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On being partially awake but not enough
  • "We accept the reality of the world with which we're presented. It's as simple as that." - Christof, The Truman Show

  • One. Official stories exist to protect officials. Two. We have to overcome our built-in willingness to be duped. – Liam Scheff

  • “This is not a time to be depressed, we do not have the option of depression…this is war, we are under attack.” – Mark Crispin Miller, The Real Anthony Fauci Part 2 (Documentary)


The 16-minute clip above is from the end of Part 2 of The Real Anthony Fauci documentary.

I cut it out a long time ago, to use in an article, but then it got drowned out by an ever-growing list of other articles.

It’s main value, then and now, to a curious and awakening “middle” was that it summarized:

  • The vaccines toxicity and harms

  • Pfizer’s criminality

  • Some possible solutions to injury (a vitally important issue at this stage)

  • A wonderful call to arms by Mark Crispin Miller and Robert Kennedy Jr.

If you haven’t read The Real Anthony Fauci by now, even if you are awake, you really need to. There is awake and then then is awake.

That book cracked my brain open, which then allowed in Suzanne Humphries (Dissolving Illusions) and Liam Scheff (Official Stories) which ultimately blew the who thing wide open.

There are plenty of other important books I’ve read over the last 3 years, but none as important and foundational as these three. The hierarchy of these three books for me is:

If you don’t understand that AIDS was their last major success before Covid, and that in fact Covid is AIDS 2.0, then you remain partially asleep.

If you haven’t woken up to the total corruption of the whole childhood vaccination enterprise, then you remain partially (but very importantly) asleep.

I went to listen to Aseem Malhotra last night in Sydney, I’m glad I did, it was good to see him in full flight with his activism, we need courageous people like him, but as this is an advanced audience I don’t need to spend time commending him for talking about all the now obvious lies many here have known about for some time, and for many, even before Aseem himself figured it out. It took the death of his father to wake him up.

Here is my criticism of Malhotra.

He is one of the few cardiologists in the world who has spoken publicly and often about the cholesterol/statin industrial complex and its lies. By the way, that “market” was created by Pfizer (and its Lipitor product). So, he has known for a long time, that Pfizer (as a proxy for this particular Industrial Complex) lies.

He now understands that they have also lied about the Covid vaccines (why it took the death of his father to understand that is beyond me, but let’s leave that alone for now).

But despite these two “awakenings” (Statins and Covid vaccines) Aseem went out of his way at least a couple of times to confirm the safety of “prior” vaccines. Even though he knows they are made by the same people.

So, one of two things is happening here.

Either Aseem is actually quite slow on the uptake and needs to come face to face with personal disaster before he wakes up and makes the right connections…or he knows that childhood vaccination is also a wholly corrupted space (I heard him on a podcast with Kennedy Jr. who spelled it out for him) but chooses, for political, messaging and strategic reasons to skirt around it.

Whichever way you explain it, I’m not happy that he is wasting this incredible, once in a generation, opportunity to start sowing valuable doubt in these awakening minds about what they are injecting into their kids and grandkids.

It’s an immense missed opportunity.

I don’t know Aseem personally, so I have no direct line to him, if anyone here does, please pass this critique on.

It’s the same for all the other good doctors that spoke yesterday such as Phillip Altman and Paul Oosetrhius. They are either asleep at the wheel on this most important of subjects or they are skirting around it.

I don’t understand the cognitive dissonance of all these “good” doctors railing against athletes dropping dead from “SADS”, while blissfully skipping by all the “mysterious” SIDS deaths.

What the hell is going on? Is it just me?

I see that Kirsch has woken up to the subject with a vengeance…good for him.

What about Yeadon, can something please give him a kick up the backside…it’s time Michael.

Anyway, moving on…

At minute 2.30 in the clip above Marik refers to “Safe and Effective” as a narrative.

Yes, it is Paul, it certainly is. Just like childhood vaccination is a narrative.

Which brings us to Christof…

Which brings me to the preface of Scheff’s Official Stories that I’ve been meaning to highlight, that ties in with all this, I think.

