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"Forgive me Doctor for I have sinned."

Doctors are just like other Englishmen: most of them have no honor and no conscience. - George Bernard Shaw.


This will be a bit heavy for some, but frankly at this stage, it is what it is.

Science replaced Religion.

Doctors replaced Priests.

One of my favourite movies is Spotlight, I watched it a couple of times in the last year alone. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe I miss the idea of journalists acting as checks against unrestrained power and corruption. Maybe it’s the idea that a very small group can make a very big difference. Maybe it’s the notion that truth prevails…eventually…with some assistance. Who knows how much of that film is true, but regardless, I enjoy the thought that it was once true.

The sheer global scale of the Catholic Church’s paedophile corruption was breathtaking. One of my thoughts watching that movie was “has this been going on for hundreds of years, maybe a 1,000+?” Obviously the answer is yes. If it was going on in the 1990s, then it was definitely going on in the 1890s, 1790s etc.

The breadth, depth and brazenness of the whole enterprise is breathtaking. The movie highlights the institution (Catholic Church) and industry (the legal profession in Boston profiting from the whole affair) but it leaves out any mention of government, but obviously things of this nature and scale always involve government and politicians, in some way or another. So, another triad of interests converging.

I have these opening lines, to an unwritten sonnet, between a mother and Medico-priest, stuck in my head:

Forgive me doctor for I have sinned

Pray tell me woman, what have you done

One continuation is…

I talked to a con theorist, I'm lost in the wind

Tell me woman, what untruths were spun

Hopefully the rest comes to me at some point…if any of you would like to try your hand at it, please do.

A new awake friend, a psychologist who happens to do quite a bit or work with doctors, recently said that she can see the shame in their eyes. They look away more now, less so in the beginning of the GMC. They know what they are doing. They know what they have done.

My wife recently said, as we were talking about Doctors…’it’s a cult’. Yes, it most certainly is.

From Amelia:

You wrote in your most recent article ‘It will help you understand what your GP or paediatrician don’t know’. They may not know it, but their lack of knowledge of the mechanisms by which vaccines injure children is irrelevant.

Their job is to lie to parents and poison their babies.

One day you will have read and reflected on enough material to agree with me and perhaps you will then share my contempt for these people. You may have already reached this point; it may take you a while yet. It is a process we all go through individually, and will one day go through as a society, a loss of trust in and respect for our medico-priests.

Agree. Their ignorance is NOT an excuse.

It might have been manufactured ignorance at university (by omission)…

…but when they go out into the real world they master the art of maintaining that ignorance (wilful ignorance) which is the DIY version of manufacture. It’s their self and career preservation strategy.

They need to be able to get a good night’s sleep after all.

Many people in the Christian world had a similar loss of trust and respect over recent decades as they learned about the sexual abuse of children by priests, pastors, etc. and the cover-up of their crimes by their colleagues, police, politicians, doctors and in far too many instances, the childrens’ parents.

Something good came out of it. There has been an improvement in our collective understanding of sexual abuse of children, the realisation that virtually all children who can talk disclose the abuse to someone they trust, and an understanding of how abusers select and groom child victims. The system developed to respond to disclosures by children is pretty good. In Australia people who come into contact with families with children through their work are ‘Mandatory Reporters’ and are given training. Child Protection workers and JIRT (Joint Investigations Report Teams) probably do a good job most of the time in investigating the reports made by the Mandatory Reporters (but when the abuser is someone who is paid to care for kids removed for their own safety from their families it still gets covered up).

When society realises the enormity of the crimes committed by GPs, paediatricians and their nurses how will it react? They abuse children by repeatedly injecting them with multiple poisons when the babies are too young to talk about their symptoms (toxic drugs which the babies do not need, and which deliver no therapeutic benefit to them, are poisons, and it is a crime to poison someone). These people are protected by ambulance and Emergency Room and childrens’ ward staff, who treat the symptoms of poisoning and say nothing. The fact that these people may not know the precise mechanism by which these toxic drugs permanently damage the babies organs is irrelevant, just as it is irrelevant if people who sexually abuse children do not understand the long term psychological impact of their crimes on their victims. The doctors know the extent of the harm they cause because the parents keep bringing their babies back to them for more poison and to talk about the harm the poisons cause.

The only difference between doctors and priests is the doctors are instructed to commit the crime, priests did it by choice.

I am not horrified that the Americans are adding the Covid-19 vaccines to the childhood immunisation schedule, and I expected it. Will it happen here? Our leaders will wait to see what the reactions are in America before deciding. If it is added to our schedule will GPs, paediatricians and nurses say ‘oh well, it’s our job to vaccinate children, if we didn’t give babies this vaccine as well as all the others we would lose our job’? If they do then more people will start seeing these people the way I do. Remember these people know the Covid-19 jabs are untested. How many of their patients have they warned? How many of them have refused to give the Covid-19 jabs to young people and children who they know don't need them? I'd say only a handful.

