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I think you are absolutely right to use the term "joint venture", because that is how I have been trying to explain this to people for a year and a half.

Last February, I was struck by the enormous national security implications of "downloading a genetic sequence uploaded by the Chinese government, turning it into a vaccine in 24 hours and sending it straight to manufacturing". I'm not joking:


After "meditating" on the subject, it became crystal clear to me that the CCP were up to no good, but that didn't make sense, because we knew that the US and other international/supranational players had also contributed to everything that was going on.

The only conclusion I could reach was that it was a "JV" between fifth-columnists (either actual traitors or those being blackmailed), Big Pharma/Tech, globalist oligarchs, organizations like the UN, the WEF and other shadowy players - AND the CCP.

So I think you need to add a number 4 to your list.

"The two big gorillas know there is no winner, that both need to exist but that both “need” each other to be the “enemy”."

I wrote an (unpublished) article regarding this. What you are referring to is Thucydides Trap.

An excerpt from the article:

"Why is This Happening?

There are many theories why this is being done. Clearly a virus, SARS-COV-2, which has a global Case Fatality Rate of 0.15% (which is almost certainly over stated) and an average age of death of 80 years old cannot be it.

Theories include a massive economic collapse, coming hyperinflation, the ruination of pension funds due to low interest rates and low yields (and a decreasing tax base to support elderly people who live longer); and perhaps, most importantly to avoid a global conflict that would almost certainly be nuclear.

Although Thucydides Trap is not a “law”, war has resulted far more often throughout history, and therefore the odds are that war is the most likely outcome.

As long as democracy exists, there also exists the possibility of politicians who are not corrupted by Oligarchs or the influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) starting a war which would very quickly degenerate into a nuclear World War III.

In order to transition the superpower status of the world to China without this doomsday scenario, it would be far more advantageous to those who want such an outcome to utilize new weapons of mass destruction. In the age of CRISPR and other advanced genomic technologies, we are now imperilled by invisible agents that can destroy economies, maim or kill millions without the enemy even knowing it has been attacked.

‘The Chinese Communist Party is determined to transform the international order, to shape the world in its own image, without a shot being fired. Rather than challenging from the outside, it has been eroding resistance to it from within, by winning supporters, silencing critics and subverting institutions.’

‘The Party’s . . . implementation strategy is to target elites in the West so that they either welcome China’s dominance or accede to its inevitability, rendering resistance futile.’

‘Backed by its enormous economic clout, China engages in arm-twisting, diplomatic pressure, united front and “friendship” work, and the manipulation of media, think tanks and universities — all these tactics overlap and reinforce each other.’

From Hidden Hand by Clive Hamilton and Mareike Ohlberg"


I'm very convinced that the idea is to move the new "base of operations" or to put it another way, the "capital of the NWO", to Beijing, or perhaps Shanghai, with China as the next hegemon.

They did exactly that previously when they moved it from London (the capital not just of the UK but the British Empire) to Washington DC. So it goes: Pax Brittanica, Pax Americana, Pax Zhōngguó.

The videos on this page are well worth watching, and the text is worth reading as well, although I disagree with quite a bit of what is written:


It's very interesting that I came to this hypothesis myself from my own research early last year and the evidence supporting all this just keeps on growing.

The problem, is, I am worried that whatever was in the spike protein sequence the CCP uploaded wasn't just a bioweapon in and of itself, but that it was some form of Trojan Horse for a new bioweapon:

"Vaccines as Bio-based Weapons

Vaccines with “backdoors” can be bio-based warfare vectors present as biological time bombs once inside the body or creating vulnerabilities to future bioweapon attacks. The introduction of such “backdoor” vaccines into the U.S. population is especially risky in inadequately regulated joint vaccine production ventures between Chinese and U.S. pharmaceutical companies, not unlike the introduction of Chinese surveillance capabilities inside Chinese instrumentation and software deployed in the United States.

- Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. - retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel"

Every Western military has been compelled to be injected with this gunk. How people aren't seeing the national security implications of this is beyond me.

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"The two big gorillas know there is no winner, that both need to exist but that both “need” each other to be the “enemy”,

there's an elephant standing behind the two big gorillas, as well as behind a lot of smaller gorillas with the same genocidal agenda. that elephant is a confluence of old european capital - centered around families whose ancestors financed not only stalin and hitler, but also the medicis and the crusaders - combined with newer silicon valley and wall street wealth. the plan is to follow the global genocide from the covid and other mrna shots with the mandatory use of various cbdc's.

i personally don't think this is going to work because there are too many of us and too few of them - really only a few thousand - the only question is how many casualties there will be before this is over. the biggest determining factor will be mass noncompliance.

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So how does Klaus Schwab and his band of merry men fit into it all? Or is he just a red herring and nothing to do with any of it?

And why does China want America, of all places? What is so special about that particular land mass? I've heard this argument before & it 'feels' like it's the right road to go down but I don't understand why China would choose America specifically, over any other continent.

This was a well written & informative read. Much appreciated.

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America, we're being played.

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All major internationally operating corporations, especially within a sector, are inter-invested in each others enterprises. The people that run these corps sit on each others board of directors. They all read from the same globalists page even as they vie for market share. This is true across all sectors but especially in the financial banking sector. China has been declared a Technocracy and therefore has left its communist roots somewhat behind. As Brzezinski stated, socialism is a necessary stepping stone towards the installation of a world spanning 'Technetronic governance'...paraphrased. What we see in China is the model for the world. The biggest problem for the pyramid cap are those democracy and human freedom loving peoples, prImarily in the west and especially in the USA with its Constitution channeling Creator given inalienable rights of the INDIVIDUAL. Enter 'communitarianism' wherein the rights of the 'community' supersede those of the individual. and the change agents that act locally but think pyramid cap agenda globally.

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In January 2020 I wondered how many people were going to die. Were we going to lose one in ten people? One in a hundred? By April 2020 it was clear we were not all going to die, our numbers were looking pretty good! One in a thousand if you catch covid! By July 2020 I realized we had been punked by China and I was ashamed for having been so afraid... Since then, it has been horrifying to discover so many people in this country and around the world are in on the scam and they are not done yet. It's July 2022, and I'm wondering if we are going to lose one in ten people.

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Pandemic of hypochondriacs. I’m one. I know. They made us agoraphobic. Congratulations ding dongs. Now we will collapse.

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