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Empire’s Herbicide: On killing weeds and so much more plus Toxic Legacy (free Book Summary)

My husband is a Midwest farmer. He won’t grow organic crops as he will lose his farm subsidies. He gets 60 percent of his income from growing crops that are sprayed with chemicals. If he grows organic he gets nothing. 85 percent of crops grown in the Midwest are for animal feed. Big corporations run our country including Mayo Clinic and large hospitals. - @maryebert5897

Roundup is a glyphosate-based herbicide introduced by Monsanto in 1976. Nonetheless, the increased use of glyphosate did not start until 1993, but prior to the 1996 introduction of GM crops. Glyphosate is used in massive quantities, especially now in combination with GM crops, which are modified to be glyphosate-resistant, and which are imposed globally by the USA development-fund loan managers. The heavy use of the herbicide has caused glyphosate-resistant “super weeds” to emerge, so that even more glyphosate is used than would otherwise be needed. Glyphosate use shows a typical signature of post-Soviet-Union globalization, by its chronology and decadal monotonic increase.Denis Rancourt – OCLA Report 2019


Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this one.

It’s this section of Bobby’s discussion with Rogan, in the masthead clip, that finally got me to pay attention to Glyphosate.

This is my second article about Glyphosate following on from:

Obviously, I’d heard about “pesticides” and “weed killers”, haven’t we all, but I’ve never really “thought” about them. I guess now that I think about how I used to think about them, I’d say they were in the “bad, but cannot be that bad” category. The “less than ideal” category.

I’d thought of then as “poisons” that you could just wash off. How lovely and quaint.

I never thought, for one second, that they changed the biochemistry of life.

That they would “swap” out a good building block of life and “replace” it with a bad, synthetic “Lego bit” that would create deformed building blocks of life. It’s frankly beyond comprehension just how insidiously bad and evil this whole story is.

So, I finally decided to go and read Stephanie Seneff’s book Toxic Legacy, and its MUCH worse than I thought, and MUCH worse than what Bobby can do in the few minutes he has on the subject with Rogan.

It’s an important book, so I’ve decided it was worthy of summarization to make the subject matter a bit more accessible. Glyphosate has messed with the biochemistry of life, and as much as Seneff tries, she cannot shake off the density of the biochemical subject matter. For us the lay person, it’s all a bit too much.

So, I have also added an Analogy section to each chapter, it helps me, and I hope it also helps you. The quality and accuracy of the analogy is all on me, and Seneff cannot be blamed for any of it.

Toxic Legacy By Stephanie Seneff Book Summary Lies Are Unbekoming
694KB ∙ PDF file

I think Zac Bush does the best job of explaining just what this thing does and what they have done to us and the planet. I think his letters and vowels analogy is perfect.

The mechanism of glyphosate is to go in an block enzymes in soil bacteria, fungi and plants. And that enzyme pathway is called the shikimate pathway. It’s important because it makes a number of the important amino acids. Our bodies are composed of over 200,000 proteins. But we only have 20,000 genes. We have this pathetically dumb genome in the sense that a flea has 30,000 genes - so you’re 2/3 as complicated as a flea at the gene level… The reality is we’re very simple at the genetic level and yet we make over 200,000 proteins from a bunch of amino acids. There are 26 amino acids that will build those 200,000 proteins. Those 26 amino acids are just like the 26 letters of the English alphabet in the sense that the vast majority of those are useful, but not critical. But the vowels, these 8 vowels… if you subtract one of those vowels, you can affect hundreds of thousands of words.

The vowels in the amino acid category here are the essential amino acids, which if you start to tweak any of those 9, you’re going to start to lose tens of thousands of protein structures in their functionality and their unique form. And so those essential amino acids, not only are they important like the vowels, they also can’t be made in the human body. So those 9 have to come from your food chain somewhere. And it turns out that they’re only made in the bacteria and the fungi in the plants. You don’t have a shikimate pathway in your human cells.

And so, these essential amino acids are blocked through the Shikimate pathway by Roundup.

So, imagine treating a food chain with a chemical that blocks the ability of these plants to make the building blocks for a healthy human body… a dog, a cat… any complex multicellular biology is going to depend on these essential amino acids and we literally, in the last 15 years, subtracted out the ability to build the body…

So, the current statistics is that less than 0.1% of the Roundup used on the planet actually hits a weed. The other 99.99% gets into the soil and the water system… so we are now seeing the runoff from these farms and in the water table itself… it’s going into the air that you breathe and then into the clouds and it rains down on us.

