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Infertility, Vaccines, Teflon and Ukraine.

The Unbekoming Express - Edition 9 - Five Documentaries

1.    Documentary: Infertility – A diabolical agenda.

2.    Documentary: Vaxxed 2.

3.    Documentary: Ukraine on Fire.

4.    Documentary: The Devil we know.

5.    Documentary: Vaxxed 1.


1. Documentary: Infertility – A diabolical agenda

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda - The Infertility Movie

Having read about tetanus vaccines laced with infertility technology used on African women, in The Real Anthony Fauci (Kennedy Jr.), I was obviously very interested in this doco when it very recently came out. I’d written about the subject at length here:

Lies are Unbekoming
Tetanus the “T” in DTP: Rusty Nails, Latex, Gorillas and Sterilisation
[Note: Take 2. Embarrassingly a part of the previous edition referred to the weight of all the doses incorrectly that lead to my golf ball analogy. I have now deleted the incorrect passage. Sorry about that! Even amateurs make mistakes!] My story that began with waking up to the dangers and lies of Covid jabs has morphed into a journey to understand what…
Read more

But reading about it and watching the real life people involved are two different things.

I can strongly recommend this short doco, it’s less than 30 minutes, and it is the perfect appendix to the chapter (Fauci book) on how vaccines have been used to sterilise African women without their knowledge.

In the doco you will meet Dr. Stephen Karanja, one of the hero doctors who fought back against the WHO and Kenyan government. He says something towards the end that I had to listen to a few times. There’s a purity to its foresight.

“When they are through with Africa, they are coming for you. Keep your children ready, they will come for them, they will come for you.”

The truth of his point hit me hard. That is exactly what has happened. These people have been enacting all manner of evils “in faraway places” and even when discovered, as did happen with the laced tetanus vaccines, we wagged our finger at “them” and shamed them in the press for a few minutes but ultimately, we understood it as something that THEY were doing to OTHER people, the Africans, the South East Asians, etc. It didn’t cross our mind for a minute that the beast would turn its attention to us. Well it did.

“When they are through with Africa, they are coming for you…”

He stood up for truth against the Covid jabs too. I did a Google search for him, as I wanted to see how Google would slander him, and sure enough he has been tarred online as an anti-vaxxer…the usual stuff.

Well, he died in April 2021 “of Covid”.

Stephen Karanja: Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor dies from Covid-19 - BBC News

Dr Karanja, who was an obstetrician and gynaecologist, died on Thursday a week after he was admitted to hospital suffering from complications caused by a Covid-19 infection.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that for a second.

The most likely (and most generous) explanation is that they gave him Remdesivir or put him on a ventilator and that’s what killed him. There are less generous explanations.

He helped the Catholic Church in Kenya fight off the laced tetanus vaccines. But they threw him under the bus when it came to Covid jabs.

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops also distanced itself from Dr Karanja's view on Covid-19 vaccines, saying the vaccines were "licit and ethically acceptable."

When it came to killing the unborn, the Catholic Church found some principle, but when it came to the killing of the born, they couldn’t think straight.

Karanja was a hero who did everything he could to protect his countrymen, and the doco appropriately highlights and acknowledges this good man.

From my article in May, it’s a good moment to remember the comment from “Joe” describing his Kenyan’s wife experience:

6 April 2021

My wife is Kenyan and sometime around 15 years ago, when she was still a teenager, she was forced to take one of those “tetanus” vaccines. She and another student who had refused were cornered in a room and forcibly administered the shot. Nearly every one of her school mates whom she is still in touch with have developed some sort of fertility-related problem, and difficulty bringing a baby to full term. My wife herself has had multiple miscarriages. horribly painful and several weeks-long menstrual cycles, sudden death of the baby in the womb, and more. We have one baby who lived. The doctor who delivered her via emergency Csection said he had never seen anything like it....everything was going wrong, the baby stopped developing early on.....our daughter is now 5 and is normal in every way, but it is a miracle.

