👏👏👏👏👏👏 Most excellent piece on Vit K. I would like to see every single shot created examined like this. As far as I can find, there is not one scrap of evidence, for a single "vaccination" to occur. They are point blank garbage, based on an archaic, flawed hypothesis, from an egotistical, sociopathic, fame-hunting, authoritarian.

#stoptheshots #flawedscience #nomore

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Thanks for bringing Candace's show to attention. It was good and I'm looking forward to watching others. Circumcision is genital mutilation, period, end of story. There is no other way to put it. And when guys read about and figure out what was done to them, believe me, they get PISSED. It should be as much of an issue for women as men, as it directly affects relationships. Edit (adding more): Sorry to veer off subject, but the circumcision thing, as you can maybe imagine, hits a nerve. If you do any reading about it you come to understand it actually ties into the entire WEF/UN etc., agenda, insofar as it's another tool they use to try to keep people from forming strong bonds and families.

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So it's not ok to assign gender at birth because that's making an assumption but it's ok to remove part of their body without their consent? Is everything these people do so hypocritical?

I questioned the vaccines, the syntocin & the vit k when my boys were born. Especially the syntocin. The answers were largely about monkeys & bananas in a cage. It didn't seem to be an adequate answer (a little like the story about grandma's roast being cooked in a round dish to make it taste better) but I didn't have the confidence to question the rhetoric. Fortunately, I stood my ground with circumcision: both of my boys are intact & I've yet to meet another boy who is so fortunate.

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Just now realizing my 18 yo was possibly vax injured...jaundice. Constipation. Eczema...let the ‘Great Awakening’ proceed apace.

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Thank you for addressing this issue. I started down the genital mutilation rabbit hole almost ten years ago. The word "circumcision" is just as nefarious as using "vaccine" to describe the current CLOT SHOTS.

Too many "benign" sounding associations exist with the word "circumcision", including and ESPECIALLY the notion that it is a "religious" event... "just a little snip"... the removal of a "useless flap of skin".

Nobody should be allowed to carve their religion into a child's body... boy OR girl...

The foreskin serves important sexual and protective functions. It is most definitely NOT "useless". It's removal IS a form of genital mutilation. it is TORTURE. And the age old EXCUSE that "he won't remember it" is an example of grotesque ignorance of what newborns are capable of remembering in IMPLICIT memory. The damage of male genital mutilation is just as permanent as the female versions.

As for the argument that FGM is "so much worse" in every case... FALSE. Male genital mutilation (MGM) is FAR MORE invasive and damaging than the most commonly practiced forms of FGM, ie a "nick" to the clitoral hood.

NO CHILD needs their genitals cut, nicked, or otherwise interfered with... unless there is a genuine medical necessity present.

Here is some information I have collected over the years... I will add some into a reply to this comment...

Mutilated Humanity


"I think it would be greatly to our advantage if, instead of calling ourselves Homo sapiens, we called ourselves Homo mutilans, the mutilating species, the species that mutilates both mind and body, often in the name of reason, of religion, tradition, custom, morality, and law. Were we to adopt such a name for our species, it might focus our attention upon what is wrong with us and where we might begin setting ourselves right."

~ Ashley Montagu

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they cut the placenta too soon too, this is an important phase in transferring vitamins and minerals to the baby

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My son is unvaxxed, but unfortunately I was not able to stop him being injected with vitamin K at birth. He now suffers with eczema. I'm looking for information on whether this is caused by the shot and how to heal him. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful"!

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I was pressed by a paed to give my first vit K, very aggressive man and I had made the no decision, but after a 22hr labour I couldn’t think of the reasons for my objection and gave in

My content baby came back irritated and became jaundice

I so regretted that moment of weakness

Mother’s are so vulnerable in hospital and they take advantage

The schooled daze to submit to author-elites or white coats is the other hurdle we all have to grow out of, even if it means we get psychologically hosed with cold water.

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Than you. An amazing resource. Foreskin as money making product for beauty products. Wow!

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It's interesting to note that the Mormons don not allow any vaccines at all.

Think about that.

When the next forced wave of murder shots comes, we will not be Mormons.

But the Mormons will not be taking them,.

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