Recent studies in the air and rainfall in the southern United States is showing 75% of the rain, 75% of the air contaminated with Roundup. So, before you even take a bite of food, you’re being hit with an antibiotic when you breathe… when you experience rainfall. And so, you may be growing organic crops, but they’re getting rained on.

So, we have now locked this water-soluble toxin into our environment.

The first thing that I read after watching Bobby was a 2021 report written by Rancourt “Glyphosate should be Banned, Not Increased”.

Glyphosate Should Be Banned Not Increased Denis Rancourt
1.56MB ∙ PDF file

It includes this stunning passage and table:

These results are stunning, by any measure, in epidemiology. A single disease exhibiting such strong and robust association with glyphosate would in itself be noteworthy. More than 20 diseases, followed for more than two decades, in a period that saw skyrocketing glyphosate use, constitutes a context of undeniable epidemiological significance.

In virtually all cases, there are likely or plausible causal molecular mechanisms for the associations, as highlighted and studied by many authors, including those cited herein. Furthermore, below-regulatory-limit long-term exposure has now been proven to cause a multitude of diseases in an established animal model (see Mesnage et al. articles discussed above).

Rancourt refers to Seneff and Samsel’s deep work on the subject (see page 14 of Rancourt’s paper).

Seneff credits Dr Don Huber of making her aware of the subject. Here is Huber from 2019.

Executive Summary:

The video features a presentation by Dr. Don Huber, a retired Professor of Plant Pathology at Purdue University, USA. The talk focuses on the detrimental effects of glyphosate, a key ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, on the environment, animals, and human health.

Dr. Huber begins by discussing the impact of glyphosate on the nutritional quality of food. He explains that glyphosate chelates (binds to) essential nutrients in the soil, making them unavailable to plants. This results in crops with significantly reduced mineral content, leading to malnutrition in animals and humans consuming these crops.

The talk then shifts to the impact of glyphosate on animal health. Dr. Huber presents evidence linking glyphosate exposure to various health issues in animals, including reproductive failure, chronic botulism, and gastrointestinal disorders. He also discusses the role of glyphosate in the decline of bee populations, attributing it to the chemical's antibiotic effect, which disrupts the gut microbiome of bees.

The presentation also highlights the human health implications of glyphosate exposure. Dr. Huber links glyphosate to numerous health issues, including celiac disease, cancer, and autism. He also discusses the potential role of glyphosate in the rise of chronic diseases, attributing it to the chemical's disruption of the human gut microbiome.

In the final part of his talk, Dr. Huber calls for a ban on glyphosate, citing its widespread environmental and health impacts. He also discusses potential solutions for mitigating the effects of glyphosate, including the use of biologicals and minerals to restore soil health and the importance of a healthy diet free from glyphosate-contaminated food.

20 Key Points:

1.    Glyphosate, a key ingredient in Roundup, binds to essential nutrients in the soil, reducing their availability to plants.

2.    This leads to crops with significantly reduced mineral content, resulting in malnutrition in animals and humans consuming these crops.

3.    Glyphosate has been linked to various health issues in animals, including reproductive failure and chronic botulism.

4.    Glyphosate disrupts the gut microbiome of bees, contributing to the decline of bee populations.

5.    Glyphosate exposure has been linked to numerous human health issues, including celiac disease, cancer, and autism.

6.    Glyphosate disrupts the human gut microbiome, potentially contributing to the rise of chronic diseases.

7.    Glyphosate is a strong endocrine hormone disruptor, affecting fertility and reproductive health.

8.    Glyphosate is a powerful antibiotic, affecting beneficial organisms that suppress pathogens.

9.    Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of inflammatory bowel diseases.

10.  Glyphosate has been linked to the rise of wasting disease in deer and other animals.

11.  Glyphosate has been linked to colony collapse disorder in bees.

12.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of eutrophication, a process that leads to excessive growth of algae in water bodies.

13.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of new diseases in animals and humans.

14.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of sudden infant death syndrome.

15.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of chronic fatigue syndrome in humans.

16.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of gout.

17.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of liver and kidney damage in animals.

18.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of premature aging in animals.

19.  Glyphosate exposure has been linked to the rise of reproductive failure in animals.

20.  Dr. Huber calls for a ban on glyphosate due to its widespread environmental and health impacts.

There is a passage in Seneff’s book, towards the end. It's the reference to Down Syndrome that stuck out for me.

Vitamin A and Methylation Pathways

Vitamin A plays a critical role in embryonic development. Although it’s essential for the proper development of a fetus in the womb, too much vitamin A can be harmful to both the mom and her unborn baby. Vitamin A is expressed at critical developmental stages and then quickly cleared by specialized enzymes. Several different CYP enzymes are involved in metabolizing vitamin A. One is essential for embryonic development and another is essential for both postnatal survival and germ cell development.

