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Lived in Singapore when my daughter was a month old. Took her for her 'required US" vaccines at 6 weeks and the doc refused. Told me they can cure whooping cough but not autism. That was back in 1986. So, my kids had the MMR shots, separately a month apart, in the US. And not until the age of 3 as they were home, not in school or daycare.

They didn't get autism, but they sure had the rest... ear infections, mumps, measles, etc., when they did start school.

I'm still grateful for Dr. Lee warning me about the MMR and suggesting it later; and separately. I have so many friends dealing w/autism, ADHD, etc., with their children because they didn't know and had their kids vaccinated way too early.

That doc in the scrubs would be toast in my book! I'd leave his practice based on his bad medical advice!

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Yes of course vaccines have been "studied" in excruciating and voluminous detail.

The omitted portion of this statement is that virtually every one of these studies has been rigged- the same is true for virtually every single vaccine trial in history.

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Thank you for doing this.

PS - The doctor in the blue scrubs couldn't be more of a pussy. Geez.

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Are you telling me they still use monkey kidneys after the unmitigated disaster that was the polio vaccine rollout?

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Makes so much clearer. Regret and sadness for not knowing sooner.

How to get others to understand this is the next challenge. Thankyou.

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MD’s get paid handsomely for administering vaccines so of course this scrub wearing doc will get his panties in a bunch. This was 13yrs ago!!! WTF is going on and why aren’t more parents doing their research? I truly believe my nieces have been harmed by childhood schedule of vax’s. They’re now C19 shot and boosted. Fear has come into play years in the making.

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I'm days backed-up on Substacks, lol! I hope the doc in the blue scrubs looks back on that show, and his words, and now has a definitive answer. He wants to look at vaccines, he WANTS to have this debate. Well, that show right there, that episode, wouldn't even be allowed to air now. And that fact is the evidence he really needs, if he has any critical thinking left in his brainwashed mind. Which I sadly doubt.

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You know what I notice in the Vaxxed 2 documentary, with all those un-vaxxed kids?

They're CALM.

They're not interrupting. They're not whining. They're not touching things. They're not fidgeting, or jumping up and down.

They've all been either exceptionally well-parented, and well-raised.

Or the neurological dysfunction that characterizes an overly-vaccinated child is completely absent.

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Maybe also good idea to test how unvaxxed children compared on school level against the vaxxed.. huh... but we know it will never happened.

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The young, whiny, poor victim of a doctor is an embarrassment to the profession. He knows that he has been caught in his own ignorance, and attempts to cover it by talking more so that others don’t get a chance to speak.

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So valuable . . . so moving . . . Thank you so much for sharing . . . .

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I realize this is going to seem like a longshot - but anyone who knows about loosh would say what a way to get loosh - to demoralize the mother, the life-giver - vaccinated children for these evil ones is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you so much for writing about this. Hopefully everyone will soon know of the dangers of vaccination and it will be stopped.

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thank you

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