Diamond Princess

The canary in the cruise ship


This is a short story about a boat, a very important boat, that many newly awake wouldn’t know about.

It’s worth sharing with them, as it’s important history and proof positive that whatever was out there (released not “leaked”) wasn’t that dangerous, that they knew it wasn’t that dangerous from day one and yet they locked down the world and ruined lives and nations anyway.


I first came across Robert Breedlove on a Lex Fridman podcast. Listening to Robert talk about money is something else. I’ve heard many people talk about money but none as meta and deep as I found Robert. He’s worth listening to on the subject.

But I’ve only ever heard him on money, so when I saw this discussion with Nick Hudson (on YouTube no less) I decided to have a listen.

The Top 20 Untruths of COVID with Nick Hudson

In the video I’ve clipped above Robert says to Nick that he doesn’t know about the Diamond Princess, which took me by surprise…doesn’t everyone know about the Diamond Princess?

Obviously not.

I realised that many of those that have recently come to terms with all the lies (and it seems Robert might be fairly new to the party) wouldn’t know about some of the foundational lies from the very early days. The Diamond Princess is squarely in that category.

I was very lucky in that I came across the Diamond Princess story early, it must have been in April 2020, and realised straight away that it held obvious truths that I could anchor my world view around.

This is the article that did it for me, by Nic Lewis published 25 March 2020, on Judith Curry’s (horrible looking) website…but I’ll take function over form.

COVID-19: Updated data implies that UK modelling hugely overestimates the expected death rates from infection | Climate Etc. (judithcurry.com)

Table 1 (revised): True Case Fatality Rates estimated from the latest Diamond Princess data compared with Infection Fatality Rates per Ferguson et al. 2019, used by the UK government

I first wrote about it in July 2021, when I just started this Substack.

Lies are Unbekoming
9 Insights to help you understand your latest Lockdown (Sydney Edition - July 2021).
I’m writing this piece from Sydney on Sunday 18th July 21. We have about 2 more weeks to go with this latest NSW lockdown, but who knows, its winter, people get runny noses and rush off to get tested, so they will probably extend it again. I am writing this specifically for anyone who currently lives in Sydney, and more broadly Australia, and thinks that…
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1.   Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) = 0.15%

The foundational idea behind lockdowns is false.

The idea that this virus is so deadly as to warrant totalitarian government intervention is fundamentally false. So that really is the starting point.

We knew back in February 2020 that it wasn’t very deadly. Everyone knew. How did we know? Because of the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined of Japan and had the virus rip through it. Google it. You could not have wished for a better control group.

Bottom line, there were 3,711 on board and only 712 got infected. 81% did NOT get infected! That should tell you something about how infectious this thing is.

Half of those that tested positive had no symptoms. Which in English means that they got the deadly virus and were HEALTHY (that is what having no symptoms means). So again, not very deadly. Over time and with more testing and data we now know that 80-90% of all that “test positive” have NO symptoms…they are perfectly HEALTHY.

At the time I believe 7 very old and frail people died, mainly in their 70s and 80s and many with co-morbidities (which simply means they had severe other illnesses already…that is what happens when you are old and frail).

This paper was an early analysis of all the data, and it was clear then that it only was a statistical risk to the very old and very frail. That was known back in Feb 2020. Today the average age of death in Australia is 85 and the average age of death around the world is at or above life expectancy. Nothing has changed.

COVID-19: Updated data implies that UK modelling hugely overestimates the expected death rates from infection

The early robust analysis of the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) was 0.23%, and that was for the “deadly” early strain. Today the IFR has dropped to 0.15%. The main reason is that that the virus “variants” are less dangerous, contrary to the lies your government is telling you and we are treating it better, not as well as we could or should e.g., Ivermectin etc., but better never the less.

Stop and think about these two numbers for a moment, 0.23% has dropped to 0.15%, that is a 35% reduction in fatality of a virus that was already not very fatal to society at large.

Here is some Australian “reporting” about the ship, 19 Feb 2020

How coronavirus turned the Diamond Princess cruise into a floating quarantine facility - ABC News

'We're doomed': Confusion and rising paranoia

An 80-year-old man from Hong Kong, who later tested positive for COVID-19 after disembarking, was identified as bringing the virus onto the ship.

He boarded in Hong Kong on January 20 and did not experience any symptoms on his five days on board.

The ship and its passengers were put into quarantine on February 5 in the port of Yokohama, east of Tokyo, and Japanese health officials began testing hundreds of patients.

The BMJ did their bit to whip up the frenzy on 27 April 2020, especially on “asymptomatic spread”.

What the Diamond Princess taught the world about covid-19 | The BMJ

The large proportion of people aboard the ship who showed no symptoms at the time of testing positive for covid-19 has also piqued researchers’ interests. One study published in Eurosurveillance on 12 March estimated that 18% of positive cases were “true asymptomatics”—people who never developed symptoms despite being infected.

“The Diamond Princess was critical in starting the idea of asymptomatic cases and whether they can transmit the disease or not,” says Hibberd.

And this from May 2022

Here is Bill doing his best to rewrite history. Lying about how it was until Feb 2022 that they realised it was mild, when in fact we knew from Feb 2020 Diamond Princess data that it targeted the elderly and was flu like it it’s severity. All data that emerged after the Diamond Princess merely supported that fact.

In moments of chaos, you need to find anchors around which to build order.

But it’s YOU that has to decide whether it’s an anchor or not (you cannot wait for “authority” to say it is), if you cannot do that you remain in chaos, you stay lost.

The Diamond Princess was one of those anchors, pun intended.

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