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If there is a single paragraph that hits home with me, its this one:

How has your awakening journey affected your relationships?

That's a tough one. If I read into your question a bit, I assume you're asking because “challenging a person’s worldview” can strain relationships. Basically, I avoid that problem by accepting the limits of my influence. I don’t get to choose how people think or behave. I share what I know, back up my position the best I can, and then accept that their conclusions are out of my hands. We can lead people to information but we can’t make them think. Their choices are theirs to make, and as painful as that can sometimes be, it’s better than a world where “one group” (even if I’m a member of it) manipulates or forces people to think differently.

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This is one of the most hopeful pieces I’ve read in a very long time. Thank you.

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Thank you, Unbekoming, for an unusual and unusually well done interview; with an unusual and not well known enough liberty advocate, Joe Plummer.

Joe, good to get a glimpse of your personal development.

I don’t know if you two are Voluntaryists or have visited where it mainly began www.voluntaryist.com ?

I hope you will join us for session 47.The Psychology of Power–How to Dethrone Tyrants--your U.S. Saturday afternoon, Sept 23, and my New Zealand Sunday 9AM, Sept 24


“All the problems of the man who fears for his humanity come down to the same question: how to remain free?” Stefan Zweig

Get free, stay safe.

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A compelling read. Very thought-provoking. "Does The Network face any significant challenges?" The answer to that really resonated with me. Their secrecy systems are exposed. Their orchestrated control apparatus is alien to nature - it's false, fabricated and unreal. Their lies are shrivelling up in the sunlight of plain truth and common sense. Their CONvid-1984 globalist political plot and plandemic was a step too far (they forgot their gradualism). Their miserable clunky CONTROL mechanisms and audacious ambition are ultimately no match for awakened human spontaneity, ingenuity, free spirited vibrancy and soulful defiance. The Armies of Truth are ADVANCING!

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Aaron Siri made an interesting point about the poisonous injections, which is that the drug companies are compelled to make the highest financial return to their investors, which is legal (but not lawful) at this time. Until we fix the liability issue this will keep happening, the profit motive is too great.

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Thanks as always for the useful information. Reading this passage

"The Network knows that, in order to control the world, it must maintain “secret political and economic influence” and secret control of “journalistic, educational, and propaganda agencies.”14

Everything hinges on their ability to create and control a system of “instruments” that manipulate human perception and behavior. As the orchestrated and undeserved blind faith in their system crumbles, it takes their power with it."

It occurs to me that 1) social media would appear to be an essential tool in removing this blanket of secrecy and therefore 2) Elon Musk is presumably a "network agent" who is intent on preventing that - his strangling of any material from substack or any account that promotes it being evidence of that.

It would be very helpful to me & potentially the entire thrust of awakening others to have and share a resource which describes in step-by-step "idiot's guide" fashion how to create and build an account on NOSTR which appears to me to be the (bitcoin-like, both in the open-source distributed protocols and complexity in cryptographic elements of taking part) uncensorable platform to rescue social media.

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Brilliant work. Once again. 💪🏻

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