J. Jay Couey

A man worth knowing.



Most of you I think wouldn’t know who Jonathan Jay Couey is, so in this stack I simply want to introduce you to him and his work.

I am very grateful to one of my readers for pointing me in his direction.

If you, like me, didn’t believe that a bat and pangolin having unauthorised sex caused all of this.

But did believe “the second story” that mad scientists working on Frankenstein viruses under lax security caused all of this.

Then Couey is for you.

He lays out a detailed thesis, that covers subjects such as:

  • Infectious Clones

  • Purity

  • Replication Incompetence

  • Pneumonia

  • PCR

  • Immunomythology

To name just a few.

What these all mean, and how they weave together to collectively dismantle the “lab leak” theory, is something that I strongly recommend you spend some time on by watching this particular recent webcast of his first:

National Immunomythology Update

It is well worth the 2.5 hour investment in my opinion.

I will write more about his thesis, but for now I think that it’s best you hear it from him directly.

As you can see from the masthead video, Couey is a serious biologist. Do not be fooled by the cover. This is a good man, a serious man and one well worth paying attention to.

My intuition is that he is the closest to the truth on this matter of anyone I’ve come across yet.

After first watching the above National Immunomythology Update, I would next recommend watching this one:


For now, I just want to increase the reach of, and support for, his work, as more people need to start thinking differently and along the lines he is outlining.

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