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Thank you for publishing this and for your discussions and clarifications.

I would add the following to this piece- this happened the very same week Fed chairman Powell stated at a press conference, "“financial markets are functioning in an orderly manner and all that sort of thing.”

In the first week of March 2020 the Fed opened up the fire hose full blast pumping an unprecedented $100 billion/day in 1-day Repo loans into the trading houses on Wall Street as the bleeding had turned into full scale hemorrhaging- the patient was dying.

One week later "Covid" arrived.

One week after "Covid" came on the scene and blasted all other stories into oblivion the The New York Federal Reserve said "it will make up to $1 trillion a day available for loans in the Repo market for the remainder of this week."

"$500 billion in overnight Repo loans each morning and an additional $500 billion in overnight Repo loans each afternoon."

With the stated purpose of "keeping markets operating smoothly despite volatility related to the coronavirus pandemic."

As we can see right off the mark the "volatility" was now being blamed on "the pandemic" even though observers who were following these things noted that the markets were operating no differently (in total freefall) than "pre-pandemic."

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Regarding the intro disclaimer "...in stark contrast with fundamental presuppositions within the 'Covid skeptic establishment'," this could not be more spot on! Wow! As a bonafide "Covidenier" since day one, I am dumbfounded reading this in one setting. Fantastic summary and a solid look at the bigger picture, for it gives a valid answer to our most common themed question among Covid skeptics: "what on Earth would drive people to commit such sheer evil?"

Thank you, Allen--and Unbekoming for publishing it. This is probably the most impactful essay I have read on Substack in all of 2022. As we move into a new year--that we already know is going to be filled with struggles we never imagined in America--I cannot think of a better theme for putting this beyond-crappy year in perspective as to "why." Not to mention it completely confirms that the love of money (and power) is truly the root of all evil.

Again, thank you for this truly brilliant focus & detective work!

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Thank you... and thank you to whomever Allen is.... my head is dizzy with thoughts and questions despite on 3/11/20 I was railing like a “Paula Revere” to anyone who would listen... “ this is a coup... 6-10 cases in no way constitutes a pandemic... it’s all models... this is a slam dunk injection of Agenda 21/30!!!!” Right... no one listened... I urged my husband to consider quote “ you don’t want to be in a country targeted for a takeover” ... his answer is still, even reading this too close to exploding reality essay, quote “but where do we go... this is global.” Does Allen have solution suggestions besides buy property, raise chickens and rabbits and a garden? What about the retired as in beyond the physical ability to defend a rural property much less the actual maintenance of good fences, gardens and livestock responsibilities... facing this corrupt financial tsunami war against all of us average citizens is a catastrophic nightmare. At first I wasn’t going to comment... the mental thoughts tornado, too overwhelming... but you asked. God help us.

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“Covid19” was preceded by at least 25y of pandemic specific rehearsals and simulations, commencing Andrews Airforce base in 1997.

Some of the intelligence operatives in attendance are in the WH as advisors today.

“Climate change” flows from well over 50 years of manufactured lies. Same origins & actors as pandemics.

They definitely didn’t use covid & climate change as desperate measures in response to a massive financial crisis.

More likely they created the financial conditions that permitted the rollout of covid, so as to inject everyone. It’s depopulation and the concept of money is going to change for good.

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Of course one curious feature of the Pandemic is money spigots were opened even more and so though the Pandemic was orchestrated to help the Ponzi stay going a paradox is that the situation is made much worse. And the masters of Phynance understood this would be so and started mass murder under the guise of vaccines.

Evidently the tiny ruling strata believes they can navigate a world of atomic and biological warfare with money and machines and political control. Madness.

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Happy New Year!

Great essay. Thanks for the reminder about the financial system aspect. I vaguely remember reading an analysis (probably before covid) that noted that possibly an Australian bank was technically insolvent and not meeting its reserve requirements or more than one bank was close to the brink. The analysis looked at the reserve bank balance sheet or flows in and out or something like that and determined something fishy was going on. It couldn’t determine if it was one bank or multiple banks because the data was aggregated but something didn’t balance. I’ll try to track down the report. The article was from an independent news outlet, possibly the The West Report or similar.

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This is well-written and a great look at the systemic financial crime (still in play).

The mechanisms are a near-match for the same as observed in War, but with a newish twist: the bio-medical-warfare component. Newish because significant aspects of this has been in development for decades (back to the bird flu, swine flu, XX flu, SARS, Ebola, etc).