Please support Liam’s work by buying the book, and even better, buy two and gift one.

Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need: Scheff, Liam

Here are some other places that are not Amazon.

Lowest prices for: Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need by Scheff, Liam

And here is the one and only Toby Rogers with his wonderful book review of Official Stories.

[Book review] Official Stories: Counter-Arguments for a Culture in Need, by Liam Scheff
I. Introduction During my doctoral studies, I did three deep dives, spending months or even years reading everything I could find about: 1.) autism (history, prevalence, causes, and costs); 2.) evidence based-medicine; and 3.) genetics. Many of you have read my 100,000-word findings on the…
Read more

Official Stories

Preface: The Official Story

Thank you for buying, borrowing didn’t steal this book, did you? Well, read it and return it, in that case. But thank you for reading it. I hope it pleases and excites your mind and provokes conversation. That’s what it’s for. It’s been a pleasure to write and research; plenty of hard work, but that’s a good thing. I get to share with you a hundred ideas that are often on my mind and explore a variety of topics down to the roots. Or, think of it as a full day of classes in a school where the official stories have been replaced by open questions.

You'll have physics (9/11), American history (CIA), social studies (JFK), biology (Vaccination) and health (HIV). You're heavy into the sciences this semester, but don't sweat it, we'll take a break with English (Shakespeare). And then stargaze for a while (Big Bang), before heading back to the Earth sciences (Expanding Earth). We'll even hit up some philosophy (Darwin).

It’s a packed schedule, but we’ll get it all in.

The day starts heavy with American history - and we're right on Smedley Butler's trail as he ends up in water, hot and cold, and finds the country stood on its heels. We learn a little about the U.S.A.'s other history and review the CIA's greatest hits, then move onto political science as we learn what it was that was actually seen and heard on that grassy knoll.

No time to waste before lunch - we're right into vaccination; then we’ll squeeze in health class, with HIV studies revealed anew.

And then take a break! Eat, stretch, run around. Flirt with your favorite boy or girl; fight with your least favorite - and back to class. We'll start the afternoon easy. We've got a filmstrip, a colorful story to ease us back into heavy lifting. Let's learn something about Shakespeare - or de Vere, as we may end up calling him.

We'll keep it loose and hear a little philosophy - because Darwinism isn't science. Then to the telescopes to see if we can learn who invented the Big Bang theory and why it's such a fantasy.

Then further into space, we'll hit Astronomy 101, but this time it will not only make sense - it'll turn you on like a light bulb (which is just what you might be). And then a big bite of Earth science. Are you ready? Bring your roller skates because the dance floor is expanding...

And that's it! Pretty simple, really. Oh, I forgot. A special forum at the end of the day to explain the origin and meaning of life. Just a little thing I've been working on. The bell rings and you're free; put on your backpack and head to sports or home, or whatever you fancy.

But don't fret. You can read the book in any order. Come and go as you please. Sure, there is some build from chapter to chapter, and I hope you'll be pulled back to see what is being referred to, or played on, in references and asides.

A Very Good Place To Start

We'll lay a foundation of the history that we really should've learned in school - but didn't. Each chapter begins the same way:

The Official Story: The mainstream belief, the press release, advertisement, conventional wisdom; the official version of events.

The Lone Gunman: The person or thing blamed for the problem or action in question.

The Magic Bullet: The object or device the gunman requires to make the official story work.

These are the three planks of any truly “official story.” You've got the overview: “HIV Causes AIDS,” “JFK was shot by a lone assassin,” or “the polio virus causes polio and vaccines stopped it.” Then the lone gunman: Lee Harvey, HIV, Osama, Polio. Finally, the magic bullet: the various bits of suspension-of-disbelief physics, biology or logic that are given to make it all work.

The tone will be informal. There will be no footnotes but you can find major research sources and recommendations in the chapter notes at the back of the book. Things will heat up and get serious, and just as quickly release it all in stray asides and jokes. Hopefully, this keeps you interested in the lesson, because there will be a test at the end and this will be on it.

