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"If you need any evidence at all that there is structural, centralised malfeasance at play, look no further than Ivermectin and this subject generally." yes, I agree, I had this realisation in early autumn 2020, and have seen "the narrative" for the cult you describe ever since.

Once you see it, you cannot unsee it. So many realise this subconsciously and are simply unable to look or acknowledge the facts.

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By August 2020 I had written an extensive 15 page report on the need to consider the efficacy of HBOT based on clinical trial results at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola NY. The report was submitted not once, but twice to the Governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham which was ignored. (As did the Albuquerque Indian Health Services).

We have thousands of plane fuselages that could have been repurposed into multiplace chambers. I wasn't the only one seeing this work. An EUA was requested to the FDA for HBOT's use and was denied.

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This article is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive and compelling summary of the vaccine issues that I've see to date. I am deeply grateful to you for all the time and effort and care that went into compiling these resources and writing this thoughtful letter. If I could share ONE warning with the world, THIS letter would be it ~ and I'm starting the sharing now . . . .

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Dear Metta Zetty, since I don't have your email, with apologies to our host here in the comments section, a personal message: Did you happen to see in the last few days a webpage with a bunch of PDFs on censorship, meant to be supportive documentation for lawsuits? What I can recall is that it was from an orgnization, something to do with medical freedom / civil rights lawsuits, that I had not heard of before. I got that link to that webpage in an email, maybe most probably from a substack, and I recall a mention of Drs Nass and Northrup somewhere in there, but now, dangit, look & look & search & search as I have, I cannot find it. (I always clear my emails and browser history-- did that too fast, obviously). I thought you might have seen it and if so, I would very much appreciate knowing the URL.

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Thank you, Transcriber B, for reaching out. I just now sent a message to what I believe is your Substack email address:

> transcriberb@substack.com

If this message arrived, it should be in your Substack in box.

Similarly, I think you should be able to reach me here:

> beyondc19@substack.com

However, if neither of these options work, please feel free to message me here:

> AskMetta.com

The web page you mention does sound familiar, and I'll be glad to dig in to see if I can find it.

I look forward to connecting by email ~ and, in the meantime, thank you, Unbekoming, for your patience with this brief interruption.

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Is there any chance the resource you are looking for might be in either of these locations?

> http://tncss.weebly.com/ > http://tncss.weebly.com/nullification.html

> https://tncss.substack.com/

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Thankyou so much-- it was not these, alas-- but I really appreciate your trouble all the same. Interesting to see those pages. My guess is that the term "lesser magistrates" will popping up often in 2024.

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Ok. I'll keep looking.

Just now received your email, and I'll follow-up with you directly. Thanks again!

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Thanks, Unbekoming. Found you thru Mathew's RTE post today. Amazing work this; thank you.

Would it be cheeky to ask if you're working on an update??

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Got any recommendations of where I can go to talk to other people with similar views?

I didn't do much research until recently as there was no mandates here in WA, but now that there is, I feel that this is all so wrong. I never wanted any vaccination even as far back as last year before there was any, and now the more I read, the less I want it, but I will lose my job if I don't get it.

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Make them fire you. Do not quit. You can get another job. You can't get another body.

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Congratulations on your decision to dig deeper!

Here are my recommendations for starters:

> See all the newsletters on my Substack profile: https://substack.com/profile/4188514-metta

> See all the people I follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mettaseva

> Search for "no vax job boards" in DuckDuckGo: https://duckduckgo.com/

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Same for me and hard to believe it's almost one year to the day and love so many of you more over time.. Big time RTE fan thrilled to see Substack research networks grow like wildfire! <3

NYC still has jab mandates except where fired workers and parents have been able to prevail in court. The ad campaigns continue w bivalent-flu, kid and baby nudge versions too.

Dumber than DeBlasio Mayor Eric Adams expanded mandates in 2022 and included all volunteers for all NYC programs. Years as Washington Sq Park photography volunteer ended and NYC is safe from unvaccinated metadata on official NYC Parks site.. safety first!

Nothing to do w Mayor's Award Gala for Pfizer! Trust$cience #KeepReceipts


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Okay then, a very detailed synopsis. Now it is time, in my humble opinion, to push the g-damn elephant out of the way and get to the real story.

The vast majority of people in this country, with my entire family included, are part of a cult.