And if you think me too harsh put yourself into their situation: you have spent a lot of money getting trained as a doctor, you’ve got the job and you then realise the job involves lying to parents and poisoning babies, or turning a blind eye to the fact your colleagues lie to parents and poison babies. Would you resign and find a new career or would you shut up and carry on? Remember there are plenty of well-paid ‘allied health’ professions for doctors to step into if they want to resign: integrative doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist...

From Amelia:

It has long been clear to me that drug companies are supremely good at creating demand for toxic, unnecessary products, as you pointed out in your post. But they also did something that was really clever, they created a pedestal and put their sales reps, doctors and GPs in particular, on it.  AND they made their sales reps nominally independent, they aren't paid employees of drug companies.  AND they set up the independent sales reps to take the fall should society ever start looking for someone to blame for the devastating effects of vaccines.

Have a look at these comments written by George Bernard Shaw about doctors.  He wrote these in his commentary on his play 'The Doctors Dilemma'. Novelists have an intuitive understanding of psychology and his analysis of doctors is interesting, he accurately describes the desire of the customer for a magic pill and the need of the doctor to make money and the relationship between the two. This is the pre-'Big Pharma' world. You and I grew up in the Big Pharma world. We grew up in the era during which doctors have been regarded as priests, present at birth and death who have the magical ability to prolong our lives. Trust Me, I'm a Doctor is Big Pharma's tag line, like Nike's Just Do It. GB Shaw would be amazed that we can all be so stupid.

But as Big Pharma is run by clever ad men (and yes ad men do rule the world, persuading the masses or conning them is the skill that every world leader needs) they have a plan for when society starts to look for someone to blame for the damage caused by vaccines. Each vaccine manufacturer will release their version of this press release which I think has been in their bottom drawer for decades:

'We just make a handful of vaccines. We don't advise you to take any of them. We don't advise you to let your children be given an untested combination of dozens of vaccines. We warn doctors about the risks associated with our products. Look at our Vaccine Inserts which we put in every box of vaccines we send to them. Look at our Vaccine Information Statements. Doctors have the legal duty to obtain informed consent. It is not our fault that they don't do their job properly.'

GPs: independently funded sales rep today, fall guy tomorrow. Reap what you sow GPs, you could have found another job.

The following thoughts from Shaw about doctors, in his own preface to his play, from 1906 (!), are stunning to say the least. Truth has the simplicity of a sledgehammer, yet finding it in succinct, written form, like the below, is unfortunately far too rare.

Excerpts from The Doctor’s Dilemma – Preface on Doctors

George Bernard Shaw

As to the humor and conscience of doctors, they have as much as any other class of men, no more and no less.  And what other men dare pretend to be impartial where they have a strong pecuniary interest on one side?  Nobody supposes that doctors are less virtuous than judges; but a judge whose salary and reputation depended on whether the verdict was for plaintiff or defendant, prosecutor or prisoner, would be as little trusted as a general in the pay of the enemy. It is simply unscientific to allege or believe that doctors do not under existing circumstances perform unnecessary operations and manufacture and prolong lucrative illnesses. The only ones who can claim to be above suspicion are those who are so much sought after that their cured patients are immediately replaced by fresh ones.

And there is this curious psychological fact to be remembered: a serious illness or a death advertizes the doctor exactly as a hanging advertizes the barrister who defended the person hanged. Suppose, for example, a royal personage gets something wrong with his throat, or has a pain in his inside. If a doctor effects some trumpery cure with a wet compress or a peppermint lozenge nobody takes the least notice of him. But if he operates on the throat and kills the patient, or extirpates an internal organ and keeps the whole nation palpitating for days whilst the patient hovers in pain and fever between life and death, his fortune is made: every rich man who omits to call him in when the same symptoms appear in his household is held not to have done his utmost duty to the patient.

Doctors are just like other Englishmen: most of them have no honor and no conscience: what they commonly mistake for these is sentimentality and an intense dread of doing anything that  everybody else does not do, or omitting to do anything that everybody else does. This of course does amount to a sort of working or rule-of-thumb conscience; but it means that you will do anything, good or bad, provided you get enough people to keep you in countenance by doing it also.

It may be said that in the last analysis there is no other sort of honor or conscience in existence--that the assent of the majority is the only sanction known to ethics. No doubt this holds good in political practice. If mankind knew the facts, and agreed with the doctors, then the doctors would be in the right; and any person who thought otherwise would be a lunatic. But mankind does not agree, and does not know the facts. All that can be said for medical popularity is that until there is a practicable alternative to blind trust in the doctor, the truth about the doctor is so terrible that we dare not face it.

