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“What else have they lied about?” Virtually everything. Better to wrap your head around this now than when it all collapses (like it’s going to) and everyone is panicking.

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you're four for four on the big medical lies. the appendix need only be taken out for appendicitis. unnecessary tonsillectomies were rampant throughout the 20th century. most mastectomies do not make sense - dr pam popper is brilliant on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBTO0QbUHhE

and the cancer industry is a scam: dr. monica hughes: https://themariachiyears.substack.com/p/coleys-toxins-how-the-most-effective

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BOMBSHELL!!!! I shared with my already irritated family. Thank you. I’m so pissed I wish I had better coping skills.

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Fascinating post! I spent 10 years in Pharma research and I can confirm that it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors, mostly focused on chronic conditions. During my formative years in grad school, HIV was still the big thing, and research on drugs or methods to produce existing ones was easily funded.

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What else have they lied to you about? Many things. 9/11 very much included. Try "Cruelest Hoax" on Substack (free - no money) in 11 Chapters. AnAmericanCitizen

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But to understand RFK JR book first read BUTCHERED BY HEALTHCARE by Robert Yoho. $5 on Kindle. It sets the stage. Robert Yoho hosts podcast's on Substac BUTCHERED BY HEALTHCARE.

Go back further there is Andrew Koldony's and Redfields lies on Addiction, it wasn't Granny's little pain pill, but the Illicit drug trade. Kolodeny has been a Plagiarist, liar, owner of Suboxone Clinics, interested in NARCAN, Redfield revenge for his Heroin addict 37 yr old musician son's OD'd on Fentanyl laced Heroin.

The whole back story of Faucet's HIV experiments, Willowbrook School was a separately, same results in dead, damaged kids.

On The Heels of Austria and Germany Locking Down The Unvaccinated, EU Leader Calls For Throwing Out Nuremberg Code In Favor of Forced Vaccinating All Dissenters https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/12/heels-austria-germany-locking-unvaccinated-eu-leader-calls-throwing-nuremberg-code-favor-forced-vaccinating-dissenters/

Fauci Ran Grotesque AIDS “Vaccine” Experiments on MINORITY Children in the 90’s, Causing ORGAN FAILURE, DEFORMITIES, BRAIN DAMAGE


Testing on Orphan Children




good old Hatch ran an inquiry see the link below

In 2005, the AIDS research division under Fauci’s agency was also required to reinstate a whistleblower, Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, its chief of ethics and regulatory compliance, after he been wrongly fired in retaliation for raising safety concerns in Fauci’s agency’s research. Link is dead. Found this 1 https://lobbyistsforcitizens.com/2021/10/28/anthony-fauci-belongs-in-prison/ Sources used: Jon Solomon report, U.S. congressional investigation of Foster kids used for Aid research.

Complaints https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/fauci-says-americans-should-trust-doctors-himself-his-career

They’re still testing on orphan kids apparently- Dr. Davey Crocko has been covering this https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ZunifmFMmbyU/

The House That AIDS Built




1955–1970: Saul Krugman, MD, conducted despicable medical experiments at Willowbrook


HPV Vaccine Risks Include Genocide


Anthony Fauci’s Wife: Christine Grady – Hidden Face of the Vaccine Trials?








Guinea Pig Kids https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/guinea-pig-kids-faucis-legacy-of-cruel-experiments-on-children-dead-babies-and-mass-graves/

2nd Source https://www.democracynow.org/2004/12/22/guinea_pig_kids_how_new_york

while I've not been able to tie this to Fauci it needs more digging

More children there is a link in the article where Geraldo did a story on it https://www.forbes.com/sites/leahrosenbaum/2020/06/12/willowbrook-scandal-hepatitis-experiments-hideous-truths-of-testing-vaccines-on-humans/?sh=1c659b98279c

This is the Beagle Puppy experiments https://beckernews.com/fauci-under-fire-for-cruel-experiments-on-sick-puppies-dogs-heads-locked-in-cages-with-flesh-eating-parasites-for-science-42657/

Monkeys https://100percentfedup.com/fauci-conducted-unreliable-painful-experiments-on-rhesus-monkeys-for-vaccines/

BOYS https://www.americanlibertyemail.com/articles/fda-hearing-covid-vaccines-killing-2-for-every-1-life-saved/

Investigation Reveals Damning Info On Dr. Fauci Torturing ORPHAN BABIES And CHILDREN In His AIDS Drug Experiments


NEWS Fauci’s NIH Division Paid $205K For Researchers To Study T Monkeys https://truthpress.news/news/faucis-nih-division-paid-205k-for-researchers-to-study-transgender-monkeys/

Are you familiar with the 50’s? era “Special Cancer Virus Program”? Scientists took monkey viruses, juiced them up & injected them into humans as part of a vaccine experiment. This is where RSV originated, & many of our modern day viruses like MERS were borne from these types of programs. An anon researcher who has dug into the archives (much of which has been scrubbed) was just on a YT livestream presenting his findings & it was absolutely riveting.

Starts at 21:00ish: https://youtu.be/A75vnk8M4IQ

Yell at someone who will hear you.