That cult is the Allopathic Medical Cabal.

You've uncovered the rabbit hole and you must go deeper to find the truth.

You just published 'Filters' here on Stack so perhaps you will see the similarities.

Allopathic treatments which are mostly pharma based do not cure, let me repeat that, pharmaceutical pills and injections do not cure or prevent disease. They may mask symptoms. That is all.

Start with the Flexner Report. good luck on your journey if you decide to accept it.

God bless you and your fam

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Thanks Michael. I've been meaning to read Flexner for ages, thanks for the nudge, I've just downloaded it. I suspect I'm going to be quite angry reading it.

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You're welcome Unbek,

It's funny or coincidental that I ran across this this morning.

I haven't had time to watch yet.


The vast majority of "science" related to the allopathic medical industry that exposes the fraud is suppressed.

Much like what's being amplified today regarding the vaccines has been going on for over a hundred years.

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Good one, thanks!

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It seems that almost exclusively only Christians regard truth in the matter of the ocean of lies we're swimming in. Have you found this to be true?

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No, every group has every kind and as soon as we divide by nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, class, career, customs, education, etc it's wrong. As humans we have diversity so good and evil, kind or cruel, honest or pathological liar, nurturing or exploitative, generous or greedy.. pick any extremes and you will find everyone represented in big groups.

The lessons of rampant child abuse in the RC Church when society imposed a moral judgement that protected a class by career choice. Ramifications were horrific, nobody should get a pass and everyone equal opportunity to be judged by what Martin Luther King described so perfectly as by the content of their character.

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I think this is a sign we are living in the end times. The Bible says that those who are lost will and reject the truth of the gospel come under the influence of a strong delusion. to believe a lie. https://biblehub.com/2_thessalonians/2-11.htm#study

This is leading up to acceptance of the mark of the beast.

I think God is showing grace to those who are seeking the truth and are not Christians to bring them to a knowledge of Himself.

As we get nearer to the end, those who see the power of wickedness at work in the world through this plandemic will increasingly be those of faith.

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Would be great to get a September or October 2022 follow up or update letter

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Interesting you say that James. In June this year I did a one-year anniversary eBook and update of the letter.


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Thank you for sharing and updating this letter to your adult children. I wish I had found your Substack and specifically the original letter post back in 2021. I’m glad to have found it now.

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Thank you for putting so much effort into compiling this. I had reached the same conclusions but not through Australian sources (apart from Gerard Rennick's reposting of V injuries). I can't tell you how reassuring it is to know that there are others like me in this country who have invested so much time to properly understand what is going on, try to communicare it, be ridiculed & yet resist the nonsense 'optional' mandates. Keep writing! You're doing a marvellous job!

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Thank you Kasenya, it's much appreciated. You are definitely not alone in Australia.

I recently joined the LDP, they are an honest group of people fighting for what I, and I suspect you, believe in. Check this out, it might strike a cord. We need to get the people that did this to us out of power.


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Proteins made by the cells of the human body provide for every process such as proper processing of glucose, the electrical signals within the heart, or even transport of oxygen to the cells. Fetuses create organs and limbs based on the correct protein being present at the proper point during gestation. The Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator (CFTR) protein misfunction causes thick, sticky mucus to be produced in every organ of the body that makes mucus causing blockages and trapping germs, leading to infections. Some people with Marfan syndrome make too little fibrillin-1 protein.

Protein mis-folding is believed to be the primary cause of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, cystic fibrosis, Gaucher's disease and many other degenerative and neurodegenerative disorders. Amyloidosis is a rare disease that occurs when a protein called amyloid builds up in organs. This amyloid buildup can make the organs not work properly. Organs that may be affected include the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, nervous system and digestive tract. Protein mis-folding resulting in intracellular pre-amyloid oligomer (PAO) accumulation is sufficient to cause cardiomyocyte death and heart failure.

The harms of altering protein production within cells was well known.

Covid19 shots alter protein production in cells. So, how long will depend on the composition and potency of the exact shot taken, the amount of cells which up-took the mRNA, the exact proteins actually created by the human cells, the quantity of those foreign proteins, and the proteins’ levels of toxicity, and finally the immune response of that specific human body. All of these variables will vary the type of illness and the time distance from the shot in which a catastrophic outcome will occur. And still there may be other variables at work here.