The timing is opportunistic and exploitative, as Allen keenly observes. The exploit has and is being orchestrated far above banks and greedy corporations, above central banks, including the Fed. The threads lead back to the BIS and their ill-k. The timing reads as opportunistic, but planning on their end has been going on for decades, just as the Patriot Act had been written years prior to 9/11.

There is also a premise here that bears some consideration. While it is true that the Op utilized mis-attribution of a supposed condition to vastly inflate perceived risk, and GoF is likely less significant a player, there are real aspects to the picture that are not imagined. The spike protein and it’s effects, both wild and mRNA induced, do not appear to be mythical—but painfully real. That is the bioweapon, enabled and ushered by the Op. It isn’t the primary crisis (just the subcutaneous one) but no less true.

These are important bullet crits, imo, but the strength of Allen’s words stands on its own. Well done.

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Rand Paul's Annual 'Festivus' Report: $482,276,543,907 in Government Waste

REPEAT $482,276,543,907 in Government Waste


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Wow…Excellent essay. Thanks for posting. This, together with JD Ruckers today (https://jdrucker.substack.com/p/the-most-terrifying-conclusion-from) is a bit overwhelming. The comment I left on his article is very fitting for your posting here, hope you don’t mind me reposting here too:

Thank you for this report. I have been very heavy hearted lately with this exact same realization. The corruption is so huge, so widespread, I don’t see any way we can resolve it. Hopelessness gets a toehold on me, but then I quickly realize that this nightmare was unavoidable… I always wondered how Satan/evil would overcome a civilization based upon law and order backed up by a righteous and strong military power. Now we see. Now, more than ever, I realize my hope must not be in the current powers in this world, no, my hope must only be in Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY one that WILL make things right. When I remember and remind myself of this, I can continue on in this battle…

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From August 2021 this is the essay which sparked me into this way of thinking https://thephilosophicalsalon.com/a-self-fulfilling-prophecy-systemic-collapse-and-pandemic-simulation/ the author has several subsequent essays on that website.

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A reader sent me a link to this piece. I wrote much the same today. Something is shifting.


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2023 will be a VERY BAD YEAR


Shortages https://truthpress.com/news/potential-food-shortages-in-us-heres-what-may-be-scarce-in-2023/

Russians Face Freezing to Death As They Run Out of Fuel To Heat Homes


WASTE Yes why throw it away? Dunkin' Worker Says They Throw Out $100 Worth Donuts at the End of the Day, Sparking Debate https://share.newsbreak.com/2oc0bkzh

Tennessee Farmer Warns US of Major Food Shortages, Price Increases in 2023


The use of boxes either wood at first or cardboard that warehouse stores used has been tried, as has heavy plastic shopping bags, The problem is two-fold, you have to be willing to recycle the box, and those bags aren't washable, thus get Salmonella or Listeria and other bacteria from meats. or raw produce. Clothe was the better product as it can be washed. Many old-world countries still use cloth bags more as tradition. This was tried under Obama. Mine still are loaded with odds and ends items. Most I made for washability. Those reinforced bags while a good idea, have a biodegradable issue. Just like disposable diapers. 1 diaper takes 500 years to decompose, while a cloth one goes through 3-4 kids, becomes dust, or garage rags, and takes 1 week to decompose, We never learned how long these take, most were cleaned and repurposed.New Yorkers Will Pay 77 Cents To $3.98 For Walmart Bags https://share.newsbreak.com/2obyzx6k

There was new news on FTX NOT GOOD NEWS DOJ Investigating $372,000,000 That Disappeared From FTX Shortly After Bankruptcy: Report https://share.newsbreak.com/2ocafx5z

Senior Biden Aides Met With Sam Bankman-Fried on Crypto Policy




Cost-of-living crisis to push more retailers to brink in 2023, warn experts


Democrats Give Parting Gift To Pelosi, Tucked Away On Page 610 Of Spending Bill


A study says that dye in food increases the risk of IBD. Skittles Has been on the FDA RECALL list several times, as had colored cereal, and cough/cold meds for children. Stick to grape.



Congress must rein in the Big Tech Frankenstein it helped create


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Excellent. Thank you.

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What happens to a conspiracy theorist who is so far out of approved reality even its own tribe disowns it and then it is proven correct?

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All of this is due to a fundamental weakness in the human psyche. The need to belong is more important than the desire for truth.

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I need someone to explain this to me like I'm a child.

How does Covid stop a financial collapse?

What are the vaccinations about, and how do they fit in? Does that have anything to do with the financial debt? Or was it a way to trick people into being tracked and surveilled?

Why, if they wanted to track and survey people -- did they have to make the jabs so deadly? Wouldn't a placebo suffice?

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