Anzac Day

An Australian day of mourning and remembrance

It’s a public holiday in Australia today.

Most Australians on their day off have no interest or connection to anyone who ever died in a war. It’s just another day off work with a sprinkling of virtue signaling, just for good measure.

It’s the fourth Anazc Day since the GMC started in March of 2020.

It’s a day of remembrance for me, but for different reasons. It’s a day of mourning for a wonderful country lost.


It’s not so much that the country is ruled by shallow, hollow evil…but more that the population, the group mind, has been wiped. It’s been neuralyzed.

For 3 years they have watched nothing but 5 TV channels (2 of them government) and read 4 newspapers (by 2 publishers) that have all told them the same thing. You are in danger of a deadly virus, and whatever the government is doing to save you, is the right thing, so “do your bit, and don’t get in the way”.

The 20-minute clip above is from The Highwire (Episode 314 - where Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches us about consensus.)

It’s great reporting by Jeffrey Jaxen and Del Bigtree, and a good summary of what they did to Australia during the GMC.

My point is that almost nobody in Australia knows about what’s in this 20-minute clip.

They don’t know about the police brutality. They don’t know that Australia turned into a police state. Because they didn’t see it on TV or read about it in the paper.

The inputs into their brains were purposefully corrupted.

These inputs created multiple delusions.

These delusions accumulated into a psychosis.

The Australian mind is now unwell, for it has been raped.

This rape expresses itself in silence.

So, I mourn a country lost.

I thought I’d wander back in time and collate some of the articles I have written about my country and what has been done to it.

In memory of the greatest crime ever committed upon the Australian people by those they trusted.

Lies are Unbekoming
Rubber Bullets
Watch now (32 sec) | You cannot forget what you don’t know. The overwhelming majority of Australians don’t know that this happened 1 year ago to the day. So, for my many Australian subscribers, now you know…
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You cannot forget what you don’t know.

The overwhelming majority of Australians don’t know that this happened 1 year ago to the day.

To my fellow Australians.

Your government gave you a surprise national day off work today to mourn the Queen. I assume you don’t really care about her passing, but you’re glad to have gotten yet another day off work, as most of you now “work” 2-3 days from home. If you want to mourn something though, mourn the fact that your government shot rubber bullets at your fellow Australians 1 year ago.

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Australia's Killing Fields
Watch now (4 min) | Come up with an injectable agent that subverts human cellular replicating machinery into producing cells with genetically altered viral components and do it at WARP SPEED! What could possibly go wrong? -comment from John Brown I was talking to a friend the other day who had taken both doses and he said…
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There has been a slaughter in Australia. I know it’s global, but I live here, and I see and feel what has been done to the “lucky country”. The government has slaughtered its citizens.

How many? Does it really matter?

It’s in the 10s of thousands…so far.

Lies are Unbekoming
Watch now (6 min) | We are meaning-hungry creatures; we live on images of meaning…the human psyche can create meaning out of anything. - The Nazi Doctors…
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There’s something about her testimony, the way she tells it, that I find hard to put into words. I find it haunting.

It’s matter of fact, it’s light, if she’s angry, I cannot hear it. She even has a smile that floats in and out of her words. She took the vaccine because her Perth employer said she had to get it. She didn’t want to get it, “my back was against the wall”. She represents a large portion of the country that didn’t have the means to push back, say no, or walk away from her income. The full spectrum assault on the citizenry was overwhelming. In fact, it was militarized.  

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An Alarming Truth – Covid Vaccines (an Australian whistleblower documentary)
A recent documentary relaying the first-hand testimony of Queensland nurses, paramedics, and health workers about Covid19 vaccine injuries and deaths. Watch it here. This is the first collation of such testimony from within Australia that I know of…
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This is the first collation of such testimony from within Australia that I know of. It’s important viewing for many reasons least of which the sheer scale of denial and suppression of the truth of these injuries that is occurring within the Australian medical system.  

