategy and a terrible way to live your life until the day the lizards take off their masks.

If the goal is to destroy trust in liars, lying governments and institutions, so we can build new ones, which is a noble goal, there are at least 100 ways I can think off without saying that Michelle Obama is a male lizard, and part of a depopulation cabal.

For the record, I agree that they intend to bring in totalitarian control. I would even say that they have started the public rollout of a dictatorship that I think of as a Global Scientific Totalitarianism. If we are going to discuss “intent”, then we have no disagreement between us that this is absolutely their intent.

“Sovereign States” with their “democracies” are largely comfort food and window dressing. They are the dancing bear circus acts within the Global Scientific Totalitarianism tent, that’s still in its infancy.

So, now that we are in January 2023, what could we talk to the middle about?

Depopulation (as a goal), as I have outlined earlier, has no utility as a message nor communication strategy for the middle, that is my experience. I can barely get those in the middle to accept that Covid is not Ebola, and that the spike protein is problematic and that turning your cells into an antigen factory is a bad idea. Let alone getting them to accept that "they are trying to kill us all".

So, what truths do have utility?

The middle is large but shrinking. It is largely damaged by now with 1 or 2 doses. I think the majority of the middle have not taken a 3rd and will put up some resistance to anymore shots. Many of them know something is not quite right, and many of them have just enough curiosity to follow someone with a torchlight out of the cave.

We cannot have enough people with torchlights.

There are plenty of things I think we could talk about, that would be incredibly helpful to people, here are just some of the things that come to mind:

  • Helping the damaged understand what is happening inside them, and what they might be able to do to at least reduce the speed of the damage or even get some recovery if possible.

  • Being a source of easy to understand interpretation of some of the main honest scientific findings coming out, and also debunking dishonest science. With ai as an assistant now, anyone can do this.

  • Explaining to people the military grade psyops their government is using against them and what they can do to fight it.

I could go on; you get the gist.

But, if you pressed me to identify just one issue that we could talk about, that would have the biggest long terms impact, to both the awake and the middle, it would be that of the childhood vaccination schedule. That’s it.

If you are reading this, I suspect you know by now that they have lied to us all about childhood vaccination. Its necessity, its safety, and its efficacy. At every turn they have lied, and for decades, we have been injecting cocktails of antigen (70+ in the US, 40+ in Australia) and chemicals (some 38 in total), into babies and infants from the second they come out of the womb. The superstructure, that is our world, is built on a poisoned base.

I will go further and say, that Global Scientific Totalitarianism is built on all the falsehoods of the childhood vaccine schedule. Its scientific falsehoods, its political falsehoods and its cultural, moral, and spiritual falsehoods.

In fact, I think that the Achilles heel of Global Scientific Totalitarianism is the childhood vaccine schedule.

The more people that wake up to that and decide to take a stand for their kids, against this system, the harder and harder it will be to bring on Global Scientific Totalitarianism.

Waking up to childhood vaccination is the ultimate destroyer of trust in the false idols of our time. It is the axe that can accelerate the bringing down of these liars. One day, being against unnecessary, unsafe and ineffective vaccines, will be accepted as a badge of honour, maybe not in our lifetime, but one day.

Kennedy Jr. above gets it. He has gotten it for a very long time. It’s time we wake up and follow in his footsteps.

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