the children that are not harmed to autism levels in youth will end up like joe biden by 60 at the rate of vaccination in the US now

if i recall its something like 75 doses of 16 vaccines

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My husband and I have been monthly donors to ICAN for going on three years even though I am unemployed and my husband is retired. (Chose to leave my employer because I could not submit to the "stupid" or the forced injections I knew would be coming.)

I first saw Del in public back in 2019 at the Red Pill Expo in Hartford, CT. Then this past Jun, we drove from NW Florida to Atlanta to see him and many others in person at the Next Steps Conference. Got to meet him up close and personal, shake his hand, chat for a few minutes. A truly beautiful person. ❤️

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Some additional links that hit on some of the same studies linked in the ICAN quote and just continue to drive home the point that their is science out there suggesting concerns over the vaccine schedule are warranted. Also, the arguments against them are horrifically weak. So weak at points it makes you wonder how someone as credentials as Dr. Offit would make them.

They are like 5 - 10 minute reads:





And if you do all that then this link end up being a weird and painful form of entertainment


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What is incomprehensible is that NO ONE knows that this is so, and WE ARE STILL INJECTING aluminum into BABIES and EVERYONE.

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Del is the real deal. The best of the Aries blessed.

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Woah! We are literally injecting poisons into kids? If we also include the fact that heavy metals are found in all baby foods [the FDA allows them a certain amount, but samples frequently exceed the legal levels - I wrote a facebook post about this recently - copied below] then we are also feeding them it like the rats in the experiment, and would have to account for interactions arising between ingested and injected metals too...


I recently read some media reports on how baby food in the US is known by both the manufacturers and the food regulator to contain significant amounts of toxic heavy metals.

"Why are there dangerous levels of arsenic and lead in American baby foods?"

"An investigation found that popular baby food products are tainted with dangerous levels of chemicals. Yet not enough is being done about it."

"No parent would intentionally feed their baby arsenic. Yet a disturbing number of parents may be unknowingly doing just that."

"An investigation by the US Congress earlier this year found that commercial baby foods sold under the brands Gerber, Beech-Nut, Earth’s Best Organic and HappyBABY are tainted with up to 91 times more inorganic arsenic, 117 times more lead, and 69 times more cadmium than the Food and Drug Administration’s maximum allowable levels in bottled water. (The current FDA standard recommends inorganic arsenic in baby food not exceed 100 parts per billion – 10 times its recommended limit for bottled water – and the standard is not legally binding.) Of the four, only HappyBABY’s parent company, Nurture, routinely tested its products for mercury – which it found."

"Outrage, in this circumstance, is justified. Both these major consumer brands and the FDA seem unable or unwilling to protect not just adult consumers, but vulnerable infants – who absorb metals more readily than adults and consume more food relative to their body weight."

The Big Food companies who produce most of the baby food also spend billions of dollars on lobbying politicians and direct to consumer advertising, according to another report.

This is terrible, an abomination which in any sane world should see these products pulled from the shelves forthwith, and the situation rectified immediately.

But now imagine a mirror universe, where the same corrupt and ineffective regulators started recommending all US babies should be eating the baby food as provided only by the two or three biggest Food corporations, on the grounds it is for both the health of the babies, and the health of the nation, and to save the overwhelmed paediatrics healthcare system, while downplaying and denying the health benefits of breast feeding.

Then, in this mirror universe, the US government started mandating that all babies had to eat the stuff, and the parents and doctors who knew about the importance of breast feeding, and were informed about the nefarious practices of the Big Food industry, and had read the contamination studies, were silenced from speaking our, vilified and demonized.

Then other parents and the media even started to say that they hope the babies of the "anti-baby formula" parents die.

I suppose this all sounds absurd, could never happen here, and nightmarish?

Yet, back on our side of the mirror, we have lived through an even darker, more nightmarish, and more preposterous version of this, albeit it with industry and product shifted to Big Pharma, but with the same corrupt and broken regulator. I'm not sure if our nightmare is even quite over."

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