Okay, there will be no test. It’s all for the purpose of entertainment and enlightenment. But, if this has even 1/100th of the effect I hope it does, you will walk away thinking, discussing and debating - out loud - with your friends, family, loved ones, teachers and colleagues, about any number of ideas. Debating in the sense of philosophers passing time on the ancient steps of a sun-bleached marble edifice. Discussing like courtiers troubled by a lingering sense that something is not quite right in the kingdom (and with the Crown). Thinking as though being right were less important than digging and scratching to discover what is hidden - wherever it leads you. We'll be lifting up rocks to see what's beneath, because it's fun to do.

Because an argument, a debate, a discussion can lead to that most wonderful thing - freedom. Mental freedom. The embrace of learning, without prejudice against discovering new information.

There is a principle operating on each page; it’s a phrase that is easy to remember. It’s one that came to me after struggling with the offcial stories of our time for decades. I realized a simple truth that could have saved me countless years of poor decision-making in my youth. It's that bit of truth so self-evident, you'll be able to finish it once you hear the opening half of the syllogism. Ready?

Clowns are scary.

No, I'm kidding, that's not the phrase. Although clowns are pretty upsetting, with their painted-on blackened eyes, mile-wide grimaces and hideous clothes. What’s that supposed to be about, anyway?

The phrase is: Official stories exist to protect officials.

This book is written with that concept in mind; from astronomy to biology, English literature to American history. You can test it as a concept: do the offcials and the institutions they protect and serve say, “Even if it costs us our jobs, let's have the truth! Even if it destroys our little club of power-brokers, we want all the evidence to come out!”

No, I've never seen that happen either. It's not human nature. “Power corrupts,” goes the adage. “People in power tend to remain in power.” Given public scandal or leaked impropriety, they tend to manage it internally. Sometimes they levy a fine or give a “censure,” an official note of poopy conduct, which doesn't impede anyone's trajectory or future run for the Presidency (Hi, Newt!)

Official stories exist to protect officials, by intention, or that subtle machining and exclusion of evidence by the slippery fingers of the opportunistic human ego - and with our mute consent. Because it's we, the people, who allow our officials to fashion their “official story” and give it to us to ingest, to swallow whole, to debate the merits of a lie. We chatter it about in mock debate: “Does it hold up? Is it believable...enough?”

An official story always has one definable quality: It's never our side's fault. Blame it on the outsider, always. Blame it on “failures,” but don't hold anyone truly accountable.

And if a conspiracy (an action we don't like but hear about) is irrefutable; if the hand is photographed inside the cookie jar; if the dress is stained and the DNA matches; if the CIA-backed Arab tyrant is shaking hands with the Secretary of Defense, then we allow our officials to lie to us, one more time. We let them pretend it's the fault of one person, who we've never heard of: “Scooter,” or “G. Gordon” or “Lee Harvey.” And they scapegoat, ostracize and sacrifice the weakest, least important member of the club.

These terms come to us from the ancient world because conspiracy and cover-up are practices as old as civilization. For all our belief in democracy, progressivism or justice, at a very real level we’re the same species we always were. Don’t let the iPods and cellphones fool you; we’re citizens of ancient Rome, distracted by public entertainment, chasing sensation and cheering for Caesar bringing home the spoils of war. Understand that and you'll understand a great deal.

Useful Idiots

We like our official stories because they let us off the hook with no need for self-examination. “We were infiltrated! Abused! Misled!” By some mad outsider to the group: a “lone gunman” who used a McGuffin, a nearly magical device - a rifle with magic bullets, buildings which defy physics, viruses which defy principles of biology - to perform an immensely complex (and conspiratorial) act. “There he is!” goes the press. “Get him!” So we do. And the news barkers who are paid to forge the myth forget the details and peddle the official press release as though it were true.

Instantly, as if waiting just off-stage for their moment, defenders of the newly-minted “official story” arise, coming from private think-tanks and universities to appear on talk shows on Fox, PBS and CNN. They rant and scream at the “nutters, deniers and truthers” who question officialdom. “I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone,” becomes a statement of identification for “patriots.” Or, “useful idiots.”