Fauci's dead babies


NIH under investigation for $1.2M purchase of beagles for ‘hideous’ experiments: PETA VP


The National Institutes of Health spent $1.2 million buying Beagle puppies for experimentation from a Virginia-based puppy breeding mill currently under federal investigation for animal cruelty.


NIH Files Federal Investigation into Primate Facility


National Institutes of Health investigate AZ primate research lab over animal welfare concerns




Freedom and Coercion

Why COVID-19 Clinical Trials Cannot Be Trusted


COVID Conspiracy Laid Bare by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s email Correspondence




Top 12 Takeaways From the Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone Interview







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There are so many lies, it’s almost deceptive to consider them one by one. It’s closer to a massive quilt or web of lies that overlays everything, and certainly not limited to medical/health issues.

Turn over the stones. The lies are literally everywhere.

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Thinking about the cholesterol lies. The medical insurance companies are part of this. They push docs to test cholesterol and get all their patients on a statin. “Benchmarks, they call it.” “ quality measures.” Complete garbage.

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have you read my comments in other stacks about the fraud that is polio?

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Thank you for this, this aligns strongly, and has many touch points in common, with what I am seeing, including being fed junk. Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote on this just yesterday ( https://garysharpe.substack.com/p/how-to-avoid-a-hybrid-orwellian-huxleyian )

"It works something like this.

Governmental messaging, nudge units, scientists, and mass media collude in fear mongering and catastrophizing, creating and ramping up scary and divisive narratives about wars, diseases, droughts, famines and death.

The resulting disruptions to our nervous systems make us prone to seek out self-soothing behaviours, coping and escape strategies, that lead to addictions.

We are presented with a menu of ever present and cheap junk options: junk food. junk conversations [social media], junk sex, junk shopping, junk games. Here junk refers to low value things which create dopamine rewards without any effort on our part - the bad kind of dopamine reward which needs ever increasing amounts in ever increasing extreme forms to get the same effects, eventually leading to anhedonia and inability to take any pleasure in the small things in life.

These addictions to junk further disrupt our nervous, immune and endocrine systems, and our relationships, making us feel more psychologically and physiologically unwell and ill, and more isolated and lonely. Doctors and psychiatrists are then readily on hand to prescribe us with a personalized cocktail of junk pharmaceutical and drugs to take for the rest of our lives.

The side-effects of the pharmaceuticals then make it even harder for us to form and maintain healthy relationships, further weaken our defences, our ability to resist the narratives, and to think straight. This makes us sitting ducks, ripe for the fear mongering, nudging and polarization.

Thus, the circle is complete."

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I have read that appendices have a role to play in our immune systems, especially when we’re younger. They and tonsils used to be taken out at the drop of a hat because doctors had bought into the lie of evolution, so they believed that some parts of our bodies, like appendices, may have had a function long ago but lost it through evolution. They discovered they were wrong about that when they observed that kids without appendices got sicker (was it with polio?) than those who had their appendices.

This is interesting with respect to appendices, but it also points to a larger domain of science lies - evolution. The “science” of evolution developed not based on fossil findings and testing Darwin’s ideas, but rather based on lies motivated by a desire to rid the world of the influence of religion and a creator God. If you laugh at this, consider that entropy increases, that our bodies have mechanisms to destroy mutations, and then ask how our immune systems could have evolved. Read books like Darwin’s Doubt to see the outright lies and delusions that undergird the idea of evolution. Check out the Kolbe Center website for more evidence that evolution is not just a lie, but a pernicious one giving rise to many more. If you really want to know how else we’ve been lied to, this is a great field on which to be red-pilled.

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Strange how many people had an awakening in March 2020 - well, I did, and you did, but perhaps on reflection, not many others. In fact, I felt pretty much alone outside my immediate family. I remember questioning the vit K injection for one of my kids and being greeting by a kind of frowning, bemused hostility by the nurse. In terms of other lies, 9/11 is the standout for me. I accepted it before 2020, but now the veil has been lifted from stunt and many others.

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Fantastic novelette length integration. 2 comments:

1) you missed the key point: the drivers of the lies are "psychopaths " who are sadists who hate and want to destroy other people. Its not just about $$. I describe them here: https://robertyoho.substack.com/p/149-testing-for-psychopathsthe-stuff#details

2) yes onco is the second or third most corrupt specialty sector. (Psych worst). See my book Butchered by "Heslthcare". One prob is oncos get kicked back 20 percent of all drugs they administer in office. This would be capping, a felony, if it was between 2 docs. Also, we have effective Rx for only 5-6 cancers. Rest are claimed to lengthen lives less than 2 months.

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The biggest lie is that there is no prince of lies.

Once you know that the devil is real, Occam's Razor cuts completely differently.

The most credible folks are those who are most likely to be ignored and mocked, like:

Zachary King ( http://allsaintsministry.org/Home.html )

Nancy Fowler (rest in peace) ( https://archive.org/details/whydoyoutestmedo0000teso )

Atila Sinke Guimarães ( https://traditioninaction.org/ )

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

These guys below are also fairly credible, but less trustworthy than the four above because they're not out promoting and defending the Latin Mass and Our Lady (yet) and they work anonymously:

MrE ( https://www.bitchute.com/channel/OAx0XCP2TC4a/ )

Boostershots ( https://boostershots.substack.com/ )

Hugo Talks ( https://hugotalks.com/ )

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