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Excellent article, thank you. Anecdotally, I'm close to a young lady, now in her early teenage years - never touched by a needle in her life. As a child, she never had a fever, ear infection, or the standard green goop you often see coming out of kids' noses, no allergies, no attention issues. I pray we will not be living in a bio-fascist world by the time this young lady wants to have her own children.

Thank you for your articles over the past few months. So good to have an Aussie perspective in the Substack mix. Have a great Christmas!

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Awesome - thanks for the lead on these books - I'm 1/3 way through the Kennedy book on Fauci, which is just brilliant! I wasn't aware of the McDonald book so thanks for pointing to that one - ordering it now!

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thanks, been getting more reports about aluminum. in the USA, kids are given 70+ jabs, it is criminal. when I was a kid we got a few shots and had measles, chicken pox, mumps, childhood diseases and no shots for them. it is a travesty. last year I looked up Moderna ingredients, called Poison control and they confirmed how lethal the shots are, also did research on each of the suspect ingredients without even knowing then about the spike protein issue.

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Noticed that Novavax got both Emergency Use approval by WHO and EU....heard nothing about it from U.S. talking heads.

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1. Is it necessary?

e. How come some countries (Sweden, Belarus, South Africa, Japan, etc) and some States and universities in USA don't have compulsory vaccination policies? Are those said jurisdictions care less about their people than others who do?

For the layperson, question 1(e) is sufficient.

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Great article! Thank you for the shout out! 🙌🏼

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These jabs have been used since 1976. Yes the first experimental jabs given under the Ford administration was a test run. However looking back at that jab effect on my and my husbands family we see now what happened to them as a result of that jab. At that time the country was told a possible Spanish influenza was around and a new vaccine should be taken by people over 65. My husbands dad was 67 an athlete who was in the Olympics when young was working for the post office in Florida. He got the jab and a month later died of Pericarditis. His heart exploded. Some of his friends also jabbed died of same ailment.

My grandmother who had an uncle that died from the real Spanish influenza in Argentina in 1918 also got the new vaccine. Within 2 years she developed Alzheizmers , called hardening of the arteries at that time. She had a cat scan and the doctors said her brain was shrinking! In two more years of deterioration she was dead.

The flu shot killed my parents. They religiously got the flu shot since the late 1980s. By 1995 right after my mom got the shot the next day she said she didn’t feel right. She developed Parkinson’s then Lewey Bodies neurological problem and suffered for 15 years before dying as she deterioration was prolonged and difficult.

My dad had gotten clots in legs and eventually died of infection from a heart attack. His health was very good he hardly suffered and died quickly.

All this time has passed as we began to see the connection between these clot shots and the 1976 vaccine and subsequent decades of flu shots.

It was all a ruse. It was all an attack on us as we “trusted” doctors and government.

It’s too late for some but not all who never took any jabs.

But my son and his generation were forced to get all those vaccines to go to school in the early 2000s.

He is very healthy and never got one flu shot. But we feel guilty for believing the government had our best wishes in mind when forcing those jabs on children.

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THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI by RFK, Jr. is terrific. I tell everyone, it’s a truly dynamic book, with QR codes at the end of every chapter that you can “zap”, LOL, and be given any updated stats or findings regarding that chapter’s topic! I think I learned more from this book than all

my college texts, combined. I too thought I had much more knowledge regarding vaccines than most anyone, having read myriads of books, studies and articles but I learned a ton. Tony “The Science” Fauci better own some asbestos underpants. He’s gonna need them. 🔥🔥🔥

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Nice summary, thanks

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There was no "mass psychosis." The American culture is based on violence and most people complied, because they thought they would lose their jobs, couldn't pay their bills, and they didn't want to become homeless. Granted, the $600 per week bribe from the government that spent 96% of the same loan picked up on behalf of the taxpayer at an interest from the private Federal Reserve was there to destroy jobs and small/medium-sized businesses, but nobody could rely on something temporary.

Once people give in, the only way they can retain any resemblance of self-esteem is by embarking on their own versions of Stockholm syndrome. Many of them are indeed willing to die for their captors...

Of course, it didn't help that American schools have been operating on the basis of encouraging conformist behavior... If conformity is "mass psychosis," then let it be the term used for the phenomenon.

Desmet is an example of psychologizing the situation, which transfers personal responsibility for one's decisions to a mysterious mass of goodness-knows-what:


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