The girls from her village who were too poor for school fees were spared the vaccine, and they haven’t had any problem conceiving or giving birth.

This horror is still going on in Kenya, now with the Covid shots. We were able to get documentation for most of her family without actually having to get the vaccines, but her sister who was away at boarding school was just forced to get the first Covid shot or she would have been prevented from sitting the national exam. We weren’t able to reach her because she has no phone and I’m not sure what we could have done anyway, because without the exam results you can’t do much of anything in Kenya.

These people who conceived of and are executing these programs are monsters, not human beings. They deserve the death sentence, the same sentence they have administered to millions of unsuspecting, unwilling subjects all throughout the world, and especially in Africa.

I’d like to do a thought experiment with you:

Do you think there is a difference between lacing and spiking?

If you spiked a young ladies drink at the bar, and then went on to rape her…what do you think an adequate punishment should be?

If you spiked that same woman’s drink at the same bar and caused her to be infertile for the rest of her life…what do you think an adequate punishment should be?

If all the young women of Kenya came to that bar and you spiked all their drinks with infertility causing agents...what do you think an adequate punishment should be?

What about spiking their vaccines...same punishment?

I told someone the other day that I had watched a doco on African infertility causing vaccines and the first thing he said was “why do you watch such depressing things?”.

My answer: “Because the people that made those vaccines are the same people who have made the Covid jabs and are the same people running our lives right now…I want to know the truth about who I am dealing with…about my enemy.”

Do you think I am exaggerating for effect? If you do, then you still have not wrapped your head around who the “they” is.

If you have taken a Covid jab dose, or two, or three, or…you have taken a chemical compound prepared by the same people who spiked the tetanus vaccines.

The moral of the story…stop putting that shit in your body.

2. Documentary: Vaxxed 2

Vaxxed 2 - CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio (

Plus here (just in case)

Vaxxed 2 Documentary - The People's Truth - Dangerous Vaccines, Kids Autism & Side Effects (

I first wrote about this doco here:

Lies are Unbekoming
Dom, Jeannette, Eleanor, Roman and Others
Dom and Jeannette [Posted by Senator Gerrard Rennick] Here is a powerful image of what the draconian mandates are doing to people. Having no other choice but to sell everything to survive purely because they refuse to let governments dictate their choices, especially in regards to body autonomy…
Read more

Here is the excerpt, for completeness of this documentary Substack:

It was released 3 years after Vaxxed 1 in 2019 and has an entirely different focus on those injured by all vaccines. And a MUCH better doco. A must watch at many levels.

If you were going to only watch one doco, watch Vaxxed 2.

If you were only going to spend 30 minutes then just watch the last 30 minutes of Vaxxed 2 and listen to all the parents of unvaccinated children tell you how healthy these kids are, how they never go to the doctor, how they have hardly ever been ill and if ill, its mild and short. This is the only place I am aware of where we get to SEE the vision of what our children (and all of us for that matter) might have been like had we not pumped them with a toxic stew.

Oh, and another theme among the unvaxxed kids is just how smart they are…

I then wrote more about this doco here:

Lies are Unbekoming
Dissolving My Vaxxed Illusions
Waking up to vaccination malfeasance has really gotten to me, and I’ve been wondering why it would bug me so much. I arrived in Australia, in late 1992, having left war torn Iraq. I chose to leave an authoritarian state and start a new life in what I considered to be the best address on earth. It never crossed my mind that the free state I ran towards wa…
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Here is the excerpt:

It’s a profoundly important documentary that has had the full weight of the censorship machine against it.

If you have little kids that you are injecting according to “the schedule” and especially if you have a baby on the way…this is for you. You will see first hand what vaccine injury looks like but even more importantly you will see, in the last 30 minutes, what unvaccinated children look like. As emotional as I was listening to the injured, seeing what real health looks like in children who have never had a single injection is something else. Family after family come on screen and tell you that they have NEVER needed to take their child to a doctor, that they NEVER had an ear infection and that they NEVER had to take an antibiotic. Human natural immunity, when left undamaged, turns out to be an incredible shield against disease.

