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On manufacturing sub-humanity

  • What's scary is how many people were willing to jail us, send us to camps, prevent us on seeing our sick family members, take our jobs from us, they All need to be held accountable. - Comment from coolair671

  • My wife's father practically disowned us for not getting the shot. Two years later and we've gotten sick and recovered from it and haven't gotten it since and are doing great health-wise. Meanwhile he's gotten all his boosters and now has chronic joint problems and heart problems. Yeah I'm gonna say we made the right choice. – Comment from The Barbell Lifestyle

  • “If you have to be persuaded, reminded pressured, lied to, incentivized, forced, bullied, socially shamed, guilt-tripped, threatened, punished and criminalized ... If all of this is considered necessary to gain your compliance -- you can be absolutely certain that what is being promoted is not in your best interest ” - Ian Watson


I love these historical video collages.

To those that missed the propaganda, and thought they were watching the “news”, it’s a wonderful crash course on the wall-to-wall propaganda.

To those who knew what was going on, it’s a reminder of what we were subjected to, and maybe bits we missed.

I’ve been wondering who has been putting these together, and this one is by Matt Orfalea, so thank you Matt. You can find him and support him here:

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I’m glad the video gives good coverage of “Doing your own research” or as Jimmy Dore so brilliantly reminded us, what used to be called “reading”.

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No one is safe until everyone is safe” is the other side of Cuomo’s “if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy”.

“No one”, “everyone” and “Just one” are all euphemistic derivations of “Zero”.

To Nick Hudson’s wonderful three general rules of thumb of spotting a scam:

Lies are Unbekoming
Scam Spotting
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  1. If any problem is being presented as a global crisis; then it is a scam.

  2. If the only solutions that are permitted, are global ones, requiring global authority; then it is a scam.

  3. If science is presented as static knowledge (consensus), The Science™; then it is a scam.

I want to add the “tell” of “Zero” and all its euphemisms.

“Zero” is the shibboleth of the totalitarian tyrant.

It doesn’t matter how many letters they have behind their name; it doesn’t matter how softly or elegantly spoken they are, it doesn’t matter how pretty they are of what suit or robe they are wearing.

If they are pushing for “Zero” anything, they are a dangerous totalitarian tyrant and should be heard and understood accordingly.

18 Oct 2021

If you have not succumbed to the jab yet, you are under increasing pressure, from all corners. In NSW for example, they have started “giving back” some of the freedoms they stole, but only to the jabbed and only very conditionally.

Others are facing direct job loss of significant employer pressure under the threat of job loss, if they don’t comply. So, the unjabbed have become the Untermensch (look it up).

Strategy: “I’m waiting for Novavax” - Lies are Unbekoming (substack.com)

At minute 1.54 we hear Alan Dershowitz say: “You have no right not to be vaccinated”.

I had missed that he had said that (another reason these collages are great). Alan is a Harvard constitutional lawyer (he has letters by the kilo).

At minute 7.30 we have Geraldo Rivera saying: “You have no individual rights when it comes to the vaccine”.

They both said the shibboleth, we can see them for what they were (and unless they have given a full throttled apology, for what they still are).

At minute 1.56 we have Neil deGrasse Tyson saying: "You don’t have the right to contaminate someone else”.

Well, we know what Neil was and still is, so no need to go looking for an apology.

What Neil is referring to here is “externality”. I wrote about it here back in Sept 2022 and it’s worth repeating again. What they have done is firmly put “externalities” on the table and will continue to weaponize the idea:

Bob Moran - Lies are Unbekoming (substack.com)

That last line is worth repeating:

“We knew that to address it, to try and eradicate it would be to destroy the things that matter and basically create an insane society.”

The “it” he is referring to in this passage is obviously the risk of infecting grandma with a bug.

But the higher level “it” that this passage sits under is what the technocrats and The Science call “externalities”. We are going to hear a lot about externalities over the coming years.

Dictionary.com defines it as:

“A side effect of some process or activity, especially a negative effect of an economic activity that is not accounted for in the price of what is produced.”

In other words, something that I do, that is NOT “accounted” for that impacts others.

Said another way, something the individual does that impacts the collective.

Said another way, something that I do that negatively impacts the greater good.

The system that is being built around us is one that will use the concept of externality to control, influence and ultimately coerce and mandate behaviour.

For example: I was booking a Qantas flight a few weeks ago, and before the booking process was complete the website went out of its way to tell me how many kilograms of carbon my trip was going to put into the climate and if I wanted to spend some points to “offset” the effect.

The kilos of carbon are the externality, instantly and efficiently calculated and presented to me in a manner that would play on any sense of guilt I had, and/or my desire to be a good community member and global citizen.

The next step is for it to be involuntary, and every kilo of carbon is calculated and charged, explicitly, to each flyer.

The next step is to give me a “kilo allowance” for the year, and once I or my family has used it, I am not able to fly until a new year and new kilo-allowance rolls over.

But as Bob just said: “to address it, to try and eradicate it would be to destroy the things that matter and basically create an insane society.”

Externality and Spontaneity are related and connected and in some ways are two sides of the same coin. To be human, is to be spontaneous and in so doing you will impact others and the whole.

At minute 3.32 we have Ben Shapiro. Nooooooooo…

I had no idea he too fell in Dec 2020.

Has he apologized? Please tell me he has apologized. Please!

“To build public support for this coercive program…” they engaged in wholesale and very sophisticated propaganda.

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