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I think Hill & Owen are 2 different Andrews working on similar projects at Liverpool.

Weird that the drug-induced hospital death is called the "Liverpool Care Pathway" here in the UK!

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I didn't believe this 3 years ago, but I do believe it now for about 75% of people:

"In the inability of our own immunity to deal with this threat."

If the vaxx has truly altered people's immune systems, the next release could cause quite the global problem. Even living with normal viruses could cause a problem, real uncharted territory now.

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Incredible, thank you. The truth behind this scam is so complicated, but I believe we are getting there. Many of us are increasingly on the same lines, and I think we are getting close to what happened. As an (ancient) historian by training, I remember telling my lecturer early on that my opinion of "experiencing the past" was basically impossible as historians, but a forensic investigation into the primary, secondary and tertiary evidence could get us close to what actually happened (I thought it would be useful to define my version of "historiography" to my colleagues).

This may be the first case in history where the crime is so "scientific" in nature, that we can pretty much explain EXACTLY what these bastards did. It's almost unbelievable to me. Their own published papers are basically confession statements.

I'm seriously wondering if the infectious clones hypothesis, that Baric and his ilk clearly worked on with MERS - https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24043791/ - is the reason you can't order purified SARS-CoV-2 from a virologist company. It's all just sampled BS from tissue. If the real releases were from infectious clone cDNA, then yeah, sampling an entirely synthetic construct in RNA form is going to be kinda difficult. The "Covid doesn't exist" people may actually have a point.

I had kind of worked this out in my own layman-like stupid way over the last few months by really examining the quasi-species swarm theory and the fact that only 10-15% of the population could only be infected by any "variant" (I have come to the conclusion that "herd immunity" is a lot of bollocks - ask me why if you want). I also updated these meanderings on an Igor Chudov thread where I explained that I thought the "sub-variants" were just over-amplified PCR-induced "noise" due to replication incompetence creating "snowflakes" in people, but in enough quantity for it to be statistically meaningful to these so called "virologists". Not bad for someone who has no clue what they are talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‚

The work you, Crawford, Couey, Morey, Ark, etc has been doing is immense. I highly recommend doing a round-table to discuss all your findings (harvard2thebighouse was talking about a lot of this stuff before anyone, but I don't know to what extent he was ill-informed by three letter agencies). Even Ron Unz might be a useful add, as his take is broadly unique (the US attacked China with a bioweapon and the US was aware but China was somehow oblivious, then the Iranian leaders started being killed by it), although I highly doubt he has any knowledge of what we are now talking about (but Unz is a theoretical physicist so he's hardly stupid, just saying).

This would be incredibly productive for our "truth movement", rather than concentrate on what is rapidly becoming "medical freedom movement" and "Substack" drama. 2023 is going to be a dark place for this community if we aren't careful, and if that happens, all the good work all of us have done (writers and commentators) is going to be completely wasted. Mark my words, this always happens in fringe movements that are dangerous to the powers that be. Sleeper cells and bad actors are everywhere. Your options are: become a paranoid freak or get productive. You have been warned. I've seen all this before and it's all so tiresome.

What I would like to see is a timeline of what happened and when. I believe, in terms of "Covid" infections, we can start from Ark's Samoa measles outbreak and move from there. If we can construct a pretty much perfect timeline (to our knowledge) this would probably crack this case open. This would be the perfect tool to share with alt-media and if we could somehow explain it to normies, the jig would be up.

Maybe I'm naive. If you don't have hope then why live, so why not give it a shot. Otherwise there's a digital panoptigon enslavement plantation in your future.

My questions at this stage:

- How are they seeding the infectious clones globally (anecdotally I'm guessing "chemtrails" and am willing to put money on that's why they bothered to track deer Covid cases in the US in the first place)

- Is it the case that they basically got to the point where they can engineer a coronavirus "backbone" to deliver whatever "payload" they want (e.g. measles, spike protein, RSV) via the infectious clone technology? All they appear to be doing effectively, is slicing viruses into segments, then rejoining them with DNA instead of RNA, to make them more replication competent.

- If the Sinovac "vaccine" is purified, inactivated virus, how does that work in this model? Is it just BS, is it the real deal, is it just RNA mush? This has always been my chief argument against the "Covid doesn't exist"/"viruses don't exist crowd".

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Where do es my map go?

1. Maybe lab leak, but something was circulating around the world in 2019...it was called non a non b influenza. Maybe followed up by clone swarms.

2. Yes previous immunity

3. People only died a bit more in March/April 2020 and Jan2021..but well within limits of P&I as we saw in 2018/ DOD/DARPA/BARDA contracted with JV, including Fosun (ccp company.) to manufacture "vaccines" under Moderna and Pfizer labels. Everyone else (NIH/FDA/CDC) had marketing roles only. No quality control. no informed consent.US govt decided to use PCR and captured media to create the false novel virus pandemic. so they could finally deploy the demonstration of MNRA platform for future fights againt bioweapons/get rid of nationalists/people not on board.

5. Millions died from no access to safe drugs, which govts prevented access to.

6. When jabs deployed were they were real bioweapon. Purposely by CCP manufacture? Or with DOD knowledge ie on purpose. In any case more people die from vaccine than covid.in 21 and 22...4 sigma millenial other than covid excess deaths 2021-2022

6. All Western Democracies did basically the same thing at the same time. There is a fine Italian hand behind all of it.

7. clots, strokes heart attacks cancer, amyloidoses and now trashed immune systems were direct result of this "Demonstration/bioweapon called a vaccine".

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Fascinating read and entirely plausible. They could not make this too lethal because it would kill them as well. HCR and IVR was also their escape hatch. Delivery via chemtrail spraying? I'll buy that as well.

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#7 pleeeaaaase point me to the EXACT page where it says in the AURA 2019 report that they are withholding antibiotics for bacterial infections............... bcoz if this is true AROUND THE WORLD..... it is a much bigger story than the midazolam scandal !!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. who tf is jj couee? why am i only hearing of him now?????????

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