Watching these super healthy children come on camera one after another made me think back to Kennedy Jr. in his Tyson interview where he said:

All are directly linked to vaccines in the scientific literature. On our website we have 1,400 peer reviewed studies published on NIH's website PubMed, linking various vaccines to all of those injuries.

Well, they're making $60 billion a year selling us vaccines, but they're making $500 billion a year selling the remedies for the injuries caused by vaccines.

The two least profitable versions of humanity are dead people and healthy people.

The most profitable version is an unhealthy person. They have the greatest “lifetime value” as they would say if you were studying an MBA.

Some people know what they are doing but in the main, the system leans towards “unhealth” unconsciously. The system leans towards sustaining itself. Unhealth sustains. Health doesn’t.

Witnessing the health of the unvaccinated I couldn’t help but reflect on the conditions we gave our kids. I know we got off lightly though as you will see from the stories of the injured.

The documentary spends some time on Gardasil (HPV vaccine), and Gardasil injured kids. Again, something that we sleepwalked our daughter into.

The theory is that it will help prevent cervical cancer in girls and penile cancer in boys (both claims are lies). At 42 minutes Robert Kennedy Jr. explains that children that take the vaccine are 37x more likely to die from the vaccine than from cervical cancer.

What can I say, I strongly recommend you watch the doco and get others to watch it if you can. It might be the only place that you will see what healthy unvaccinated kids and people look like.

3. Documentary: Ukraine on Fire

I’d been meaning to watch this for some time, and I finally got to do it with my son last week.

Here it is on YouTube, but I’ve also linked to it on Rumble as it’s likely to get removed at some point from YouTube.

Here also in case YouTube does you know what…

Ukraine On Fire (

There has been a simplification of the Ukrainian story in MSM to the utter ridiculous and absurd. The full force of the propaganda machine has been engaged. Ukraine Good, Russia Bad…that’s about the extent of “what we need to know.”

What you will understand from this documentary is just how complex the Ukrainian story is, you will need to pause at several points just to let all the information settle in and find a functional place in your head. If you thought Israel-Palestine was complex, this is next level.

There is so much about Ukraine’s history that does not suit the mainline narrative. There is a long and deep Nazi tradition within that country, that has survived until today. That is something you are not meant to know of understand…remember “Ukraine Good”.

You are also not meant to know about the US active involvement in Ukraine politics that helped to destabilise it by fanning the flames of internal tensions bringing about civil war. By the way the Americans support the side that supports the Nazi’s. How’s that for inconvenient.

You are also not meant to understand what happened in Crimea (I’m going to put my hand up for that one, I bought the MSM line, it was 2014 after all and I was fully asleep back then). The story is far more complex than I thought.

This chart shows how the country voted in the 2004 election. The Yellow part of the country is pro Russia (look at Crimea with 82.0 at the bottom) and the Red part is pro Europe. Half the country doesn’t want anything to do with Europe, they have multi-generational ties to Russia. The Nazis don’t like the Yellow part of the country and oh, they don’t like Jews either.

The Americans have played a very dirty game in Ukraine and when you understand that you get to understand the current conflict a little bit better.

Let me just say for the record, that having watched one doco doesn’t make me an expert on Ukraine, but it does help me understand the depths of the bullshit fed to me by the MSM.

I find that Kisin is one of the best commentators on Russia.

Why Russians Support Putin - Konstantin Kisin (

A friend of mine recently complained about not understanding why so many Russians support Putin.

Remember, that when our map doesn’t align with the territory, the map is the problem.

Kisin does a great job in this piece helping us Westerners empathise and understand the “Putin supporting Russian”.

The first thing you should know is that support for Putin is directly correlated with the amount of time you spent living under the Soviet Union.

Why does this matter? Because the collapse of the USSR, which Vladimir Putin described as “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century”, is crucial to understanding the mindset of everyone who lived through it. Very few people in the West have any conception of just how traumatic the 1990s were for ordinary Russians.