When your child is ill or your wife dying, and you happen to be very fond of them, or even when, if you are not fond of them, you are human enough to forget every personal grudge before the spectacle of a fellow creature in pain or peril, what you want is comfort, reassurance, something to clutch at, were it but a straw.  This the doctor brings you.  You have a wildly urgent feeling that something must be done; and the doctor does something.  Sometimes what he does kills the patient; but you do not know that; and the doctor assures you that all that human skill could do has been done.  And nobody has the brutality to say to the newly bereft father, mother, husband, wife,  brother, or sister, "You have killed your lost darling by your credulity."

Every doctor will allow a colleague to decimate a whole countryside sooner than violate the bond of professional etiquet by giving him away. The truth is, there would never be any public agreement among doctors if they did not agree to agree on the main point of the doctor being always in the right.  No doctor dare accuse another of malpractice. He is not sure enough of his own opinion to ruin another man by it.  He knows that if such conduct were tolerated in his profession no doctor's livelihood or reputation would be worth a year's purchase.  I do not blame him: I would do the same myself.  But the effect of this state of things is to make the medical profession a conspiracy to hide its own shortcomings.  No doubt the same may be said of all professions.  They are all conspiracies against the laity.


We are left in the hands of the generations which, having heard of microbes much as St. Thomas Aquinas heard of angels, suddenly concluded that the whole art of healing could be summed up in the formula: Find the microbe and kill it.  And even that they did not know how to do.

They conceive microbes as immortal until slain by a germicide administered by a duly qualified medical man.  The popular theory of disease is the common medical theory: namely, that every disease had its microbe duly created in the garden of Eden, and has been steadily propagating itself and producing widening circles of malignant disease ever since.  It was plain from the first that if this had been even approximately true, the whole human race would have been wiped out by the plague long ago, and that every epidemic, instead of fading out as mysteriously as it rushed in, would spread over the whole world.  It was also evident that the characteristic microbe of a disease might be a symptom instead of a cause.  An unpunctual man is always in a hurry; but it does not follow that hurry is the cause of unpunctuality: on the contrary, what is the matter with the patient is sloth.

When there was no bacillus it was assumed that, since no disease could exist without a bacillus, it was simply eluding observation.  When the bacillus was found, as it frequently was, in persons who were not suffering from the disease, the theory was saved by simply calling the bacillus an impostor, or pseudobacillus.


The results of ordinary private-practice-inoculation at their worst are bad enough to be indistinguishable from those of the most discreditable and dreaded disease known; and doctors, to save the credit of the inoculation, have been driven to accuse their patient or their patient's parents of having contracted this disease independently of the inoculation, an excuse which naturally does not make the family any more resigned, and leads to public recriminations in which the doctors, forgetting everything but the immediate quarrel, naively excuse themselves by admitting, and even claiming as a point in their favor, that it is often impossible to distinguish the disease produced by their inoculation and the disease they have accused the patient of contracting.


Just as the object of a trade union under existing conditions must finally be, not to improve the technical quality of the work done by its members, but to secure a living wage for them, so the object of the medical profession today is to secure an income for the private doctor; and to this consideration all concern for science and public health must give way when the two come into conflict.  The doctor will resist with all his powers of persecution every advance of science that threatens his income.  The medical profession is coming more and more to represent, not science, but desperate and embittered antiscience: a statement of things which is likely to get worse until the average doctor either depends upon or hopes for an appointment in the public health service for his livelihood.


The demands of this poor public are not reasonable, but they are quite simple.  It dreads disease and desires to be protected against it.  But it is poor and wants to be protected cheaply.  Scientific measures are too hard to understand, too costly, too clearly tending towards a rise in the rates and more public interference with the insanitary, because insufficiently financed, private house.  What the public wants, therefore, is a cheap magic charm to prevent, and a cheap pill or potion to cure, all disease. It forces all such charms on the doctors.


It must not be hastily concluded that this involves the extinction of the private practitioner.  What it will really mean for him is release from his present degrading and scientifically corrupting slavery to his patients.  As I have already shown the doctor who has to live by pleasing his patients in competition with everybody who has walked the hospitals, scraped through the examinations, and bought a brass plate, soon finds himself prescribing water to teetotallers and brandy or champagne jelly to drunkards; beefsteaks and stout in one house, and "uric acid free" vegetarian diet over the way; shut windows, big fires, and heavy overcoats to old Colonels, and open air and as much nakedness as is compatible with decency to young faddists, never once daring to say either "I don't know," or "I don't agree."  And let no one suppose that the words doctor and patient can disguise from the parties the fact that they are employer and employee.  No doubt doctors who are in great demand can be as high-handed and independent as employees are in all classes when a dearth in their labor market makes them indispensable; but the average doctor is not in this position: he is struggling for life in an overcrowded profession, and knows well that "a good bedside manner" will carry him to solvency through a morass of illness, whilst the least attempt at plain dealing with people who are eating too much, or drinking too much, or frowsting too much (to go no further in the list of intemperances that make up so much of family life) would soon land him in the Bankruptcy Court.

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