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Watch now (2 min) | The instructional video above is one of my all-time favourite GMC clips. The teacher is Luke Martin who many consider to be the No.1 Australian Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) coach. He saw through the bullshit early, and I believe helped keep a lot of young people from the injection. A good man…
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We invited a small group of close friends in our BJJ circles to come over and train. But it had to be as inconspicuous as possible. My wife and I would park our cars in the street and have our friends park their cars in our oversized garage, so that neighbours wouldn’t see strange cars in the street and be tempted to be “good Germans”.  

Lies are Unbekoming
Where do I start… Let’s start with the fact that this woman, and her wife were both seriously vaccine injured in or around July 2021 (with thanks to Chudov for highlighting this point). Please pause and think about that. July 2021 until November 2022…
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This woman, a practicing GP, and ex-head of the AMA, one of the most politically influential medical bodies in the country, got injured, with her wife, in July 2021, then said nothing publicly about it for 6 months until January of 2022 where she promoted the vaccine to 5 year old Australians, then said nothing about their injuries again for another 11 months, while millions of Australians kept getting dosed and redosed and redosed, and then in November 2022, decides to tell some public truths at a kangaroo inquiry.

So, she chose to remain silent for 17 months about her injuries while publicly being part of the “safe & effective” brigade.  

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Bull Allen
History is important. But it’s mostly forgotten, and that which is remembered is mostly rewritten. The following is an interesting and important story, forming part of Australia’s GMC history, that I don’t want forgotten. Scott Morrison failed Australia. A traitor he was and forever will be…
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That so much could be stolen from the people of this land, and in particular our children, is shameless. The destruction of education, of freedom of movement and association, the destruction of people’s businesses, of their life savings, and very sense of self-worth - is abhorrent.

It is morally corrupt to steal so much from so many, for the benefit of so few, for a little (perceived) safety - and worse still for personal political or financial gain. To frighten them - wilfully, maliciously, and deliberately - for your own purpose, is nothing short of evil.  

Lies are Unbekoming
Watch now (1 min) | If you’re Australian, you probably know who Kyle Sandilands is. Our own, home grown, version of a shock jock. I’ve wanted to write about this rap song of his, Get Vaxxed Baby, for a while, but it brought up too many emotions and writing threads that I struggled to bring them together into something coherent…
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Kyle, if you ever get to read this:

You messed up. Someday in the future the weight of evidence of all those Australians whose lives were destroyed by the product you promoted, will compress your conscience (I don’t believe you are a psychopath) and you will not sleep as well as you once used to.

I don’t believe you will find the courage to publicly apologise and join the Mea Culpa Class, but I think you will end up with “Long Shame” a fate far worse than “Long Covid”.  

Lies are Unbekoming
I’m part of a small WhatsApp group of sane and awake friends who have managed to keep each other sane mainly by listening to each other’s rants during the GMC. A friend from that group, living in Melbourne, recently posted the summary below. It’s worthy of its own stack, as another historical record of what, as my friend calls, the “Despicable They” have …
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All States and their Premiers, with the Federal Government turning a blind eye, competed for the “Best Rookie Dictator” Award, and Dan Andrews of Victoria won that prize, quite comfortably in the end. He had stiff competition at times from Mark McGowan (WA) and Annastacia Palaszczuk (Qld) but in the end he was a worthy winner.  

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Under 35 and Severely Injured
Watch now (2 min) | That’s pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole in the video. He’s one of the good guys. He was one of the very early doctors to come out and fight the good fight. On 15 August 2021, I did my second livestream webinar to an audience of about 10 people, that was down from my box office hit a few weeks earlier that attracted 15 people. In both cases mainly family, close …
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The focus of that second livestream was the jabs and what we knew as emerging information about their dangers. That is the information that was withheld from the public, and its withholding is what has caused the catastrophic destruction of health and well-being of the 16 women below, and many, many, many others. This is both national and generational damage.  