This is not to be confused with “Putin Good” either. It’s merely a reminder that the world is far, far more complex than the dangerously convenient junk diet of fast food MSM and faster food headlines will permit you to understand.

If junk food is hurting your health, stop eating junk food. Start cooking your meals at home or simply buy better quality food.

If you want a healthier body, you need to do the work, that which is not convenient.

If you want a healthier mind, you need to do the work, that which is not convenient.

I last wrote something about Ukraine and Russia in Feb 2022, here.

Lies are Unbekoming
Bettelheim, Boeing, Naylor, Kisin and Sea Levels
Bruno Bettelheim I read this Ann Bauer essay in later 2021. It is one of my favourite essays of the last two years and the only one that made me cry. It was published in Tablet, and I’ve since paid more attention to them. It’s a story about Bettelheim (think of him as the Fauci of autism), Ann, her family and her son. I have struggled to describe how good…
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4. Documentary: The Devil we know

We watched Dark Waters a few years ago, and loved it. In short, it’s the Teflon story.

Dark Waters (2019) - IMDb

But in truth it’s about a lot more than that. I came across this doco recently that tells, in much more detail the story that Dark Waters is ultimately based on.

Here’s the IMDb page.

The Devil We Know (2018) - IMDb

As we were watching it, I thought: “It’s basically the same story, again and again and again.”

  • Industry does something bad

  • Industry knows it’s doing something bad but keeps doing it

  • Industry found out

  • Industry captures the regulator

  • Industry captures government

  • Industry and government join forces

  • Millions suffer

  • Industry keeps going, hand in hand with government

I was also thinking: “What’s the difference between a company that makes one chemical [pesticide] and a company that makes another chemical [C8 – watch this doco] and a company that makes yet another chemical [vaccine].

They all do the same thing; they make chemicals that find their way into the human body. They only really differ in their delivery system.

They all do harm, in far too many cases far more harm than good, in some cases no good at all, just marketing.

They all have more money than God, that they know how to apply to the art of capturing ideas, science, academia, regulator, law maker and ultimately government. They all know how to control the stream at its origin so that all that is drunk from that stream is flavoured to their liking. They all know how to control the flow of the stream.

As I was watching and thinking all of this, I thought about how all these different chemical companies compete with each other. They don’t compete in terms of markets obviously, but they do compete in terms of reputation. There is a constant grand battle, and at the highest stakes, as to blame shifting.

This doco is about the chemicals used in Teflon (and thousands of other products) and the carnage they are now known to cause, but as I was watching I thought “the vaccine guys must love this!”, here is a chemical company getting blamed (and rightly so) for swathes of death and disease in society, if their product gets the blame then nobody will go looking at other chemical companies e.g. vaccines.

I was also thinking that all of the chemical companies would just LOVE the climate change story, as that is the biggest blame game in town and it focuses on one “pollutant” only, the patsy known as CO2. If everyone is blaming CO2 then very little of their attention and energy is left over for all the other chemicals and genuine pollutants.

Bottom line, there’s a vaccine executive out there watching this doco and thinking “Thank God for Teflon.”

5. Documentary: Vaxxed 1

VAXXED documentary: On the strong relationship between early combination vaccination and autism (

I wrote that this one here:

From 2016, it focuses on the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

You get to hear from the whistleblower William Thompson and you get to see some of the statistical manipulation and corruption by senior (named) CDC scientists to cover up the obvious link to autism. I would say that its primary value is seeing first had how the government lies about vaccines.

Its focus is the MMR vaccine and the link to autism. It takes a soft approach and instead of calling for a withdrawal of the vaccine, it recommends delayed individual doses rather than the combined jab given early.

I don’t recommend this doco be used as a “red pill”, it doesn’t do the job and its value I think is mainly for those who already have a crack and doubt about the safety of vaccines, the can then graduate to this.

Vaxxed 2 is the Red-Pill. If that doesn’t get someone to accept that normal vaccines are dangerous and do FAR MORE harm than good, then nothing will.

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