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Australia's Killing Fields

In memory of those that trusted their government

Come up with an injectable agent that subverts human cellular replicating machinery into producing cells with genetically altered viral components and do it at WARP SPEED! What could possibly go wrong? -comment from John Brown

I was talking to a friend the other day who had taken both doses and he said, “I took the first two and I was fine, I don’t know what all the fuss is about”, to which I said, “if you run through a mine field without having your leg blown off, it doesn’t mean it was a good idea. Run through that minefield enough times and a mine will get you eventually”. – from Russian Roulette


Toby Rogers uploaded the video above on FB last week and considering he’s shadow banned by the Stasi I thought I’d do some amplification.

There has been a slaughter in Australia. I know it’s global, but I live here, and I see and feel what has been done to the “lucky country”. The government has slaughtered its citizens.

How many? Does it really matter?

It’s in the 10s of thousands…so far.

Our government has kindly produced a graph.

The red line, hovering above the other lines shows the gap, that is the slaughter.

Provisional Mortality Statistics, Jan - Dec 2022 | Australian Bureau of Statistics (

But what does this chart tell you? Not much really.

If you want to FEEL what has happened rather than understand it, you need to walk the killing field in the video and stop by each tombstone and read the story. Come to terms with all the connections to that life. All the loss. It’s multi-generational. Notice the ages.

But no-one knows it’s happened.

It’s not on the nightly news.

It’s not in the newspapers.

It’s not in the algorithmic Instagram feed.

People are dying everywhere, and nobody is “connecting the dots”.

Most people in Australia, in the video above, wouldn’t even stop to see what all posts in the grass were about.

They are incurious.

They are ignorant, and that ignorance is constructed.

The premise of agnotology is both simple and profound. Most people think of ignorance as the absence of knowledge. Proctor and others in the field argue the opposite — that ignorance is socially constructed in the same way that knowledge is. Powerful interests instruct society to pay attention to some things and not others through a variety of inducements (you get paid to study certain topics and not others) and punishments (you will be blacklisted if you ask too many questions about forbidden topics). Over time these values become invisible and just a part of culture.

This constructed ignorance has hollowed something out of Australian society.

As Naomi Wolf recently wrote:

“…I suffered a sense of disorientation at realizing that there was a giant cognitive hole in the middle of contemporary culture.”

Naomi was echoing Milton Mayer from 90 years earlier:

“And one day … you see that everything, everything, has changed and changed completely under your nose. The world you live in—your nation, your people—is not the world you were born in at all. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays. But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed…”

Rebekah Barnett, in her excellent recent piece reminds us of the “world’s largest trial”:

At the outset of the Covid vaccine rollout in Australia in February 2021, Health Minister at the time, Greg Hunt, told ABC Insiders, “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever.” Indeed, never before had billions of people been injected with vaccines that were still in the trial phase and had only been provisionally approved.

But it’s always best to just listen to Greg say it.

One of the few Australian politicians to stand up against the tyranny is Malcolm Roberts. Here he is calling for a Senate Committee on Australia’s excess death. The motion lost by 35 votes (!) to 4.

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (11:22): We have witnessed in this country an increased death rate due to COVID vaccines. The evidence is quite clear that the excess death rate is around 17 per cent—unexplained! No-one in the health sector will explain it. No-one in the health bureaucracy will explain it. It is uncaring to let this go. It is a cover-up. There's been gross mismanagement with COVID. It has never been about health; it has been about using deceit to ensure wealth transfer and control over people. The government has been belted by the crossbench this morning for the lack of transparency and the lack of integrity. Show some guts. Show some integrity. Show some transparency. Support Senator Babet's motion. One Nation will be supporting Senator Babet's motion.

And lastly, this passage from an Australian’s open letter to the unvaccinated stuck with me.

As time went on, I was more afraid of the jab than I was of covid. I wanted to contract covid to get my rightful exemption so I could work. I became so excited to hear of anyone with covid so I could try to contract it. I asked my grandkids to spit in my water bottle while they had it, forced them to drink from my water bottle, wiped the spit from their mouth and ingested it. I was desperate. Did I catch it? NO I DIDN’T. I was forced to be jabbed.

She understood the dangers of the vaccine and tried her best, unsuccessfully, to catch Covid. Eventually taking it under duress and coercion:

My first jab was late 2021 (Pfizer). Within 4 hours, the symptoms started: headaches, blurred vision, black spot vision, tinnitus, chest pain, throwing up, rashes, lethargy, foggy brain, burning feet, numbness in hands/arms, swelling in legs, pain everywhere and breathing problems. This has never resolved.

At 3.28 in the video, there is post in memory of Peter Spann. He was semi-famous for a while in Australia. I had business dealings with him in 2002. He believed his government, and it killed him.

My wife received the AZ vaccine in early 2021. She had a severe adverse reaction which started approx 6 hours after the vaccination. This includes a severe headache which she described a like nothing she had experienced and had to go to bed. Forty hours later she started with a urine infection which is something she had never had before. Symptoms of fatigue and generally feeling unwell lasted for another two weeks. I filled in a Yellow Card on my wife’s behalf report & she reported the reaction to her GP who dismissed everything as “coincidence”. The next bit is anecdotal but my wife started to win far fewer Scrabble games. We even joked about the AZ affecting her brain (specifically the language centres). In November 2022 my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive malignant brain tumour in the left hand side of her brain (language centres) and died in January 2023. Is this another coincidence? I guess I will never know. In terms of background I am an retired health psychologist with 30 years plus working in the NHS. Thankfully, I remain stubbornly unvaccinated. – comment from JLF

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