As Stalin (and Lenin and Mao) knew too well, there are always reasonably articulate people with a penchant for fighting in public who will adopt a piece of carefully- constructed propaganda as their own rallying cry. They will shill for it, fight for it and battle any comers who dare question it.

You'll meet them along the way, but you might not know them until they've wound you up. Their goal is to stop you from asking questions. My advice - don't waste time with them. Always go to the top. Never debate but in the most public space you can find, where the largest crowd can watch the two opposing views unfold. And remember, your debate isn't with your fellow citizen. It's with the crafters of the official story. It's with the officials.

Treat Them Like Family

Let's make it personal. I grew up in a family of doctors, researchers and high-level medical professionals. I learned over the months and years of my childhood the unspoken, primary rule of science and history and known to the rule- makers: “Facts Change.”

From holiday to holiday as the family met, my uncles, grandfather, grandmother and mother - all in medicine and science - discussed the new “facts.” The new facts of oncology, virology, surgery and to a lesser degree, politics. Their politics was medicine. And it was wildly political - and personal.

“Who is in power at the NIH? What's the new protocol?

Thank God we're not doing that one anymore. I never trusted it.”

What was “true” in the medical literature at any moment was only true for a short time (shorter and shorter, in fact).

It was replaced by a new truth in six months. And what was “true” six months ago? “A bump on the road to understanding. Nobody thinks that anymore!” But it had been “true.” And the new truth? Just don't ask us about it six months from now.

It wasn't that science was progressing; it was about power. The institutions of science (or priesthood) and government (or kingship) work on the principle of assuring the public that they are in control; their knowledge is good, stable, strong and correct. And that “we, the people” are wise to put our trust in matters of state and medicine in the hands of experts.

It is a strand woven into human identity; we’ll fight eternally with friends and family about the meaning and interpretation of the events of our own lives. “No, that's not what I said! You're misinterpreting. I didn't do that, you’re projecting. You don’t know what you’re talking about!” But we grant kings and priests a kind of…it's the same thing we view movies with; a suspension of disbelief. Just lie to us convincingly and we'll bite the hook, even as we know we're chewing on a fable. And society rolls along.

If you doubt this is true, think about who records history.

Kings and their priests (or government officials and corporate juggernauts) who oversee the royal records (or news corporations) don't allow their inglorious, cowardly and vicious acts to be recorded. Sure, you'll get court gossip. But not the real twisting and breaking of arms that goes on in the blackened rooms. No, we get a myth, “weapons of mass destruction,” instead of the truth, “We're going to overthrow every former Soviet satellite government” (and hold onto that thought).

It takes sixty years, or four hundred and a succession of heirs, for a dangerous truth to be told. At that point, we don’t even notice; we're occupied with our current disasters. “Oh, right, they shot the President back then and a hundred leaders overseas. But they'd never do that now!”

We furnish officials with a level of trust that we're not consciously aware of. Because questioning them, as we'd question the decisions of a family member or close friend, makes us uncomfortable. If we understood that kings and priests (presidents and scientists) are as compromised and troubled as the people and groups we deal with every day… we might not sleep at night. So, we swallow the pill of “official story.” “Well, I know mistakes were made, but I don't think they would have done that!” we tell ourselves. And we stop thinking about it.

It's wired into the species. Perhaps it's a self- preservation tool, this self-deception. Perhaps it keeps us from a constant state of revolution; perhaps it is a fatal flaw in our species. In any case, it takes real work to overcome our willingness to be duped by the powers-that-be. And real work to untangle the actual evidence from the fable we've been told, again and again.

Look it Up

About my research method. I've researched some of the topics for the better part of 10 years or more; some for five; some of the newer material I started in earnest within the last two years. Other threads lean on my life-long questions about the nature of things.