The mechanism of action within the C19 shots IS (& I cannot emphasis this enough IS) the mechanism of harm that will create a variety of illnesses at varying time distance from the shot. This is just one example of how protein production cause healthy functioning of the human body, there are tons of other articles and research papers that support the knowledge that each cell must produce the correct protein at the correct time which folds into the correct shape for the body to function in a healthy, life-sustaining way.

Here is just one article discussing the need for the right proteins in the right cells at the right time:


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Great comment, thanks!

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This is such an important compilation, may it be preserved as a vital document of the time. I'm reading it in January 2024. Not all but much of this information I was aware of at the time. I know now, very painfully, how so many people, however intelligent, however well-read, however well-educated, howeverever otherwise open-minded, were simply under the spell of the get-vaxxed psyop and unable to take any of this in. Many still are. Thank you for your work to document, and for your persistence in this Marathon.

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Thank you 🙏

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You were right.

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Indeed! It is almost a year to the date when this was written: “My guess is that at some point within the next 12 months, much of what I am writing to you about will appear in the public domain . . . .”

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The Byram Bridle interview link is now dead. But before it went dead, I transcribed a chunk of it. Here you go:

Alex Pierson interviews Dr. Byram Bridle

May 28, 2021

https://omny.fm/shows/on-point-with-alex-pierson/new-peer-reviewed-study-on-covid-19-vaccines-sugge [link now dead, checked Jan 6, 2023]


Dr. Byram Bridle is an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph


DR. BYRAM BRIDLE: I am very much pro-vaccine, but always making sure that the science is done properly, and that we follow the science carefully before going into a public roll-out of vaccines.

I hope you'll let me run with this a little bit, Alex. I'll forewarn you and your listeners, that the story I'm about to tell is a bit of a scary one. This is cutting-edge science, there's a couple of key pieces of scientific information that I have become privy to just within the past few days that has made the final link so we understand now, myself and some key international collaborators, we understand exactly why these problems are happening. And many others associated with these vaccines.

And the story is a bit of scary one, so just to brace you for this. But I'm going to walk you through this. The science that I'm going to be talking about, I don't have the time here to describe exactly the scientific data, but let me assure you that everything that I am stating here, that I'm going to state right now, is completely backed up by peer-reviewed scientific publications in well-known and well-respected scientific journals. I have all of this information in hand, I am in the process [?] put it all into a document that I can hopefully circulate widely.

So your listeners are going to be the first to hear the public release of this conclusion. And I can back it up with science.

ALEX PIERSON: That's very ominous [laughs]


DR. BYRAM BRIDLE: This is what it is. The SARS Corona virus 2 has a spike protein on its surface, that spike protein is what allows it to infect our bodies. That is why we've been using the spike protein in our vaccines. The vaccines we're using get our cells in our body to manufacture that protein. If we can mount an immune response against that protein, in theory we can prevent this virus from infecting the body. That's the theory behind the vaccine.

However, when studying the disease, severe Covid-19, everything that you just described, heart problems, lots of problems with the cardiovascular system, bleeding and clotting, is all associated with severe Covid-19. And looking, doing that research, what has been discovered by the scientific community is the spike protein on its own is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system if it gets into circulation. Indeed, if you inject the purified spike protein into the blood of research animals they get all kinds of damage to cardiovascular system and it can get cross the blood-brain barrier and cause damage to the brain.


Now at first glance, that doesn't seem too concerning because we're injecting these vaccines into the shoulder muscle. The assumption, all up until now, has been that these vaccines behave like all of our traditional vaccines, that they don't go anywhere other than the injection site. So they stay in our shoulder. Some of the protein will go to the local draining lymph node in order to activate the immune system.

However, this is where the cutting-edge science comes in, and this is where it gets scary.

Through a request for information from the Japanese regulatory agency, myself and several international collaborators have been able to get access to what's called a biodistribution study. It's the first time ever that scientists have been privy to seeing where these messenger RNA vaccines go after vaccination. In other words, is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle?


The short answer is, absolutely not. It's very disconcerting.

The spike proteins gets into the blood, circulates through the blood, in individuals over several days post-vaccination. It accumulates, once it gets to the blood, it accumulates in a number of tissues such as the spleen, the bone marrow, the liver, the adrenal glands, one that's of particular concern for me is, it accumulates at quite high concentrations in the ovaries.