In African clawed frog embryos as well as in chicken embryos, glyphosate exposure, whether as pure glyphosate or as part of a formulation, results in impaired neural tube development, leading to teratogenic effects such as microcephaly and cyclopia (a single eye in the center of the head). The reason for these grotesque deformities seems to be an increase in activity of retinoic acid, a metabolite of vitamin A, in exposed embryos. In fact, teratogenic effects can be reversed by cotreatment with a retinoic acid antagonist.

What do African clawed frogs and chickens have to do with humans? Hospital records for 21,844 newborns in Argentina from over 850,000 births between 1994 and 2007 revealed a concentration of birth defects in the central region of Córdoba province, an agricultural area where maize, soy, and wheat predominate and where glyphosate is heavily used on crops. Indeed, scientists have found significantly higher incidences of multiple congenital disorders within the Córdoba province, including neural tube defects (spina bifida among them), microtia (underdevelopment of the outer ear), cleft lip, cleft palate, polycystic kidneys, polydactyly (extra fingers or toes), and Down syndrome. Many of these are associated with vitamin A toxicity.

Considering how much damage is done, at a molecular, building block level, is it possible that it’s also causal or at the very least, materially contributory to Downs Syndrome?

At the end of Seneff’s book, she offers a Further Reading list.

This book caught my eye.

F. William Engdahl, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

I don’t know Engdahl’s work, but I have thankfully somehow ended up on his mailing list and received this chapter from the book recently that I’m sharing here. Some more crumbs for us to follow.

Newsletter 19 On Creation Of An Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault
406KB ∙ PDF file

I’m going to end on what you may see as an odd note.

As I’ve got to know Glyphosate over the last few weeks and realized that it is spoiling life at the most granular level. That it is killing the planet from the soil up, I’ve been thinking about bacteria and soil quite a bit.

Then Toby Roger’s wrote this marvelous piece.

The community microbiome
This thought came to me in the middle of the night. Those are usually my best ideas so I’ll try to transcribe it faithfully without too much daytime editing. Pharma ain’t gonna like this but as long as we are still free to think and use common sense, that is what I’m going to do…
Read more

This microbial exchange also happens, or at least it used to happen, through gardening and farming. Tilling the soil and working with the land involves releasing its microbiome, inhaling some of it, taking in some of it through the skin, changing it and being changed by it, through our interaction with nature.

Industrial farming — with its heavy use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides — kills the microbiome in the soil and poisons farmers, the surrounding community, and consumers.

Which made me think about an old book I read many years ago, by Dan Millman “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior”. I really enjoyed that book, but I only remember one thing from it, and it is this passage towards the very end of the book, about soil.

One of my legs hung limp over the edge of a deep hole. Socrates pushed me over the precipice, into the abyss, and I fell, bouncing, smashing against the rocks, falling down into the bowels of the earth, and then dropping through an opening, I was released by the mountain out into the sunlight, where my shattered body spun downward, finally landing in a heap in a wet grin meadow, far, far below.

The body was now a broken, twisted piece of meat. Carrion birds, rodents, insects, and worms came to feed on the decomposing flesh that I had once imagined to be "me." Time passed faster and faster. The days flashed by and the sky became a rapid blinking, an alternation of light and darkness, flickering faster and faster into a blur; then the days turned to weeks, and the weeks became months.

The seasons changed, and the remains of the body began to dissolve into the soil, enriching it. The frozen snows of winter served my bones for a moment in time, but as the seasons flash by in ever more rapid cycles, even the bones became dust. From the nourishment of my body, flowers and trees grew and died in that meadow. Finally, even the meadow disappeared.

I had become part of the carrion birds that had feasted on my flesh, part of the insects and rodents, and part of their predators in a great cycle of life and death. I became their ancestors, until ultimately, they too were returned to the earth.

The Dan Millman who had lived long ago was gone forever, a flashing moment in time--but I remained unchanged through all ages. I was now Myself, the Consciousness which observed all, was all. All my separate parts would continue forever; forever changing, forever new.

I realized now that the Grim Reaper, the Death Dan Millman had so feared, had been his great illusion. And so his life, too, had been an illusion, a problem, nothing more than a humorous incident when Consciousness had forgotten itself.

While Dan had lived, he had not passed through the gate; he had not realized his true nature; he had lived in mortality and fear, alone.

But I knew. If he had only known then what I know now.

I lay on the floor of the cave, smiling. I sat up against the wall then gazed into darkness, puzzled, but without fear.

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