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Died Suddenly

Yes, the documentary died suddenly with me.

Let us be interested in what is true or likely to be true. The rest I can do without.


I’m also interested in what is useful to the significant middle of the population that knows something is not quite right about what the government has told them about covid generally and the vaccines specifically.

Those that are sleeping walking to their doctor’s office for the fifth dose and are impatiently waiting for when the sixth will be available…there is no point, unfortunately, wasting bandwidth on them anymore.

Those that are awake and know they and their loved ones have been told dangerous lies, are our clan, but they are also an echo chamber and there isn’t much of a return on telling them the same story again and again and again.

It’s the middle that we need to talk to. Those that took two doses, maybe a third and now realise what the hell am I doing getting more. It’s these people, especially those with a bit of curiosity, that the work is really for.

Material for this middle crowd, needs to be true or likely to be true. You cannot lie or exaggerate the truth to this crowd, because once they find out that their curiosity and ignorance was taken advantage of, they go back into their shell and recoil towards the dark.

Which brings us to the documentary Died Suddenly.

It’s just over an hour and it has some absolutely true sections and then there are the other bits.

The echo chamber may watch, uncritically, and cheer it on.

The asleep would never even consider watching it.

The curious middle would be shocked to learn about what the embalmers are seeing (truth) and eventually figure out that they were told an untruth about the DMED database, for example, which in the long run hurts our cause.

I’m not going to do a full review of the documentary, as Josh Guetzkow has done an excellent review of it here, which sits well with me. I encourage you to read that.

"Died Suddenly" Is Typical Trash from Stew Peters (

I will say this though:

  • Are the covid vaccines dangerously deadly? YES

  • Is there excess death in 2021 and 2022 compared to the first GMC year? YES

  • Are young and healthy people dying suddenly all over the world? YES

  • Are the embalmers pulling out calamari style white strings of never before seen material from the vaccinated dead? YES (more on that in a minute)

  • Is the DMED story as portrayed in the documentary true? NO

  • Is there a material drop in birth rates in many highly vaccinated countries? YES

  • Is the Australian birth rate story as presented in the documentary true? NO

  • Is including footage of 9/11 and bigfoot in the documentary helpful to our cause of waking up the middle? NO

  • Is the framing of this whole disaster as an intentional depopulation agenda helpful to talking to the middle? NO

So, in summary, would I send this documentary to someone in the middle? NO

I value my credibility with the middle too much to scar it with this unfortunately polluted material.


There is some gold to be panned out of this mess.

Primarily the on camera conversations with the embalmers.

Just like you have heard me bang on about the last 21 minutes of Vaxxed 2 and the opportunity to see and hear about unvaccinated kids directly from the kids and their parents. It is documentary gold.

There are 18 minutes of absolute gold where the producers talk to many embalmers who all tell the same story. Something strange is happening inside the bodies of the vaccinated dead that they are asked to embalm. They are pulling out metres of white, stringy material, never seen before. This is a truthful piece of the overall jigsaw puzzle that all in the middle need to see.

I have cut out those 18 minutes and published it in a separate stack that is clean of the above critique, that you can send to “middle earth” people.

You will find the 18 minutes of gold here, The Embalmers.

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