And then also a publication that was just accepted for, a scientific paper just accepted for publication that backs this up, looked at 13 young healthcare workers that had received the Moderna vaccine, which is the other messenger RNA-based vaccine we have in Canada, and they confirmed this. They found the spike protein in circulation, so in the blood of 11 of those 13 healthcare workers that had received the vaccine.

What this means is, so we have known for a long time that the spike protein is a pathogenic protein, it is a toxin, it can cause damage in our body if it gets into circulation.

Now we have clearcut evidence that the vaccines that make our bodies, or the muscles, or the cells in our deltoid muscles, right, manufacture this protein, the vaccine itself plus the protein gets into blood circulation.

When in circulation the spike protein combined to the receptors that are on our platelets and the cells that line our blood vessels, when that happens it can do one of two things. It can either cause platelets to clump, and that can lead to clotting, that's exactly why we've been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to bleeding. And of course, the heart's involved, it's actually part of the cardiovascular system, that's why we're seeing heart problems. The protein can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological damage, that's why also in the fatal cases of blood clots, many times it's seen in the brain.


And also of concern is, there is also evidence of a study— this has not yet been accepted for publication yet, this one, they were trying to show that the antibodies from the vaccine get transferred through breast milk and the idea was, this may be a good thing because this would confer some passive protection to babies. However, what they found inadvertently was that the vaccines, the messenger RNA vaccines actually get transferred through the breast milk, so delivering the vaccine vector itself into infants that are breast-feeding.

Also what this, now that we know spike protein gets into circulation, any proteins in the blood will get concentrated in breast milk. Looking into the adverse event data base [VAERS] in the United States we have found evidence of suckling infants experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. So—

ALEX PIERSON: Let me pause you there because I've only got 45 seconds left. I mean, the bottom line, this is scary, this will freak a lot of people out.

DR. BYRAN BRIDLE: This message, yes. So this has implications for blood donation, right now Canadian Blood Services is saying that people that have been vaccinated can donate. We don't want transfer of these pathogenic spike proteins to fragile patients who are being transfused with that blood. This has implications for infants that are suckling. And this has serious implications for people for whom SARS Corona Virus-2 not a high-risk pathogen, and that includes all of our children.

In short, the conclusion is, we made a big mistake, we didn't realize it until now, we thought the spike protein was a great target antigen. We never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin. Some people, this gets into circulation and when that happens in some people it can cause damage, especially in the cardiovascular system.

And I have many other, I don't have time, but many other legitimate questions about the long-term safety therefore of this vaccine. For example, with it accumulating in the ovaries, one of my questions is, will we be rendering young people infertile? Some of them infertile? So I'll stop there, I know it's heavy hitting.


# # #

TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: For more up-to-date information from Dr. Byram W. Bridle, see his Substack blog:


See in particular

A Moratorium on mRNA 'Vaccines' is Needed: Re-Visiting the Biodistribution of Lipid Nanoparticles

by Dr. Byram W. Bridle

April 22, 2022


See also

A Pfizer Document the FDA Tried to Hide Shows LNPs from COVID-19 Vaccine Travel Everywhere in the Body: It’s very bad to have LNP in the liver, ovaries, spleen, and more...

by Aaron Siri, May 23, 2023


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Just spotted this, like having a time machine, and wonder what you think of the latest JJ Couey analysis of the original three-way discussion - certainly opens a new doorway into the maze of lies! https://www.twitch.tv/gigaohmbiological/video/1793431470

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glad to have found your substack.

Excellent letter, wish I'd seen it last year. Perhaps it would have worked better than my attempts to inform my family. As it stands, everyone on both sides of our family other than my husband and I has been jabbed at least twice. My kids went and got their first shot behind my back. Just about broke my heart when I found out. There will be a reckoning for those in charge when all the harm that has been unleashed comes back to them.

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I got the shot(s) because, at that point in time, the reasons to avoid the vaccine (ex: a microchip that could track you and kill you with the press of a distant button, etc) were nothing but laughable. It has occurred to me that the microchip story did such a good job of de- legitimizing the vaccine resistance and diverting the attention from the real reasons to avoid the shot that I have to wonder about the source.

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