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Australia: The Gold Standard
“If every country does what Australia did, then you wouldn’t be calling it a pandemic. That’s all.” Bill Gates…
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“You will not ask anyone to get a test, if they are sick, you will not ask them if it’s Covid and you will not require a negative test to show up to work. If they get a test and volunteer the resulting information to you, then we can look at what the laws of the State say and decide how to navigate it then.”

“People’s health, and how they manage it, is their personal private affair, the way it used to be. I’m not interested in whether they have gonorrhea, Japanese encephalitis or Covid, it is not our business, we will not interfere, we are not the government’s foot soldiers…understood?”


“And while we are on the subject, get rid of ALL pandemic propaganda from the office.”  

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A Qantas Mask Story
I went to Melbourne recently. Melbourne was once the most liveable city in the world for seven years straight. Whenever my wife and I used to go down there from Sydney we’d always say that we could easily live there. No more. Today Melbourne is the woke capital of Australia and the posterchild for Democratic Dictatorship. More on that another time…maybe…
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During the whole plane experience Qantas mentioned 5-6 times through recorded messages or live announcements that a mask had to be worn at all times and that it needed to cover your nose properly and that you were “allowed” to remove it “briefly” when eating. A suffocating, menacing environment created by the Evil Leprechaun to maximise compliance…and it worked, but for one passenger.  

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Dr. Ross Walker is “doing a Kulldorff”
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Ross is also trying to thread the needle between his conscience and remaining in civil society. He is hell bent on not being viewed as an anti-vaxxer, but obviously saying nothing is preventing him from sleeping at night.  

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6 Thoughts on Australian politicians openly inciting employers to break the law
The government wants to get the whole population jabbed with an experimental liquid that skipped animal testing and clinical phase 3 trials not completing until 2023 (what’s the point of the trial now?). They have set an 80% target which is higher than almost any other country and is effectively the whole population…
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This unthinking, evil woman is the NSW Premier. She picks up what Hollow Man started. On 5 August she openly called on employers to “put pressure on your staff to get vaccinated”.  

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A letter of thanks to Mr. Brad Banducci
Dear Mr. Banducci I rarely write to companies and never before to the CEO, but I thought this letter was warranted to thank you and congratulate you for doing what the weak leadership of this country is clearly unwilling to do, and that is to properly consequence those recalcitrant employees that have abdicated their social responsibility by stubbornly r…
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It has to be said, that I am not surprised that you have risen to the challenge. It’s no coincidence that you are of Italian heritage. What this world needs is more powerful and strong men, like those found in Italy in the 1930s. I know that it’s not fascionable to talk about those men, but we need strong men like that in these difficult times and you have certainly been a credit to your heritage.  

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Novak’s public burning and other tennis stories
Thanks for reading Lies are Unbekoming! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work. How easy do you think it would be for Novak to get a fake jab certificate? He has access to plenty of friendly doctors that would gladly signoff that he’s had the jab. Nobody would ever know…
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Ask yourself, what’s the point of a public burning? They could just as easily kill them in the dungeons post confession and new names. What’s the point? Here are three benefits for the State from a public burning:

1.    It reminds everybody in town who’s boss.

2.    It maintains a useful amount of fear within the community, reminding everyone that they could be next.

3.    It gives comfort to the true believers that they are right in their convictions, that witches are real, they are dangerous, and they are right to be burned. The State’s actions map over the believes of the true believers who are the States main source of “approval”.  

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Shark Attacks and 38% Infection Fatality Rate
Let me start of by saying that Chris Kenny is a rare creature in Australia. A journalist in the truest sense of the word, standing up for me and my fellow citizens against the MGM Triad (Medical-Government-Media). I have nothing but respect for what he is doing, if Australia had 100 Chris Kenny’s (or even 20) over the last 18 months, it would be a differ…
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If you amplified shark attack deaths by 253x you would take the 2.5 deaths pa average and end up with 632 deaths per annum. Now, please pause here again. Imagine a world where 12 people actually died EACH WEEK from shark attacks in Australia.

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