I always read widely, from diverse sources. Multiple points of view are essential when researching. You've got to read a ton before you can figure out whose logic, evidence and character you like. Before I favor one side openly, I always find it necessary to read a number of high-level debates, long, deep and technically-detailed, between two sides. In this way I get a sense of the arguments each side is making, the evidence they're providing and the character of their group.

Are they facing their opponent with resilient, un- compromised evidence? With sterling logic and fair-minded thinking? Or, are they attacking the character of their opponent, eviscerating with strong language, painting them as lunatics or lesser-thans? Finally, are they defending officialdom or demanding a deep and thorough examination and investigation of an event? You can tell a great deal about an argument by this question alone.

Then, I read, read, read and read, follow leads and questions and discuss and weigh and search anew. I'm a careful and diligent researcher; I've written papers with almost as many footnotes as paragraphs. But I'm not including any footnotes here. Footnotes are for academic papers. This is a book of essays, meant to be read, shared, argued and debated.

I'm not asking you to believe what I say or accept it as a new string of “facts.” If I list the thousands of documents I've read and digested in 10 plus years of thinking about and investigating these topics, what will it do for you except give you 20 extra pages to ignore?

If you don't like what I say, you won't like my footnotes either. If you do like what I'm saying, the footnotes won't matter to you. Footnotes are tools that academics use to demonstrate to their professors that they can't quite think on their own yet and don't have any opinions of their own. “See, these aren't my thoughts, these belong to others.”

For those who wish to do more research, there are chapter notes at the back of the book, highlighting the best places to begin or deepen a study for the topics in each chapter. I’ll list a few of my favorite web resources and a book or two. After that, I trust you to dive down whichever rabbit holes call you the most.

To me, these essays and their contents are true - they are certainly truer than the official stories, in my considered opinion. But I also accept that absolute truth is hard to come by. We always have to allow new information to bring us to new places. These are as close to truths as I can find. If you need further assurance - I can't give it to you. I can't promise you that you'll agree with or like what you read on every page; or that you should simply believe me. (That's what official stories want you to do - “believe.”)

You have to think for yourself. If you don't believe something I've said, you can go and look it up. And that’s part three.

One. Official stories exist to protect officials. Two. We have to overcome our built-in willingness to be duped.

Three. And if you don't believe me, go look it up.

When you do, you'll find many of the same sources I found. I take my evidence from the official record - interviews, statements, press clippings, retrieved data, police reports - the admitted details. It's not too hard to find; you just have to look. You can judge my use of those sources as fair or unfair; then you'll be doing what you should - investigating an official story.

A Culture in Need

If you don't feel like doing any of that and you’re satisfied to read and enjoy the book as-is, then I offer these thoughts as one thing and one thing alone: counter- arguments to a culture of massive propaganda.

We are bombarded by commercials, news reports are rounded down to instant messages, betrayals and conspiracies are whisked away to private chambers where deals are made, fines imposed, censures handed out, while we remain in the dark. But complex truths need more than soundbites to unspool. They require work, digging and the process of unfolding.

So, here it is. A book of counter-arguments to the official stories of our times. To be read aloud, in bars, classrooms, public spaces and among friends or otherwise. To be read wherever you feel like it: kitchens, cafes, couches, trains, buses airplanes and bathrooms. The modern world conspires against quiet time to read and think. So take it where you can.

I've done my best, and I hope it hits the light switches in your spirit and charges you to engage in conversations about our world.

Thank you for buying this book, for contributing to this deeply curious fellow's ability to keep questioning. Thank you for reading and sharing a mind-space with me and everyone I draw from, listen to and am in tune with. And for being one of the few percent.

I don't have a number, precisely. Sometimes I think “four.” Sometimes, “point five.” But that percent whose lives are propelled and fulfilled by the search for answers and who are not afraid to crack open sacred piñatas to see what spills out. Kick open the door that says, “do not enter,” and you may have just found your salvation. At least that's the way it's been for me.

Cheers. Gracias. Merci. Grazie. Obrigado. Danke Schoen.

Domo Arigato. Xie Xie. And on we go…

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